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The Smell of Blood

by BMR Plabon

By rezaul kabirPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The Smell of Blood

Part: 1

It was a rainy day. The sky was full of clouds and the moon was hardly been seen. It was drizzling and some dogs were screaming near my home. Sitting beside window I was looking to the sky. Suddenly the electricity had gone. Lighting up phone’s flash I started to search for candle. In a minute I lit the candle and put that on my table and sat beside the window again. Maybe after 15 minutes I opened the window and I popped out my left hand outside. Suddenly I felt something in my hand. To see that I took my hand to the candle and I was very shocked after seeing that. It was blood. I erased the blood drops using my bedsheet and quickly popped my head out side through the window to see from where the blood drop came. I saw someone is hanging on the roof top and her head is shaking down. I thought she is in danger so, quickly I went to the roof but I saw nothing there. One question was in my mind where did she gone? There was not a single blood drop. How this could be vanished. The girl was hanging right there and where even the blood drops gone. If I think no blood dropped on the roof then where did the girl gone. Suddenly I looked down and I saw the girl dropped down from the roof. Some people came towards her. A man looked up and saw me. Seeing me he started to shouting, “Murderer, Murderer, Murderer!” I wanted to tell them I am not a murderer but they gave me no chance. They came upstairs and locked me in my room and called the police. I was very frightened. The police locked my hands and started to search my home. They also sealed the road side where the girl dropped. I told a police man who was behind me that I am not the murderer. Then one of them asked me showing the sign of blood from the bedsheet, “What is this gentleman ?” Then the officer ordered constable John, “Take him to station.” I told him, “Officer please listen to me. I am not the murderer. I did nothing.” “We’ll listen to you in the station. Take him.” They took me to station and asked, “Why did you kill the girl ?” “Listen officer I didn’t kill the girl. I went to the roof to help her. She was hanging on the roof corner and blood was continuously dropping from her head. I thought she’s in danger so, I went to the roof so that I could help her. But unfortunately when I reached on the roof the girl dropped from the roof. I couldn’t save her. But please trust me I didn’t kill her.” “We got blood sign from your bedsheet. What about that ?” “Actually it was drizzling then, so I popped my hand outside through my window to take some rain drop on my hand. Then blood from the girls head dropped on my hand. Then I knew the girl was hanging on the roof corner. So, I quickly erase the blood using the bedsheet and went to the roof. That’s it. I’m telling you the truth. I am not the murderer.” “Okay, you can go now. but keep in touch. We shall need your help.” “Of course. I will try my best.” When I came outside of the police station I saw the man who first shouted on me addressing as murderer. I was going closer to him but suddenly a running man came and stabbed him so badly. I went to him and asked him, “Who was he and why he was trying to kill you ? Why did you shouted then?” “I had no choice.” “Who are you?” “I am …” The man died on my arms. I called the police and told them all the incidence. Then the officer told me, “This case is gonna be so mysterious and dangerous be careful.”

............................................To be continued............................................


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