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Tide Pod Challenge

Since this is my first writing on here, I want to clarify that this article is all based on my opinion about the current issue we have today, the Tide pod challenge. First, I’d like to say is what is the point of this challenge in the first place? I mean to me a challenge must have a point to it. For example, the Ice Bucket challenge. For a while I never understood the point of dumping ice cold water on myself. I did not see the message it was promoting until my boyfriend explained it to me. In case others do not know it either, the purpose of the Ice Bucket challenge was to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, (ALS). If I had known that was the purpose of it I would have participated in it because it is a good thing to promote, but the Tide pod challenge—there is no point for it, besides, possibly, people being suicidal.

The whole reason I started this article is because of a recent post I saw on Facebook saying how lawmakers are making Tide Pod companies to change their Tide pods because they blame the companies for and I quote “making their Tide pods look like candy.” I’m sorry, but that is a load of crap. Where in the world has anyone seen a piece of actual candy look like a tide pod?? I never had. I mean now people are coming up with tide pod candies and donuts to stop people from actually, eating the Tide pods, but before the whole Tide pod challenge there was never “candies” that look like a Tide pod, at least to me. Maybe I’m wrong, I do not know, but what I do know is that it is messed up for lawmakers to blame the companies for stupid peoples’ choices. This is just like people saying it is the gun's fault people die, that it is the spoon's fault people get fat, that it is the pencil's fault for making mistakes. It is all a bunch of bull. This all happens because people are not being smart.

Instead of looking at the companies to blame, why not look more into the Tide pod challenge. How about we look more at the person who first started the Tide pod challenge, and see why they did it in the first place. For all we know that person could have ate a tide pod to try and kill themselves, but it didn’t work so they got it in their heads that they were immortal, so they decide to show everyone what they found out. Or maybe the person who started it is actually a murder who found a new way to harm people without getting caught. The person who started the challenge could have eaten fake Tide pod they made to foul people to actually eat Tide pods in a sick, messed up way of killing people, but do people think of that? NO! Instead people point fingers at the companies or the object itself instead of looking more into the facts.

Again, I want to remind people that I do not have proof on my theories. This is all my opinion, but I do want people to think about it. I mean, with the way the world is becoming, it can be possible. Violence and crime seems to be getting worse and worse lately and this could be a new way of harming people. That’s my point in this article is to mainly vent about the dumb Tide pod challenge as well as try to get people to think a little more instead of blaming the companies for “candy” looking products. Look more into it people, that’s all I’m trying to say.

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