The Plan is Revealed...

by Zoe Winterbourne 6 months ago in fiction

An extract from a novel I'm writing. Disclaimer: Strong language used throughout.

The Plan is Revealed...

Jay comes through a week later. It’s seven days later than I wanted personally but unsurprisingly he’s a very hard man to pin point. I spend two days tailing him from a distance, watching his every move and noting any patterns in daily activities. For a wanted man, he’s incredibly blasé about being in the public eye. He looks no different to before it happened. Maybe he’s trying to get caught. Maybe the guilt is eating him alive and he wants to pay for his crimes. I snort at the thought. He has no conscience, there’s no way he’d feel guilty. It’s 5pm when I see him enter the block of flats. I get out of my car and wait on the sidewalk, pretending to use my phone. Fifteen minutes later, my opportunity arrives. As a woman leaves, I run up the path calling for her to hold the door. I smile and thank her as I duck into building. I take the stairs two at a time heading for the sixth floor. I could have taken the elevator but the adrenalin is surging through me. By the time I reach his door, I am buzzed for a fight. I take a deep breath, knock on his door and step out of the way of the peephole. I stand with my back against the wall and listen. He opens the door partially and peers out. Without a second thought, I spin around the doorframe and barge into the door with such force that it allows me access and as an added bonus, knocks him back causing him to stumble. I slam the door shut behind me and before he has time to regain his equilibrium, I grab the collar of his shirt and swing him against the wall. I pin his neck with my arm and interlock my legs with his so he can’t move. I push all my weight against him as he gasps in shock from my assault. He’s getting off lightly, the bastard.

“The thing about training in the police force for years is that you get to develop an obscene amount of strength. Strength you could never anticipate me having, therefore leaving you vulnerable to me,” I hiss in his face. His eyes finally lock with mine and I see the colour drain from his face. He stops struggling but remains tense.

“What the fuck are ya doing here?” He mutters, trying and failing to sound intimidating.

“Oh believe me, the last person I ever wanted to see again is you but unfortunately, you’re the only person who can help me and considering the shit you’ve put me through I think you owe me. Am I wrong?”

His eyes flick between mine trying to work out my angle. He has no idea why I’m here and I’m revelling in his fear.

“Ya going to grass on me? Ya here to arrest me? After all this time?”

“I’m no grass, you know that. I don’t work for the police no more and they say time is the best healer but here we are, six years later and I’m still suffering for your sins,” I growl through clenched teeth, my face just centimetres from his. Although I’m a couple of inches shorter than him, he has never seen so small.

“It wasn’t my fault! I wasn’t the one who put out the order!” He pleads.

“You are responsible for dragging her into your mess in the first place! You were supposed to love her and care for her yet you fucked her over, regardless of whether it was an accident or not!” I shout.

“It was an accident!”

“I don’t give a fuck! You got her involved in that lifestyle and now, you’re going to get me involved!”

He stares at me in disbelief and I feel all the tension dissolve from his body.

“I’m going to let you go. Don’t try anything or even think of running. I will fuck you up,” I glare.

“Trust me, I don’t wanna fuck with ya,” he mutters.

Reluctantly, I release him and step back. He breathes deeply before straightening himself up.

He clears his throat and says, “I’m not in that lifestyle anymore.”

“Oh give it a rest, M. I know you’re still deep in the pits of it and I want… no, I need… in.”

“I can’t help ya,” He insists, rubbing his neck and moving towards the sofa. Classic nervous body language.

“I have eyes watching your every move. I know you’re still in so don’t try it with me.”

He sits down and I move to stand in front of him, arms folded. He says nothing for a long time before sighing heavily.

“Why do ya want in? Even before it all went down, ya were never the type to be interested in this life.”

“Let’ just say it’s morbid curiosity and a life-long debt that needs settling.”

“I know ya pissed about what happened-“

“Pissed?!” I shout, interrupting him. “I am far beyond pissed! They took away the most important person to me, YOU took away the most important person to me and I am not prepared to settle for a funeral as final closure!”

“What, so ya seeking revenge? Are ya crazy? Ya’ll be killed! Ya can’t outsmart the fox, S. He won’t think twice about murdering ya ass. But it doesn’t matter anyway, there’s no chance ya’ll get in.”

“Not without an inside influence…” I hint.

His eyes widen and I see a flash of anger. Oh, this is the prick I know and loathe.

“No fucking way. I’m not getting ya in,” he glares.

“Why not?”

“ ‘Cause it’s a suicide mission for me. If I get caught, death will be a sweet release.”

“You won’t get caught,” I insist.

“How can ya guarantee that? S, these guys are untouchable.”

“I am smart, M. I am smarter than anyone knows. I know how to play these guys and win. I have more information from my career in the police than you’ll ever know.”


“The thing about the forces is that at least half of them are corrupt. They shared a lot of secrets with me when they thought I was one of them.”

He runs his hand through his hair.

“Well, shit S! This is risky.”

“I know that, M. This is the biggest risk I have ever taken. If I wasn’t confident, I would not even consider this. But I know I have enough information and enough intelligence to shut this thing down.”

“What do ya mean?”

“M, you might be an egotistical, life-ruining prick… but I know you don’t want this life anymore.”

He looks at me with scepticism and shock.

“How do ya know that?”

“You think E and I didn’t talk? She knew you better than anyone. She told me your heart-to-heart talks and I know you want out. I can help you get out.”

“I knew E told ya everything even when she said she didn’t. Heart of gold that one,” he smiles sadly, looking down.

“Yeah, she was the best but she’s gone now and you had something to do with it. Now you owe it to her to help me out.”

He mulls it over for what seems like hours before looking at me again and saying, “what do ya want me to do?”

“You need to get me on the inside. This is about more than just avenging E. This is a chance to stop them from causing anymore heartbreak and loss to innocent people and families.”

“Ya don’t mean-“

“Yes that is exactly what I mean.”

I sit down on the coffee table opposite him, arms resting on my knees, staring into his eyes.

“I’m taking down the mafia.”

Zoe Winterbourne
Zoe Winterbourne
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