The worst day ever

A story of a school shooting

The worst day ever
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The morning was cloudy at the high school and all the students were in class working away in their first period classes. Then the bell rings and it was time to go to second period but when the students try to leave their classrooms one student got shot by a crazy man with a gun. Everyone is scared. They don't know what to do now so They all locked their classrooms and hiding in a corner of the room. The cops have been called but the can't do anything yet because the man has a hostage with him. The hostage is a young girl named Chrissy and which is me and I am young famous Writer. I have three best sellers and two golden globes and I'm only 16 years old. 
 "Please sir let me go. I have done anything to you so please let me go." I said scared. 
 "You are the famous young writer Chrissy Carr right. Then if I keep you as a hostage then I will get what I want." Said the man with the gun.
 "But why are you doing this for." Said Chrissy. 
 "Because I can. Now shut up." Said the man. 
 But he didn't know the I had my phone in my pocket and that I called someone and they have bin listening to us. 
 "This is not right let me out. I need to finish my next book by the end of the week. That is why I'm in the library on a laptop working. Untie me." While I was talking I made the call go to my Bluetooth. 
 I Whisper so the man can't here me. "I'm in the library. He has me tied to a chair and he is watching the main doors to come in. There is a side door that you may be able to come through. But please be careful. I don't want you to get hurt for me. Will you have the cops with you?" I said.
 "Ok, thank you for the info, I will be careful, and yes they will be with me. Are you ok? Has he hurt you?" Whispered the unknown man on the phone. 
 "Your welcome, ok, good. And no I'm not, when he grabbed me he knocked me, he has hit me and I'm so scared because I don't know what he will do next. Please hurry and save me please." I whisper.
 "Ok we are on our way please calm down everything is ok, beautiful. I'm coming to get you." Whispered the unknown man on the phone. 
 "Thank you so much. Ok I will try to calm down. Good." I whispered. 
 The unknown man is outside with the cops trying to think of a way to save me. Now that he knows that I am in the library and a way to get into the library. So they can go and save me. 
 The cops made a plan on how they are going to save me.

"Ok, so we know she is in the library and that the man that is holding her hostage is watching the main doors so we can get in by the side doors. So you can go in first and try to untie Chrissy. You men will follow him in and try to stop the man. And lastly you men will be all around the library just in case we need backup. Does everyone know what they are doing. Now let do this.” Said the head cop on the job.

“Yes sir." Said everyone.

They all get ready to go in and save me. They head into the school and head to the library. I am watching the man that is hold me hostage and the side door. I look over at the side door and see the unknown man and a few cops behind him. I smile but i didn't what the man to see me. They opened the door slowly so the man with the gun can't hear them. The unknown man slowly walks over to me and the cops slowly walk to the man with the gun. He gets to me and start to untie the ropes. I was so happy to see him.

I whispers “I'm so happy to see you right now. I was so scared.”

“I know beautiful. Everything is going to be ok.” Whispers the unknown man.

The cops grabbed the man with the gun. Everything was alright again. The unknown man took Me outside where my mother waited. Right when I saw my mom I ran to her.

“Mom, I was so scared I would never see you again.” I said to my mom.

“I know baby. I was scared that you were hurt but Armando said that you were ok so I felt a bit better.” Said My mom.

“Armando I am so happy to have you in my life. You are the best.” I said to Armando.

Armando hugged Me and said “I will be here for you no matter what happens. You are my everything.”

Armando leanest down and kissed my on the lips and we shared a long passionate kiss. So yes if you are wondering the unknown man is Armando and his is my boyfriend of two years. After that the school sent all the students home where they know they are safer.

“Armando, can you come to my place with me because I don't what to be alone and my mom has to get back to work.” I asked Armando.

“Of course I will. I don't what to leave you in this state by yourself. My mom will understand. I'll give her a call to let her know.” Said Armando to me.

“Armando do worry about calling your mom I will you just get my daughter home and make sure she is ok.” Said my mom to Armando.

“Thank you miss Carr I I'll keep a good eye on Chrissy.” Said Armando.

“Your welcome and now take Chrissy home.” Said my mom.

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