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By Arunkumar VijayarajPublished about a year ago 3 min read
cant see it

Respected readers here i have published a story about a mirror and its mistery in a way that everyone understands.You all have already read or seen movies with mirror as a main one here you will experience a different storyline than that of any other one you have read.lets me explain the story,

The Antique Shop

The antique shop was a place of wonder and mystery, filled with old clocks, vintage jewelry, and antique lamps. Among the treasures, a large, ornate mirror with an intricately carved wooden frame caught Katie's attention. She couldn't resist purchasing it.

The Unusual Reflection

Upon hanging the mirror in her bedroom, Katie noticed something peculiar. Every time she looked into the mirror, she saw a different reflection. Sometimes, it was her own face, while other times, she saw someone else's. Occasionally, she even saw things that were not there, such as shadows or figures lurking in the background.

The Nightmare

Katie began to have vivid nightmares. In these dreams, she found herself trapped in a dark room, with the large mirror looming over her. Every time she attempted to escape, she was transported back to the room, where she was forced to stare into the mirror. Each time, the reflection was different - a face twisted in terror, a hand reaching out to grab her.

The Investigation

Katie decided to delve into the history of the mirror. She discovered that it was an antique crafted by a master artisan in the 1800s. However, she also learned that it had a dark past. Over the years, it had been owned by a series of individuals who had all met tragic ends, whether through accidents, illnesses, or even suicide.

The Intruder

One night, Katie was awakened by a loud noise. Upon investigating, she found that her apartment had been broken into, and the mirror had been destroyed. She couldn't fathom why someone would go to such lengths to vandalize the antique.

Chapter 6: The Stalker

As time passed, Katie became increasingly paranoid. She had the distinct feeling that she was being watched, and heard footsteps in the hallway at night. She even spotted a shadowy figure outside her apartment. However, the police found no evidence of a break-in and suggested that Katie's fears were unfounded.

The Encounter

One night, Katie decided to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a baseball bat, she waited in the hallway for the stalker to appear. When the figure materialized, Katie swung the bat, hitting the mirror the intruder was carrying. The mirror shattered, and the stalker vanished.

The Truth

The police arrived to investigate and discovered that the stalker was, in fact, a man who had been monitoring Katie for months. He had been using the mirror to spy on her every move, and when he realized that she was catching on to him, he attempted to destroy the antique to cover his tracks.

The Aftermath

The ordeal left Katie deeply shaken. She moved out of her apartment and sold the broken mirror back to the antique shop. Nonetheless, she could not shake the feeling that the mirror was still out there, waiting to ensnare another victim.

The Conclusion

Years later, a new owner of the antique shop came across the shattered mirror in the back room. He restored it to its former glory and put it back on the shelf. Once again, the mirror began to reveal bizarre reflections, serving as a warning to anyone who dared to gaze too closely.


About the Creator

Arunkumar Vijayaraj

I love story telling and always prefers write and establish knowldege to others.Am a fun loving always be cool type of person.hmm enna solluradhu

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