The Strike

by Nicole Partridge about a year ago in fiction

Will she survive?

The Strike

It was a late night and I had just gotten off work. I had to do the late shift again.

"Ughh I'm so tired." That's what I always tell myself, and yet nothing ever changes in my life. I'm tired of everything I do, and my routine still never changes. I have all I want and everything I need in life. I'm still not satisfied. I feel empty and lost. So I decide to leave my cute and tidy little apartment and go on a vacation. I really need it. So I pack my bags and take my car out when my phone rings. It's my mom who I never talk to because of so many issues and I just don't even like her. She's so annoying and I just...ugh, I can't. So I decline her call and she texts me saying she wants to see me one last time because she has like cancer or something. But I don't want to see her. I can't. She ruined my life and I don't want to relive those moments. I text her saying that I don't want to see her end of story and that she needs to just leave me alone. My younger sister loves her and just adores my mom because she doesn't think she abandoned us. She thinks she left because my dad and her didn't get along. Truth be told, my dad is amazing and super sweet, but my mom didn't love him anymore even after 20 years of marriage. One day she just left, and now she tries coming back into my life with her 20-year-old boyfriend who is 24 years younger than she is. Absolutely gross. It's not my job to judge. I just try to keep my younger sister in check and she tries to keep me in check. So I text my sister that "I'm leaving town and going to Lake Tahoe and won't be back till Monday." She texts me back, "Alright love you" because she was probably dead asleep and I woke her up. I decide to leave at night because I want to get there in the morning and sleep in. It is already 11 and I still have two and a half hours of driving until I get there. Lucky me.

I finally arrive at the hotel in three hours and I check in and the guy tells me that it's going to be $500 for Saturday through Monday. All I'm thinking is like, man it's 2 o clock in the morning on a Saturday, like let me sleep. I get to my room and I can't sleep, so I put on TV and try to fall asleep for an hour and it doesn't work. I use the elevator and go to the lobby and tell the clerk I'm going outside. I'm walking outside and the snow is so deep that it's hard to walk and, of course, I'm wearing jeans and a tank top with sneakers. So I'm freezing and my jacket is all the way at the hotel. I reach the top of the ski jump and there's this cabin that looks empty, so I decide to look into it. My mind is telling me to run away and not come back. I'm very curious to see inside, and my heart is beating so fast and my breathing is getting so loud I can't hear myself think. I reach the cabin and open the door and it squeaks so loud. I almost want to go back, but my curiosity part of me won. There's all these old snowboarding medals and it looks like the person was a champion in this sport. I want to look around more, but I hear a noise on the roof and outside, so I run outside and there's this guy outside wearing what seems to me as all black and I can't see a thing because it's pitch dark outside. I start to run as fast as I can and that's when I hear two people running after me. Not one. Two people. There was someone on the roof as well and I can't run too fast. I get caught up in a ball of snow and start rolling super fast, and all I can think to myself is, Doesn't this only happen in movies? Down the hill I go and make it safely to the front door of the hotel. I get in the elevator and make it to my room. I unlock my door and turn on the lights, and there are those two guys waiting for me. One shut the door and locks it behind me. The other guy is laying on my bed. I know this is the end.

How does it work?
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