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The little turtle broke out of its shell

The little turtle broke out of its shell

By Alfred PokuPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

A poor young man wandered to Paris, and expected his father's friend, Uncle Charles, to help him find a living. Are you good at math? "Asked Charles. The young man shook his head shyly." What about historical geography? "The young man shook his head sheepishly." What about the law? "The young man hung his head in embarrassment. Charles kept asking, and the young man could only shake his head and tell him that he seemed to have nothing good in him, not even the slightest good in him. Then write down your address, and I'll find something for you. ' 'said Charles at last. The young man shyly wrote down his name and address, and turned to go, but Charles stopped him: "You write your name beautifully, that is your merit." Writing a good name is a plus? The young man saw the answer in the other's eyes. I can write the name to be praised, then I can write beautiful words, can write beautiful words, I can write the article beautiful... .. ... The encouraged young man, little by little, magnified his advantages, and his steps immediately relaxed. A few years later, the young man did write world-renowned classic works. The young man was Alexandre Dumas, the famous French writer of the 18th century.

One day, the little panda is very unhappy because it receives a present. The little rooster asks: "Little panda, what's wrong with you?" The little panda says, "I received an apple, but I don't like it." However, the little hedgehog is not happy, it also received a gift. The cat asked, "Hedgehog, what's wrong with you?" Little hedgehog said: "I received a bamboo shoot, I don't like to eat." Later, the little rooster said to the little panda: "Then you can give it to the little hedgehog ah, it likes to eat." Red panda a pat on the forehead, said: "Yes! Why didn't I think of that?" With that, he took the apple to the hedgehog's house and was about to knock when the door opened. Originally, the little hedgehog with bamboo shoots is going to the red panda home!

On a beautiful beach, the turtle mother laid her eggs with sand gently buried, buried while looking around, afraid others know it hid the eggs here. Seeing that there were no other animals around, the mother turtle quietly hid in the grass and waited for her baby to come out of her shell. A crocodile crawled onto the sand and pulled. Mother turtle thought: this egg thief, dare to hurt my child. She was about to stop the crocodile when it swam quickly into the river. Mother Turtle sadly cried, she reluctantly left the beach. A few days later, the crocodile climbed onto the beach and waited. After a while, a small crocodile from the sand climbed out. Doubt it? Why did the little crocodile crawl out of the beach? Mother turtle understood: the original crocodile is also egg-laying, crocodile mother after laying eggs with sand buried. And I was wrong about mother alligator. She fell asleep thinking about it. After a while, a small turtle also broke out of the shell, they look east and west to see, the world is full of curiosity. The turtles see the crocodiles around their mother, and they miss their mother, too. They asked each other: "Where is our mother?" Together they climbed to the mother crocodile. "Mother Crocodile, have you seen our mother? Where is she?" Mother crocodile kindly said: "Yes, your mother has a shell on her back. Look around, good boy!" "Thank you, Mother Crocodile!" The little turtles climbed away happily. A large crab came from the opposite side, followed by a small crab. The little turtles saw the shell of the crab, they went up and shouted: "Mom! Mother!"


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