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The Trail Went Cold

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By Edward GermanPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

The Trail Went Cold is a true crime podcast that explores unexplained deaths and disappearances which have become cold cases. The weekly show is hosted by internet journalist Robin Warder, who has written over 100 articles on true crime. The podcast was inspired by the Unsolved Mysteries TV show from the 1980s. Some of the podcasts are discussions of cases featured from the TV show while other episodes are from lesser known cases.

The Podcaster Robin Warder

Robin Warder is getting ready for a panel discussion at a true crime convention.

The podcast is done in narrative style, starting with a detailed description of the crime. Then the host talks about possible explanations to the case as well as some of his own thoughts regarding the matter. The show's episodes run between 20 and 40 minutes in length depending on how in-depth the host choses to go.

The first podcast of the series profiled a baffling case shown on the Unsolved Mysteries TV show. Aeileen Conway was a 50 year old housewife from Lawton, Oklahoma who was found burned to death in her automobile. Her death was ruled an accident but her husband had his doubts. The husband enlisted the help of an investigator with the local DA's office and they both revisit the accident scene. While conducting a new investigation of the accident scene, evidence is discovered that suggests that Aeileen's death was not an accident. As a result of the findings, the cause of death was changed to accidental to unexplained.

The first episode I decided to listen to was episode 3 on the David Cox case. David Cox was an ex-marine who had served in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was an outspoken critic of the movie A Few Good Men and was critical of the activities by the US Military in Cuba. Cox had been involved in a "Cold Red" incident while serving in Cuba and was subjected to disciplinary action. The movie A Few Good Men was based upon this incident Cox was involved in and he didn't like how the movie depicted the "Code Red" incident. Not long after he filed a lawsuit against the producers, Cox went missing from his home in Medfield, Massachusetts. Three months latter he is found shot to death in a section of woods near a gun range. Was he murdered because of the controversy he started? Mr. Warder tries to answer that question.

This episode is one of my favorites. It is an unsolved historical case and has shown to be very interesting. The case starts when the nude body of a young man named Roland T. Owen is discovered inside Room 1046 of the Hotel President in Kansas City, Missouri. He was beaten and stabbed, he later dies after being taken to the hospital. It is later reveled that Roland T. Owen is not his real name; two years after the victim was buried, a woman in Alabama states that Owen was her missing son Artemus Ogletree. The strange thing about this is that she claims she received personal letters from her son long after he was buried.

I believe this to be one the best episodes of the podcast. What sets this story apart from the others is that it doesn't deal with a homicide or a disappearance. Instead, it is about a bizarre case involving kidnapping and telephone harassment of Bashir Kouchacji, a restaurant owner from Beirut, Lebanon. One night after work he was taken prisoner by a group of unknown men. While in captivity, Bashir was interrogated by his captors for a few days and was then released. After moving to the US, he became the victim of harassing phone calls. The harassing calls became so bad for Bashir that he suffered a mental breakdown. However it has been called into question if he faked the phone calls for his own personal reasons. Mr. Warder expressed some interesting thoughts about this case.

What I Like About this Podcast

I learned about this podcast one weekend while on Twitter. A retweet from a new follower gave a list of true crime and unsolved mysteries podcasts. As I went down the list and I saw The Trail Went Cold podcast about midway down the list. I decided to listen to one of the episodes and I was intrigued. I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon listening to more episodes of this podcast and the stories really had me hooked. I also love the intro music composed by Vince Nitro, his musical composition creates an eerie mood for the listener.

Where to Find the Podcast

The Trail Went Cold can be downloaded from iTunes and on Sticher. You can also listen via streaming at their site.The Trail Went Cold is available at the Google Play store as well. You can follow the podcast on social media.


Twitter: @robin_warder

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