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The Murder of Ryan Poston

Shayna Hubers killed Ryan after an 18-month courtship

By True Crime WriterPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Ryan Poston and Shayna Hubers appeared to be the perfect couple. He was a promising attorney while Shayna attended the University of Kentucky- Lexington, majoring in Psychology. She would later graduate cume laude. The reality was much different than it appeared, however. The two shared an on-again, off-again romance for 18-months, often arguing over trivial matters.

The pair met on Facebook in 2011 after Poston stumbled across her profile. He was taken aback by her stunning photos and sent her a friend request. The couple immediately hit it off, though arguments filled many of the days and nights the couple shared.

Hubers Shoots Poston Six Times

On October 12, 2012, Hubers shot Poston six times after an argument, claiming she fired the gun in self-defense. Police stated every area of his body contained a bullet. The crime scene did not indicate a disturbance, leading police to suspect Hubers murdered Poston in cold blood.

At the time of the murder, the two had separated. Poston had a date with Miss Ohio USA 2012, Audrey Bolte that evening.

A Bolte

Hubers dialed 911 after shooting Poston. She told them she shot in self-defense but began incriminating herself the more she spoke to the dispatcher.

“Because he was twitching and I knew he was going to die anyway—and he was making funny noises—I shot him a couple more times,” Hubers said. “He was twitching so bad, and I didn’t want to watch him lay there and twitch.”

Police Interrogate Hubers

Police brought Hubers to the police station. Officer Dave Fornash interrogated her. She initially stated that she wanted an attorney but began to share details of the murder. Officer Fornash stated Hubers appeared unremorseful and made several morbid jokes about the murder, including telling officers “I shot him right there (pointing at her nose.) I gave him the nose job he always wanted.”

Police left the interrogation room and Hubers behavior got stranger. She danced around the room, singing and snapping her fingers.

Hubers was charged with murder.

Trial & Conviction

At her April 2015 trial, Hubers claimed Poston was violent toward her while the prosecution argued that she was obsessed with the attorney, sending 50 to 100 texts per day in some cases.

The jury did not believe Hubers abuse claims and found her guilty of murder. Judge Fred A. Stine sentenced her to 40-years behind bars with no parole eligibility for the first 34 years.

Retrial; Life in Prison

In 2016, the conviction was overturned when it became known that a convicted felon was part of the jury team that found Hubers guilty. This is against Kentucky law. She claimed domestic violence and self-defense under the direction of a new lawyer for her retrial.

A psychologist testified that she suffered from PTSD and borderline personality disorder and claimed the emotional abuse and distress caused by Poston led to her violent act of murder.

The prosecution brought forward witnesses who testified that Hubers sent them a text message joking that she wanted to “accidentally '' shoot Poston at a gun range. Another witness testified that she heard Hubers telling a coworker that she was going to kill her boyfriend.

Hubers was convicted of murder a second time on August 28, 2018. She was sentenced to life in prison. She married a transgender woman named Unique Taylor but filed for divorce in 2019. She currently serves her time at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women.

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