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"The Scarecrow of the Dark Farm"

"When the Harvest Sows Terror"

By Hendrik SancheZPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

It was a tranquil farm on the outskirts of the small town of Willowbrook. The golden fields of corn swayed gently in the breeze, and rural life unfolded peacefully until autumn arrived. That was when the scarecrow, an inert figure of straw and tattered clothes, came to life on dark nights.

One morning, farmer John Peterson found his loyal worker, Robert Turner, lifeless in the middle of the cornfield. The news spread like the wind, and the town was shrouded in uncertainty. Initially, everyone thought it was a tragic accident, but as the dark shadow of mystery loomed over the farm, the truth emerged.

Police found no evidence that could lead to a suspect, but rumors began circulating among the farmworkers. Some claimed to have seen the scarecrow move at night, while others insisted they heard strange noises coming from the field.

Every night, the scarecrow came to life, its vacant eyes glowing with a malevolent red light. It moved silently through the fields, slipping between rows of corn like a vengeful specter. Robert Turner had discovered the dark secret of the farm: an ancient curse linked to the harvest.

The Peterson's daughter, Rachel, couldn't believe that the scarecrow was responsible for the worker's death. But when she began having nightmares about the scarecrow, Robert delved deeper into the curse investigation. He unearthed the story of a cursed harvest that had occurred generations ago. The legend spoke of a desperate farmer who, in his quest to protect his land, made a sinister pact. Since then, every autumn, the scarecrow came to life to exact its blood toll.

Suspense heightened with each twist of the story. The town trembled in fear as the scarecrow, now fueled by ancestral vengeance, sought those who dared uncover its secret. Nights became more unsettling, with the sound of its ragged clothes rustling in the wind and its malevolent laughter echoing between the rows of corn.

In his attempt to free the farm from the curse, Robert immersed himself in dark rituals and ancient spells. Every attempt to stop the scarecrow met with supernatural resistance. Tension reached its zenith when, finally, Robert and the scarecrow faced off on a stormy night.

The struggle between man and cursed creature culminated in a lightning bolt that illuminated the sky, revealing the twisted figure of the scarecrow. The curse faded, but at a high cost. The farm was marked by a dark past, and the town of Willowbrook would never forget the season when the harvest sowed terror.

A year later, a collector of rare objects bought the Petersons' farm and found the remains of the scarecrow doll. Thinking it was a unique piece, he took it home and placed it in his collection. But that same night, the scarecrow doll came back to life and murdered the collector. The police found the collector's body the next day, along with the remains of the scarecrow doll.

The news reached the Petersons, and Rachel began to suspect that the spirit of the craftsman had possessed the doll and was seeking revenge.

Rachel tried to warn her family and the farmworkers, but no one believed her. Finally, she decided to confront the doll herself. She found it in the field, moving slowly toward her. Rachel pulled out a knife and stabbed it in the chest. The doll collapsed on the ground, lifeless.

But as Rachel approached to examine it, the doll opened its eyes and attacked her. Rachel fought with all her strength, but the doll was too strong. Just when it seemed all was lost, John appeared with a torch in hand, which he used to set the doll on fire. This time, they made sure to eliminate it completely, reducing it to ashes.

Rachel never spoke of the incident again, but the farmworkers swore they had seen the scarecrow doll move through the field on stormy nights. Some say you can still hear its macabre laughter in the darkness.

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Hendrik SancheZ

Mi viaje literario comenzó con pequeños relatos que evolucionaron hacia narrativas más complejas, y rápidamente me di cuenta del poder que tiene la escritura para conectar con las emociones y experiencias compartidas

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