The Top Scams To Look Out For

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Do Not Fall For Anything

The Top Scams To Look Out For
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Every single day there are people who to watch out for. The people that I am referring to are the type of people who would take advantage of any situation. We call them scam artists because this is exactly what these people do. These scam artists look for any time period and opportunity to scam someone. If you have never had someone try to do this to you then you may have no idea what I am talking about. A scam is a way for these people to trick you into giving them your money. Why do they want your money? If this is a question that you are asking yourself then there are a few other questions that you may want to ask yourself. Why does anyone want money?

Every person needs money in order to survive in life. Every item costs money no matter what that item may be. Some people work while others prefer other ways to take those people's money. In this article, I am going to name off some of the top scams to watch out for. These scam artists could be anyone trying to convince you that they are someone that they are not.

The very first subject that I am going to mention in this article is donations. If you have ever received calls or just been asked to donate then you already know why donations are one of the first subjects mentioned as a scam. This is not to state that all donations are scams because this is not the case. The scam artist may be a person calling you on the phone. The person on the other end of the line may say something along the lines of that they are connected with your local police station. The next thing mentioned would be that they are calling people to help the police station collect donations.

In a situation like this would you just automatically take this persons word for what they say. Remember this saying that I have before listening to anything that someone says. The saying is this " P.C.A.I." meaning to please check all information. Do not be afraid to place that person on hold and call the place that they are saying that they are associated with. The company or folks that you are calling to do this check-up are not going to get upset with you for validating the information for safety purposes. Remember always check the information before doing anything.

The next item that I am going to bring up is family. Yes, I did say family. As I mentioned in a paragraph above a scam artist will you anything to try to get your money. If someone calls you on the phone or shows up at your house saying that they are a family member and you do not know them then I would be doing some checking. A scam artist can go online or to other places with useful information and find out who you are related to. This person will then come up with some story about how they were just trying to meet all of the family that they have yet to of met. A scam artist does not necessarily need to say that they are a family member. They may say that they are a friend of a family member.

You may be saying to yourself well that is just silly. Think about it how many people do you know that have ended up meeting people that they never knew were family. Please do not take these people's word for it. Always check your information. If you know for sure the person that they are mentioning check up on what they are saying. If you know for sure that the person is lying then you have nothing to worry about. If you have never heard of the family member that they are mentioning and are uncertain then again, check the information.

The next item that I am going to mention is shopping. Always be aware of everything when you are shopping. A scam artist may try to distract you while shopping. The scam artist will see that you are in a hurry and try to distract you with questions then lead to a topic that leads to money. Any topic that leads to money is actually sometimes a scam. They are not however all scams. Something else to remember is that there are people who will talk to you about new items. Some of them are scams. If this person is asking you for money instead of sending you to a register then I would say that there might be a problem.

Have you ever tried online or even offline dating? There could be a scam in the dating subject. If someone that you have been trying to get to know starts asking you for money then the problem is that they may have been running a scam on you the whole time. It can be more than one person running the scam. Proceed with caution and do not give these people money. Get as much information as you can about that person and make others aware.

Games can be a scam as well. If you have ever played games then I would be careful. Be sure that it is actually a game that you are playing. Some scammers will use games as a way to get information from you. Please do not just give your information out. Stop! Ask yourself why you are being asked the questions? If this is happening then I would not recommend getting back on that game. Do not give out your personal information to just anyone.

Messages for gifts are sometimes another scam too. Who does not love getting gifts? Be sure before you get involved that it is not a scam being played on you. Some other areas that have been used to scam people are scams involving social security, banks, and cars. Always be sure to check things out so that you do not end up a victim of a scam. Ask around for other scams to watch out for

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