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Today the more we think we know!

The less we really understand.

By C S.Published about a year ago 3 min read
Today the more we think we know!
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Violence is everywhere we all know our world is dying. But are we working as hard at saving it as we are at destroying it? The simple answer here is no! Some people try and do make some difference. But by replacing a forest with two trees it just not enough. I thank you for trying though please keep working at it.

There are a few induvial that we let guide us as a people. They are to have the world's best interest in mind. But mind as we are seeing daily some leaders are promoting waste destruction and warfare, murder of so many people!

To please who? I would ask? Not us for I think most of the people want to be done with war, hate and the destruction of our world!

Wake up people we are no longer a country's we are the world! I will say it again hoping that some of the people will get it. We are the world not just a country's we are so interlocked. That by throwing a stone into a pond it really can make the ocean ripple.

If one man kills another, we are all impacted but there is something more dangers happening in our world. We have all been warned through out each lifetime time. Then we have read about seen it on television. Our history books as far back as the first books document it. The first seer's for told of it and yet here in our time we are letting it happen.

There many songs, sung about it throughout all time. The one that is from my time is worded some what like this.

Lesion children to a story that was written long ago of a kingdom on a mountain and a valley folk below. The valley people decided they wanted what the people on the mountain had in the way of riches and things. So, a message was sent from the valley people to the mountain people demanding that they be given a share of there riches to them.

The mountain people were a very simple giving people so a message was sent down in return to the valley people. Saying yes with our brothers we will share all of our riches here!

The valley people received the note but there were no riches with the note nothing was being shared. So, a cry of anger rang out! To mount your horses draw your swards! The armed riders raced up the mountain killing all of the mountain people they could. As the mountain ran red with the blood of both peoples. The valley commander gave a cry of triumph quick now boys roll that stone away from our treasure.

The large stone was turned over and moved away to show only a stone tablet that lay underneath it.

The tablet read My There Be Peace on this Earth for all!

The thought here is that half of the valley people died that day. Almost all of the mountain people died. So who was there left to take care of the lands and the children left a live. There was no one left to care for the things that those people had valued.

So in the end there was no gain and to much lose, and only losers. There were even more deaths of the people because there was no one left. To bring in the crops no one to plant the crop next spring.

So in the end the village and the mountain comities both died out for there was one left the be the care takers of the lands. Who new or cared what they were fighting for. All those that may have been left had to move on and leave behind all that was known and loved.

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