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The Story of Larry Don McQuay- The Man Who Begged For His Castration

Larry Don McQuay

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Larry Don McQuay, a convicted sex offender, was released from prison in 2005. As part of his release, he was surgically castrated and fitted with an ankle monitoring device.

According to his attorney, Paul C. Looney, McQuay underwent the surgical castration because he didn't want to re-offend.

"He desperately does not want to re-offend and believes that surgical castration will be one of the tools that will help him from re-offending,'' Looney said. "There's a lot of medical evidence that proves that it helps with impulse control, not necessarily sexual control, but he believes this will help.''

McQuay was caught molesting a 6-year-old child in San Antonio, Texas, after forcing sex on the child, he got him to have a shower with him. He got away with sodomizing the boy for a year before he was caught. McQuay explained that he got close to the boy's mother, to make it look like he was interested in her, but it was his son that he wanted.

The house where he was caught molesting a child

For this, he was convicted on January 8, 1990, of indecency with a child and sentenced to prison.

Before his incarceration, he had been employed as a school bus driver in San Antonio and worked at SeaWorld.

While in prison, McQuay begged to be castrated, he claimed prison would never make his desire for children go away. He said he and other child predators just buy time in jail, daydreaming about children. ''Hell is not enough to keep me from re-offending" he said.

Despite his pleas for castration, his request was turned down.

This video is from ABC News on November 18, 1994. Fast-forward 6 minutes ahead to go watch the interview of Larry Don McQuay

Despite his request for castration, McQuay was granted parole in 1996. However, this decision prompted Bexar County authorities to reopen the initial case and charge him for the offenses committed against the older sister of the boy involved.

McQuay was released from prison after serving only eight years of his 20-year sentence. According to Mike Viesca from the Department of Criminal Justice, McQuay fulfilled the state requirements for release under mandatory supervision due to his time served and "good behavior."

According to Dianne Clements, the president of the Houston-based victims' rights group Justice For All, and as was recorded in the video above, McQuay made a statement indicating that he would harm his next victims unless he underwent castration. In response, the group agreed with McQuay to assist in finding a surgeon who would be willing to carry out the procedure.

In interviews conducted over the years, McQuay openly discussed his extensive record of molestation. He admitted to having fondled numerous young children while working as a school bus driver for the Northeast Independent School District.

orchidectomy is the surgical removal of the testis

He confessed to having molested children on more than 240 occasions. However, he later withdrew this statement, clarifying that his intention was solely to draw attention to his plea for castration.

Studies on castrated sex criminals in Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany found that fewer than 5% of released sex offenders were caught molesting again. Normally, 50% of sex offenders are rearrested within three years of their release.

Surgical castration also known as orchidectomy involves the removal of the testes, the organ that produces testosterone and makes men aggressive.

Larry Don McQuay in undated photos

In 1997, the Legislature approved a bill that authorized the state to provide incarcerated pedophiles with the option of undergoing surgical castration voluntarily.

Some states in America have passed laws that allow for repeat offenders to be castrated. States like California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin, have all passed the law.

Among these states, Texas and Louisiana are the only ones that provide the alternative of surgical castration if the offender requests it.

Since his release in 2005, not much has been written about him, but this shows he has not re-offended.

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