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The perfect storm

by Pearl Choe 10 months ago in fiction

A near roller coaster death experience

The perfect storm
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Hello everyone! Happy Spooktober. I can't believe that it's already mid-October and Halloween is already around the corner. I decided to write a thriller type of story that I had a dream about a few months back. Before I start this story, just wanted to disclose that all names used aside from my own have been changed for the privacy and respect of those involved.

Alright let's get this story going. First off, I would like to introduce my OG Girl Gang Squad. I've been friends with these girls since forever pretty much. We may be a quiet bunch, but we also know when to be popping and have a good time. First off we have Hannah. Hannah and I have been best friends since we first started college and we are definitely one of the most interesting duos that I know of. Sometimes I feel like we're both kids at heart and that's what I love about our relationship. Then there's Miranda, Julie, and Kimmy. Miranda and I have been best friends since elementary and are still super close to this day. Julie and Kimmy are also friends I met in college and that I still talk to pretty regularly.

Miranda and I had just started summer break during our Junior year of college. Julie and Kimmy had decided to throw a huge surprise birthday party for Miranda and since I've been friends with her the longest, they asked me for my help to make it the best experience ever since she was turning 24 this year. We know that Miranda loves to sing karaoke and watch some funny movies while enjoying some good food and drinks. So we decided to hit up a local bar/ karaoke and we decided to get her an ice cream cake with a picture of her and her boyfriend hugging. The three of us decided to meet up a few hours before to determine who's going to be DD and everything so that way there are no surprises. After that was settled, we all headed out wearing some cute outfits we got just for tonight.

All seemed super chill and nothing out of the ordinary. We made sure to keep an eye on each other in case we lost each other during the night. If we sensed something was off, our code word would be "pancakes". Even though Miranda had a long-term boyfriend, guys would always try to hit on her and ask her out, to which she always politely declined.

After about an hour a really hot dude walks up to our table and starts striking up a conversation with Miranda and I. Julie and Kimmy were already talking to some other dudes who had hit them up earlier so they were occupied. While I kept the coversation going with this dude, Miranda casually mentioned that she wanted to eat "pancakes" for round 2. "Miranda, is everything okay?" I asked. She immediately responded by saying that she needs to use the restroom because she does not feel good and wanted me to tag along with her. I immediately tell the guy that I need to help her out and so I head over to the bathroom with Miranda.

I slowly ask Miranda if everything is okay, she immediately says, "Pearl, don't you see the vibes that this guy is giving?" Something is definitely off and I don't feel right about this. We need to leave like right now. I brushed her off casually saying, "Miranda, you gotta relax a little bit." I said. Watching all that criminal minds and crime documentaries has definitely made you super crazy and paranoid. Miranda sighs. C'mon Pearl, it's so obvious. First off, he's alone and he doesn't even have a drink or anything. He's obviously here for something and it's definitely not karaoke. Me being a benefit of the doubt type of chick, I say," C'mon Miranda give the guy a break". What's the worst that's gonna happen? Finally we go back to our table and the guy is still there waiting for us. He told me that his car actually won't start and that he has a friend who really needs is help but he has no way of getting there. He asks if I can help him jumpstart his car and I tell him, "Uhm, I actually don't really know how to fix cars." He says," It's okay, I just need someone to help me keep the lid open while I check the car out.

Without hesitation I proceed to go follow him to the parking lot to his car. Miranda follows behind me to make sure everything is good. Within the next 30min we are working on getting his car to start and when it does finally start I tell him, "Well, I'm glad that I was able to help you out". Hope everything goes well with your friend. Then suddenly I feel a sharp blow to my head and it all goes black after that.

After a little while, I finally gain consciousness and when I notice that I don't know where I'm at, I look around to see if my friends are with me. They are definitely not there. All there is around me is a white desk with a toilet and some snacks. I see the guy walking towards me, lemonade in one hand and taser in the other, giving me the most creepy smile I've ever seen in my life. Even creepier than the ones serial killers give in the shows and movies I've seen.

The mystery man finally starts to speak to me, in a tone that just sends chills down my spine. "Oh Pearl, you should always think twice before giving every single person the benefit of the doubt because not everyone is as nice as your little friends here." Just wait till you see the present I have prepared for you and your friends. You guys are going to love this. Then I see a sliding door across the hall and I see all my friends tied up and screaming for help.

"Help!" Somebody! Anybody! Please help!! cried Miranda and Julie.

"Call 911!" Kimmy shouts.

Me having a background in Taekwondo, I lift up with the chair I'm tied to and finally kick this guy's ass and am able to retrieve his cell phone to call the cops.

After about 10 minutes, the cops finally show up and we try to tell them as much details as possible because our memories were still hazy from the night before. After doing a toxicology report, turns out that this guy had slipped some ecstasy into our drinks while we weren't looking and that's why we didn't remember a thing since last night. The guy actually got away right before the cops got there so he's still on the run out there but we were able to get a composite sketch to the cops so they have an APB out for this guy and his car.

Moral of the story is to make sure that you never leave your drink unattended, especially at a bar where there are potential predators waiting to take their next victim for god knows what.

I would like to dedicate this story to my OG girl gang. Y'all are seriously amazing and I am blessed to have met each one of you and I can't wait to grow old with y'all and laugh about our lives later with our kids and families. Love you guys forvever.

Pearl Choe
Pearl Choe
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