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The Tragic Case of the Malik Family

Just because of his Gay Relationship

By Aafreen AliPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Tragic Case of the Malik Family
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On the date of August 27, 2021, a 20-year-old boy named Abhishek Malik had gone out of his house for some work. Around 2 o'clock, he finished his work and returned home. When he got back home, he rang the doorbell, but no one was opening the door from inside. He called his mom, dad, and sister, but no one was picking up the call. Because of this, he entered the house through the door on the terrace. When he got inside, he saw that his dad was sleeping there. But the shocking thing was that blood was dripping from his body. When he went closer to check, he was stunned because someone had shot his dad in the face and head. Seeing this, he got scared and ran towards the kitchen looking for his mom. In the kitchen, someone had shot and killed his mom too. He then went to his sister's room, where he found that someone had shot and killed both his sister and his grandmother. Four members of the family were murdered in one day.

What exactly happened in that house that led to the entire family being wiped out in one day?

This story begins in a place called Rohtak in Haryana, where a family lived in Vijayanagar Colony. The family consisted of four members: Pradeep Malik, the head of the family, his wife Babli Devi, and their two children—20-year-old Abhishek Malik and 18-year-old Neha Malik. The family was very popular in the area because Pradeep Malik was a well-known businessman engaged in property dealing.

Abhishek Malik had completed his studies at Financial Express and returned to Rohtak to pursue a B.Com degree, while Neha Malik pursued her 12th-grade studies. Babli Devi was a housewife. On August 27, 2021, four members of the family were murdered. Neha Malik was still alive that day, so Abhishek Malik arranged for her hospitalization through his uncle. Unfortunately, Neha Malik died in the hospital on August 29, 2021.

The police arrived at the house for investigation the same day and the forensic team examined the scene. They found five bullet shells: two bullets had hit Pradeep Malik, one had hit Neha Malik, and one each had hit her mother and grandmother. Apart from the five used bullets, no other evidence was found. The police sent the dead bodies for post-mortem examination, but they found no additional evidence. They wanted to question Abhishek Malik, but his condition was not stable as he was distraught from losing his family.

The next day, Abhishek Malik was called to the police station for questioning. The police asked him where he was at the time of the murders, and Abhishek Malik said he was at a hotel, partying with friends. When the police checked the CCTV footage of the hotel, they confirmed that Abhishek was indeed there, so they did not suspect him initially.

However, the police noticed something strange: Abhishek Malik’s behavior was more feminine, even though he was a boy. When they questioned his neighbors about this, they learned that there had been arguments in the house regarding Abhishek’s behavior, with loud voices heard from outside. This provided a motive for suspicion towards Abhishek Malik, as four family members were killed, but Abhishek was spared. While one might think he was lucky to survive, it raised the question: if it was a business dispute, why wasn’t the sole heir also killed?

On the third day, Abhishek Malik was called to the police station again for interrogation. This time, no one else was allowed with him, and he was treated more harshly. During this session, Abhishek Malik made a confession that left the entire police station stunned—he confessed that he was the one who had orchestrated the murder of his family.

The final question is why Abhishek Malik murdered his own family. When you hear the reason, you'll wonder why such people exist in this world. During his cabin crew course in Delhi, Abhishek met a guy named Kiran. Abhishek knew he was gay, and his friend Kiran was also gay. They entered into a relationship. After completing the course, Abhishek returned to Rohtak, and Kiran went back to Uttarakhand. However, for the past four months, Kiran had been staying with Abhishek in Rohtak. Abhishek introduced Kiran as his best friend to his parents, so they had no problem with Kiran.

The problem arose when Neha saw Abhishek and Kiran being intimate and realized her brother was gay. Neha told their dad, Pradeep Malik, about it. As a result, Pradeep imposed some restrictions on Abhishek, such as taking away his car keys and stopping him from meeting Kiran. Abhishek also needed permission to go out. These restrictions frustrated Abhishek, who wanted to be with Kiran. One day, Abhishek called Kiran, expressing his desire to be with him forever and asked for advice. Kiran suggested that Abhishek undergo gender change surgery so they could get married and settle in Europe.

However, Abhishek didn’t have the money for the gender change surgery, which required about ₹5 lakh. When Abhishek directly asked his dad for the money, Pradeep got very angry, beat Abhishek, and imposed more restrictions. Determined to be with Kiran, Abhishek conceived a plan to kill his family so that all the property would be transferred to his name, eliminating the need to ask anyone for money. Using the gun kept at home for self-defense, he shot and killed each family member.

After committing the murders, Abhishek felt no remorse and only wanted to live a good life with his partner, Kiran. He didn’t consider the love and support his family had given him throughout his life. Such an act was inhuman, and he could be called a monster. There wasn’t enough concrete evidence against Abhishek, apart from his confession, to give him a severe punishment. Currently, Abhishek Malik is in remand, and the court has not yet decided his sentence.

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    How could someone go this far?

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