The New York Adventure of Toni Cipriani and the Arachnid Kid

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"The web shooter brought the mobster to the roof of one of the skyscrapers to discuss the current state of emergency the New York had been in at that very moment."

The New York Adventure of Toni Cipriani and the Arachnid Kid

“The mobster’s plan to organize the underworlds mercenaries, and gain the political power to change history definitely was at stake to Toni Cipriani and the legacy of his family tree. With super enhanced people getting into turf wars all around New York City with criminals and crime lords of all kinds, Toni knew he had to begin strategizing differently. A few vigilantes in particular were known to have some pretty spectacular and daring powers. Perhaps one day Toni Cipriani could exploit these power through specific means. The TV in Toni's small one bedroom apartment showed white and blue collared workers gathered by the masses on the New York streets were to start a strike outside the industrial research facility known as Green Tangerine Industries. The owner of the industries named Norman Osborn, had built up commotion which caused a protest at first among the citizens of Hell's Kitchen, yet now it has turned to the citizens of Yonkers, New York.”

When Toni Cipriani got the call his home girl Maria needed a ride to her dealer for some "Pure sugar cane," as she called it on the phone, he never would have imagined the fictitious turn of events that would occur next. The drug dealers managed disguise themselves as opposition, and kidnapped Mia as soon as she got out of Toni's black matte sports car. As Toni chased after the drug dealers, it wasn't until the multiple rear ended car crashes that caused the drug dealers vehicle to stop. As both cars came to a halt, this was the moment in which intense action happened to pick up. The drug dealers stepped out without thought when Toni Cipriani came from around their vehicle and sprayed them to death with his automatic shotgun. As Maria exited the banged up car rental, the NYPD had swiftly swooped in to stop the two mobsters as soon as the violent commotion stopped. Toni begin unloading shell after shell on the police officer cruisers without thought. Before he knew it, Toni had become invaded by armored SWAT vehicles and spotlight choppers.

The adrenaline began speeding up Toni's blood as he knew his only chance of getting out alive with Maria would be his street racing skills. With his home girl Maria mentally still intact after almost facing a series of unfortunate events with the kidnapping drug dealers, Toni knew this could have been his last moments with Maria in fact. Although not particularly fond of the girl, Toni still had a strange love for Maria. There had been a telepathic connection between the two mobsters, for the idea of Maria grabbing Toni’s customized automatic shotgun manifested itself into the hands of Maria. And in that same moment as her screech of pure rage and agony called out of Maria's mouth, her shotgun sprayed explosive shells Toni had stashed in the glove compartment all over the NYPD cruisers. This caused the chase to give out for a small window of time, suddenly, the mobsters car was strung together by some type of metallic webbing, and the strength of the user lifted the car into the air and off the road. The black matte sports car was completely wrecked and on its side in an alley, far away from the New York militia hunting the cop killer, Toni Cipriani. Grabbing Toni by his coat jacket the web shooter brought the mobster to the roof of one of the skyscrapers to discuss the current state of emergency New York had been in at that very moment. Confused and disoriented by the way the web shooter handled his sports vehicle, Toni didn’t know what to make of the vigilante in front of him. The vigilante in front of Toni Cipriani had an athletic character, sporting yellow goggles over a red hoodie. Also, the hoodie had an arachnid symbol on the chest piece.

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