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The Sound of Lies


By Julie StullPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Sitting across the table were many officers and the lawyer was left on hold on purpose.

No way I could prove that now. I looked around the room to figure out who was on our side and who was against us.

We left the meeting that day as if we would all work together only to find out later we would not.

The head of the department wore a mask. What was she hiding and why the sneer on her face? I could see right through her but the rest of them could not.

I left feeling defeated and used. Now what?

I received various phone calls later to bring my son for visits. I was able to join him.

Behind the glass glared eyes right at us. We knew we were being watched and recorded.

After we left I began to cry. Who else accused me? Who else wanted to see me die inside?

The one who brought me to the hospital? Was it the paternal grandmother? Was it the child's mother or simply the department who pretended to be our friends?

I began to investigate who set me up for failure. I began to question why I had to be seen behind the glass and what information they were trying to gather from every visit.

I was perplexed. Each night I dreamt of answers but each time I woke up I could not remember.

Melanie was my greatest ally. She walked me through every step of the way. She taught me how to research and told me I needed to know and understand their rules.

Cynthia, the head of the department, hid behind the camera. She only came out when she said to all of us, "you all need to get along."

Kathy was a snake. She knew people on the inside. She used her contacts to figure out how to maneuver through the gossip and rules placed on all of us.

Mary just cried. She was useless. I wanted to slap Mary and few times and try and wake her up into reality.

Gary acted like he was innocent. Saying he knew nothing about anything. Another useless individual who was family and I tried so desperately to believe.

Cameron was the utmost unintelligent person yet and all he cared about was having fun. He had no empathy for what I was about to go through the next 3 years.

Amy and Grant were my parents. I supported them every day giving them hope that all would be ok. But it wasn't.

Steve and Valerie would not speak to me. I could feel the hate and if their eyes could kill me I would be dead.

The focal point of all this happens in a home. A very beautiful home that when I entered, I felt some sense of hope and some sense of security.

The climax leading to the end happened at the hospital. I should have called the police then but I did not. Later, it would haunt me forever until the very end.

So who put me under investigation? Who made me out to seem so cruel and messed up? My past was being investigated when it had nothing to do with Mary and Gary's situation.

I began to deduce the worse possible outcome if this investigation against me continued. But why me?

I had to protect the child. That is all I could think of. It consumed me every day. I tried to pray. I tried to sleep. I jogged. I over ate. I cried daily.

Each night I saw the fangs of my family and Cynthia. I saw the betrayal in the eyes of Steve and Valerie. But why??? What was I missing?

I dug deep into my past. By the time I spoke to the second lawyer I finally gained clarity! I finally found out!

The strategy became very clear. But now, I had to figure out how to "play" the game and win somehow.

I was not asked to attend anymore meetings the child came home to my parents for several months.

Even they stared at me like they wanted to tear me apart. Who was on my side? Who were the ones who would actually betray me?

I felt like Jesus. Many kissed me and hugged me and with each kiss and hug I just knew something was off even with the ones who called themselves my family.

What I could not figure out is who was leading this game? This plot to remove me from the child's life.

I reached out to Melanie. She tried to tell me but I would not listen. I could not believe what I heard. I cried out to God, but why! How could this be? Please tell me this is simply not true.

It all came down to money.

I started to deduce who needed it the most but to my despair, it seemed everyone needed it.

But who had the guts to lie to get the money and to what extent would they go to?

I remained very quite when everyone spoke. I took notes. I stayed up at night replaying every court hearing in my head. I watched how the lawyers spoke and reacted to all the questions. I even watched the body language.

First lawyer fired. He spent his time talking about his daughter. He was worthless. I was fighting for the life of a little baby.

The second lawyer was very expensive but extremely bright, sharp and detailed. Duly noted in my notes.

Third lawyer deceived us at the first hearing. Fired the third lawyer. He spent his time in the court room flirting with Cynthia's assistant. It was so gross. He must have been twice her age. When I saw him check out her behind as she walked to the judge I felt like throwing up. Two lawyers down and now had to hire another. Did he not understand we were here to save the life of a little baby?!

Fourth lawyer. Very detailed and said he would win this case and protect the baby. To an extent he was truthful but he would protect Cynthia's assistant to the very end. Were they having an affair? Duly noted. I kept my eye on him after he said not to go after her for keeping me away from my grandson illegally. Yes, I was fighting to save the life of my grandson.

But was it about the money again? Someone wanted the money. State money or "selling" money. Yes, human trafficking money. Millions in that industry. But if they got away with it how on earth could they pull it off?

Suddenly it dawned on me! They had to remove me. I was the Queen in this chess game protecting the little boy King. I kept vigilant. Watching my every step and listening and reading and soaking in all the information that came my way.

Again, who needed the money the most?

Hired the fifth lawyer. I had to defend myself now. I could not be removed from this case. If I was removed, the child would be taken. I realized that now. I called Melanie and told her she was right after all. But so hard to hear her words again. We got into an argument. We did not speak for several weeks. I was on my own now. I began to break down. I fell apart.

The fifth lawyer later was replaced. I was provided new counsel. Again I asked why? Then it dawned on me. I needed someone else who understood the dynamic of this ugly situation I found myself in.

Now another lawyer to represent me. It just did not stop but I was grateful. There was a reason I received new representation.

Finally our second lawyer was the final lawyer who would team up with the other two attorneys at the final hearing.

We won but the truth would not come out at the final hearing.

Trying to put myself back together after being dragged into the coals and the depths of hell, I began to see the masks that were being worn by my parents, brother and his girlfriend.

I would later discover the money was needed by my parents and they had made a pact with my brother to adopt my grandson.

However, why were there alias names and who was running the cannabis store front in California? Was the money needed to run the front and why was the ex girlfriend of my brother, who worked for a trucking company, part of California when she lived in New Mexico?

Nothing made sense anymore. I had to dig more.

I spent a year gathering evidence only to find out I wanted to stop. I could not believe the information I found. I could not believe the lies and the extent of them.

Everyone involved wanted the money.

Cynthia's department needed to meet their quota.

Steve needed the money to fund the storefront but keep it secret from Valerie.

Amy and Grant needed to pay back the lawyer I found to represent them.

It all then began to click. The paternal grandmother was broke. She needed the money from the state and what better way to sign up for that money than to raise the child on her own.

So it was not just one person who told Cynthia about my past and who tried to use my past against me. It was everyone. Each had their motive.

The scariest part of this story, the child was worth One million dollars on the black market.

I realized the trucking company linked to the California store front was a front for human trafficking. I had no solid proof. All I had was a police report of domestic violence and marijuana was legal in California.

Dead end. Or is it?

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Julie Stull

Writing is how we express ourselves. For me, it is a way of life. When we write, not only can we transport ourselves into another time but our reader gets to enjoy a glimpse of another place even if it is just for a moment.

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