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Timing Is a Burglar's Best Friend

by The Ex-Burglar: How to Protect Your Home/Business/Property/Loved Ones 2 years ago in guilty

Alarms, Cameras? Who Cares?

You have a camera? Great, you just witnessed a burglary taking place...and you still didn't catch him!

I want to give you a tip from an ex-crook...a burglar's best friend is timing. I want you to think about that, because when you disrupt a burglar's timing through various measures, you are saving yourself from a break-in.

A professional burglar does not care if you have an alarm, cameras, or any other device you may have, because his main goal is to get in and get out. Need an example? Sure...

I committed over 300 burglaries in my criminal career. This is not an exaggeration. I had a co-defendant (criminal partner) who showed me the ropes. We got away with our crime spree for a long time, and honestly, I never got caught. Yes, I was arrested and served time in prison, but only because when my crime partner got caught, he told on me. The point is, I never got caught for what I did. Why is that?

The average police response time varies according to what area you live in according to different sources. The average time on a high-risk situation (shooting ) cuts the response time way down, but what about burglaries? The average time can range from 8-20 minutes depending on your location. Burglaries are not considered high priority in my book, and we took advantage of the time afforded to us.

So, you have an alarm system. Who cares? (More on alarm systems in future segments). You have a camera in your home? Great? We didn't care. If a burglar has a mask on, gloves, and is dressed up like the crook in the picture above, the likelihood of him getting caught are slim to none.

Timing has to be perfect for the burglar. The odds are he has already scoped out your neighborhood or business well before committing the crime. Scary, huh? You bet. If he knows you are not home, well, you are hit. A professional burglar is not going to go through all of your belongings. he is going to go for what is valuable to him, and usually hits the bedroom, study, and other areas deemed important to his heist. It takes little time to get what he needs and leave. By the time the cops come, he is long gone, and you are left wondering what the hell happened. Businesses are even easier. The burglar knows where the registers are, the office, and where he can escape once he is done pillaging through your stuff.

What can be done? Do you have a few hours? Kidding. I will get to that in the near future, but let me say this. Don't give the burglar the advantage. He is counting that time is on his side. It really is if you keep your doors unlocked (Burglary Prevention 101: Keep your doors locked!). The average crook is going to look for unlocked doors. If he deems the "job" too risky, he is going to take off and hit your neighbor's house. The professional burglar doesn't care. Your goal is to prevent him from getting inside in the first place. Ah, the golden secret has been revealed.

Don't depend on the police to protect you from a break-in. Use commonsense to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place. Lights outside of your home help, but again, if I know you aren't home, then lights do not deter. Again, you want to protect your home or business from being broken into in the first place. That means protect your castle. I will delve into that at another time. By the time it is all said and done, you will be an expert and will know exactly what to do when it comes time to protect your home or business. Until then... stay safe.


The Ex-Burglar: How to Protect Your Home/Business/Property/Loved Ones

I am a reformed burglar who served 11 years in prison for my crimes. I was considered a professional and want to help you protect your home/business/loved ones from possible intruders. Stay tuned. You do not want to miss out.

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