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The MONSTER in her bedroom was real..

In the quiet town of Hartford

By Moses MukukaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

In the quiet town of Hartford, Wisconsin, the Blodgett family lived a seemingly idyllic life. Buck and Joy, deeply in love, had embraced the joyous news of Joy's pregnancy. Their excitement reached new heights when Joy discovered she was pregnant, and the couple couldn't believe the incredible blessing that awaited them. This joyous anticipation would culminate in the birth of their daughter, Jessie, a momentous occasion celebrated at home, surrounded by the warmth of family, a midwife, and the soothing presence of Buck's mother.

As Jessie entered their lives, Buck and Joy found themselves instantly enamored with their newborn daughter. Little did they know that this modest two-story home in Hartford, Wisconsin, would become the backdrop for the unfolding story of Jessie's life, with its peaks of happiness and, tragically, the abyss of unspeakable darkness.

Growing up, Jessie demonstrated exceptional talents in music, showcasing her brilliance as a singer, pianist, and violinist. Jacqueline Knights, one of her close friends, fondly remembered having to shout just to grab Jessie's attention, as she was perpetually immersed in the melody of the piano. However, Jessie's allure extended beyond her musical prowess. Her early years sparked a passion for justice, a fervent defender of animal rights, environmental causes, sustainability, and social justice. With a mature outlook that belied her age, Jessie graduated from high school in 2012, leaving an indelible mark on her peers, teachers, and parents.

Post-graduation, Jessie set her sights on a mission to change the world. She aspired to become a choir director, envisioning a future where she could impart wisdom and mentorship to young minds. In the fall of 2012, she ventured to the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, enrolling in the musical education program. Excelling in her freshman year, Jessie even secured a talent scholarship, a testament to her remarkable abilities.

Returning home to Hartford for the summer, Jessie's industrious spirit refused to relent. Instead of indulging in the leisure of a vacation, she embarked on a journey to kickstart her musical education career. In a matter of weeks, she established her own business, imparting voice, piano, and violin lessons to eager students. When not teaching, she collaborated with her friend Dan Bartelt, creating original music that resonated with their shared passion.

One notable summer event was Jessie's casting as the fiddler in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Schauer Arts Center. The musical's opening night, July 12th, was met with a packed audience, witnessing Jessie's stellar performance. The next day, after a successful Saturday performance, Jessie and her castmates celebrated with a pool party at a fellow cast member's house.

However, the festive atmosphere took a dark turn for Jessie. Uncomfortable encounters with two older cast members left her visibly upset. When she returned home that night, the unease lingered, prompting a brief but unresolved conversation with her mother, Joy. Little did they know that this discomfort foreshadowed a tragedy that would shatter their world.

On the morning of July 15th, a day meant for teaching music to her students, Jessie's life came to an abrupt end. The routine was disrupted when Joy discovered her lifeless body, prompting a frantic call to 911. The police, arriving swiftly, examined Jessie's body and identified marks consistent with strangulation. This was no natural death; it was a homicide.

As the investigation unfolded, the initial suspects were ruled out. Yet, a breakthrough came when a young woman named Melissa Richards survived a vicious attack by a man named Daniel Bartelt. The details of Daniel's assault on Melissa, coupled with his internet search history revealing a morbid fascination with violence, sent shockwaves through the investigators.

Despite Daniel's denial of involvement in Jessie's murder, his lies unraveled during questioning. His sinister plan to emulate a disturbing snuff film had led to the attack on Melissa and raised grave suspicions about his potential role in Jessie's death. The tape found at the scene suggested a sinister intent to abduct Melissa, a fate she narrowly escaped.

In the heartbreakingly interconnected web of tragedy, the town of Hartford grappled with the loss of Jessie Blodgett and the chilling revelation of a dark force lurking within the community. As investigations continued, a community once united by the melodies of Jessie's music now stood together in mourning, grappling with the sinister shadows cast upon their lives.

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