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The Top 10 True Crime Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To

The Best Audio for Your Daily Dose of Murder and Mayhem

By Skylar BanachPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
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Podcasts are the latest audio craze and no genre has benefited from the medium's explosion more than true crime. For some reason, true crime and podcasting seem to be the perfect couple, and hundreds of true crime podcasts have popped up on the airwaves. However, as with everything, there are some that are better than others. Here are the top ten true crime podcasts to listen to. Please note that this list is not ranked.

1. Generation Why

Generation Why is one of the most well-known and longest-running true crime podcasts around. Every week, hosts Aaron and Justin discuss murders, disappearances, and other crimes with their addictive mix of casual conversation and in-depth analysis. With their conscientious treatment of content that can be disturbing, Generation Why is ideal for true crime junkies that want a fix without listening to a lot of gory details. And with a back catalog of over 200 episodes, you can binge-listen to your heart's content.

2. They Walk Among Us

This British podcast phenomenon is known for its eerie, poignant narrative. Though the podcast is only in its second season, it has received international praise and boasts millions of downloads. They have also recently won Gold in the True Crime Category of the British Podcast Awards 2017. If you're into beautiful music and eerie narration, then this podcast is for you.

3. Bloody Murder

A comedy true crime podcast? Is that even possible? It is and there isn't one better than Bloody Murder. Hosts Barney and Tara manage to keep their content funny without being disrespectful to victims and their families. Every week, Barney and Tara exchange stories of murder and mayhem in a conversational format that makes listeners feel like they're just sitting around, drinking beer, and talking murder. As an added bonus, they've added a segment known as "Aussie As," which features tales of criminal antics and missteps that could only have happened in The Land Down Under.

4. Casefile True Crime

If you're looking for more serious, Australian-made content, look no further. Casefile delves incredibly deep into the subjects it covers, and the host doesn't shy away from detail. However, they also exhibit restraint and respect for victim's families, so you can get your gore fix in a dignified way.

5. True Crime Garage

Welcome to The Garage, where hosts Nick and The Captain drink great beer and talk horrific crime. The show is praised for its conversational style and depth of narrative, often presenting cases in two parts or more. Though Nick and The Captain tend to go down rabbit holes sometimes, they generally stay the course and sometimes display genuine emotion about the cases they're covering, making them easy to connect with. They also have a handy beer review at the beginning of every episode, for those who like a drink with their audio.

6. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is unique because it combines informative podcasting with radio drama. The podcast employs a full cast of voice actors to bring the historical cases that they analyze to life. The two-part format leaves listeners constantly wanting more and the hosts, Carter and Wenndy, take the role of friends that guide you through the stories. This podcast is part of the Parcast Network, a top-notch collection of audio drama podcasts.

7. True Crime Island

True Crime Island is another incredible podcast hailing from Australia. Host Cambo combines in-depth information with an opinion that is both emotional and common sense. His genuine anger at injustice and frequent updates about the cases he covers makes True Crime Island a must-listen.

8. The Minds of Madness - True Crime Stories

This relatively new podcast has been recommended by more prominent podcasts as a rising star in the genre. This show focuses on individuals who seem to have just "snapped" and analyzes their behavior before, during, and after their crimes, looking for warning signs. The show is serious and poignant, and it's making big waves in the podcasting community.

9. The Apex and The Abyss

This new kid on the block isn't terribly well-known, but it's a big contender in the genre. Host Erika takes an approach to crime that gives the show a storybook kind of feel, very similar to critically acclaimed podcast Lore. The combination of thought-provoking narrative and Erika's genuine voice makes this short, fresh-faced show a real contender in the podcasting ring.

10. In Sight

In Sight is another critically acclaimed podcast that focuses on true crime. Hosts Ali and Charlie bring a compassionate tone to the most horrific of cases, and despite being several oceans apart, they consistently release a well-researched, detailed show every week, rain or shine. Listeners state that they love Ali and Charlie because they reveal their personalities without taking away from the facts.


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