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Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Torrance

Torrance Criminal Defense Attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in defending individuals and businesses charged with criminal offenses in the Torrance area. They have the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex criminal justice system and work to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

By Kristine JerryPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

They can help with a wide range of criminal cases, including but not limited to DUI, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, and more. These attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of their clients and fighting for their acquittal.

Here is the list of top 10 criminal defense attorneys in Torrance.

Torrance Criminal Defense Attorneys

In search of a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney in Torrance? Look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 10 attorneys in the area who have proven themselves to be the best in the field. With a wealth of knowledge and a track record of successful cases, these attorneys can assist you with any criminal charge or legal issue, big or small. Join us as we unveil the top 10 criminal defense attorneys in Torrance.

Cyrus S. Tabibnia

Cyrus S. Tabibnia is a highly reputable and experienced Los angeles criminal defense attorney, with 17 years of experience in the field. He is known for his specialized defense in a wide range of criminal cases, including drug crimes, expungement, fraud, gun crimes, internet crimes, sex crimes, theft, and violent crimes.

He is based in Torrance, California and serves clients throughout the state, and is the founder of his own law firm. With a deep understanding of the legal system, he has honed his skills in representing clients and gained a reputation for providing effective legal representation. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a well-respected legal expert, and a valuable resource for anyone facing criminal charges.

Greg Hill

If you're seeking a dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorney, look no further than Attorney Greg Hill. Specializing in criminal forfeiture, traffic offenses, and white-collar crimes, he has established himself as one of the top attorneys in the field. A member of both the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the State Bar Association, Attorney Hill is well-versed in the latest legal developments and strategies. With a law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, he has devoted his career to advocating for the rights of those facing criminal charges. No matter the complexity of your case, trust Attorney Hill to provide the persistent and effective representation you need.

David Dastrup

If you are facing criminal charges, turn to the expert guidance of attorney David Dastrup. Specializing in DUIs, driving on a suspended or revoked license, traffic offenses, driving without a license, hit and run, and drug possession, he devotes 100% of his practice to criminal defense.

A prior recipient of National Trial Lawyers - Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Lawyers and 10 Best Attorneys awards, attorney Dastrup is a leader within the Armenian Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a graduate of Pepperdine University's School of Law. Trust attorney David Dastrup to provide the personal care and attention your case deserves. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

Stanley L. Friedman

Stanley L. Friedman is a highly experienced attorney with 35+ years of experience in white-collar criminal defense and complex civil litigation. He is a board-certified specialist in criminal law, a former law clerk to a U.S. District Court judge, and a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice.

His private practice specializes in protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal allegations such as fraud, public corruption, and money laundering. Friedman has a track record of notable successes throughout his career, including grand jury investigations, multimillion-dollar cases, and successful representation of professionals and corporations.

Harvinder S. Anand

Harvinder S. Anand is a seasoned attorney based in Pasadena, California. He is the founder of Anand Law Group, P.C., and has been practicing law in California since 2006. He specializes in criminal defense, appellate, and business litigation. Anand has extensive experience representing clients in criminal cases and provides effective strategies for clients charged with white-collar crimes, fraud, unfair competition, trademark infringement, trade secret theft, and elder abuse.

He is a graduate of Pace University and George Washington University Law School and has served as a former federal prosecutor. He is also a certified public accountant (CPA) and offers a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and commitment to protecting the rights of the accused.

Hagop Kuyumjian

Hagop Kuyumjian is a criminal defense attorney, and founder of The Kuyumjian Firm in Los Angeles, California, with over 10 years of experience. He specializes in protecting the rights and liberties of clients throughout Southern California and across the state, facing any type of felony or misdemeanor charges, including domestic violence, gang crimes, sex crimes, DUI, drug offenses, assault and battery, juvenile crimes, murder and manslaughter, and probation violations. He provides aggressive representation to pursue the most favorable outcome for clients and uses a personalized approach to devising effective strategies to fight the charges and preserve their freedom.

Caree Harper

Caree Harper is a seasoned civil rights and criminal defense attorney in Santa Monica, California, and the founder of The Law Offices of Caree Harper. With over 20 years of experience, she serves clients in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Santa Monica. She has a unique background as a former police officer in the East Bay area, and has a history of pro bono work with the NAACP in Pasadena, and mentoring youth through Grizzly Youth Academy.

She has been recognized for her dedication to providing free legal services and awarded the Shirley Fields Volunteer Award by the County of Los Angeles & U.S. House of Representatives for her pro bono work. She has a strong track record of favorable outcomes for clients in civil rights and criminal defense matters at the state and federal levels, including jury trials.

Alexander Griggs

With over twenty years of experience in the criminal justice system, Mr. Griggs has a deep understanding of the legal system. He has held positions in both the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office and the Public Defender's office.

He has a proven track record of successfully representing thousands of clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI, hit and run, theft, domestic violence, "three strikes" cases, assault with a deadly weapon, drug sales, and/or possession, burglary, juvenile matters, rape, sex offenses, robbery, grand theft, receiving stolen property, extortion, embezzlement, criminal threats, "white collar" crime, fraud, internet crime, kidnapping, carjacking, petty theft, manslaughter, attempted murder, and murder.

Pat Carey

Pat is an accomplished attorney with a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, he is part of the elite group of lawyers in California who are State Bar Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists. With over 65 jury trials under his belt, he has a proven track record of successfully handling cases that range from driving under the influence of misdemeanors to gang crimes to special circumstance murder cases.

During his time as a Deputy District Attorney, he conducted over 1,600 preliminary hearings and spent a year dedicated to the juvenile division, where he handled over 75 juvenile adjudication trials. In addition to his jury trial experience, Pat has handled thousands of drug possession and sales cases, sex crimes, domestic violence, robberies, burglaries, fraud, theft, and embezzlement cases.

David Dastrup

David Dastrup is a highly qualified attorney with a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Dispute Resolution from the esteemed Pepperdine University School of Law's Straus Institute, which is ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report. He specializes in criminal defense, particularly in cases involving DUI, reckless driving, suspended license, speed contest, an exhibition of speed, hit and run, warrants for failure to appear, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, petty theft, public intoxication, trespassing, disturbing the peace, prostitution, solicitation, domestic violence, and various other criminal defense cases in Los Angeles County and Orange County Superior Courts.

Wrapping Up!

The top 10 criminal defense attorneys in Torrance are a group of reputable and skilled attorneys who have the expertise and experience to defend clients facing criminal charges. They understand the impact of criminal charges on clients' lives and futures and provide aggressive representation to achieve the best possible outcome. They are a great resource for anyone seeking legal guidance and representation in Torrance.

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