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The Kidnapping

by Ray Stuart 11 months ago in fiction
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The Kidnapping

Brother and Sister known as Tom and Sarah. Both had serious problems. Tom had huge gambling debts and Sarah was having an affair with a married man who was called Alex. .Sarah's boyfriend Alex discovered that Tom was repaying his gambling debts by creaming off the profits from the families building business. Alex knew the parents had entrusted Tom and Sarah with the management of their business one last time. Especially when Tom lost a large sum of money, on one of his development plans. He also knew that the parents, would be devastated to find that Tom, had done it again and had been "cooking the books" to pay back the loss. Alex and Sarah's relationship had deteriorated, and Alex was about to end the affair. But first he decided that he would make a little bit of extra cash. Alex told Sarah that he was going to blackmail Tom, and told Sarah everything he knew. Sarah threatened to tell his wife and call Alex's bluff. Alex then turned nasty. "Tell my wife, that relationship ended years ago. However your parents will still find out what a nasty little man your brother is and that neither of you can be trusted to run the company ever again" Sarah agreed to pay the blackmail money instead of her brother. Sarah knew that if Alex tried to blackmail Tom then he would not pay, Sarah also knew that if their parents found out about Tom's deceitfulness and her affair. This would be the last straw. So Sarah was also forced to use her parents' business profits to keep Alex quiet.

Everything became far too complicated and eventually Tom discovered his sister's little secret. Sarah was forced to tell Tom what Alex was doing, and broke down in tears. Tom knew this web of deceit must end and set up a meeting with Alex to sort it out once and for all.

But first Tom must do a little bit of snooping.

Tom discovered that Alex's wife accepted that he was frequently away from home for lengthy periods. Alex liked to drink and would always arrive in taxi's.

Tom had enough information to carry out his well thought out plan and put it into action. So he arranged to meet Alex in a country pub on the outskirts of town. Alex was unaware that Tom knew about the blackmail and they chatted away in their normal friendly manner. Alex drank quickly and steadily, Tom was drinking non alcohol lager and Alex was drinking lager. Time flew by and as Tom bought Alex his fourth pint, he laced it with Valium, Tom announced:

"Well its time for me to go, can I drop you off anywhere Alex?"

Alex replied "yeah sure - could you drop me off in town? It's too early for me to go home and I'm in the mood to party!"

Alex climbed into Tom's car and by the time they reached the town centre Tom could see that Alex was asleep and snoring like a drunken old man.

Tom drove out into the countryside beyond, down the narrow country lanes, under a bright, moonlit sky. He arrived at a heavily wooded area and parked the car, well concealed from the road. Bending over Alex, he removed his mobile phone, keys, wallet and shoes, lifting him carefully from the car. He then carried Alex over his shoulder and through the woods like a fireman.

Tom parted the bushes revealing a circular hole approximately two feet in diameter and seven feet deep which he had prepared earlier. He placed Alex carefully into the hole, head first, his arms firmly by his side. He collected a shovel and a five litre plastic container full of water from the car, returning again to the deep hole containing Alex's body.

Tom picked up a bag full of earth, emptying part of it into the hole together with water from the container, and packed the earth firmly down around Alex who had started to wake but was unable to move, his legs kicking frantically but his screams muffled by the muddy earth. Tom repeated the process until the hole was almost full and Alex had stopped moving altogether. Tom walked through the woods and found the small shrub identified earlier, dug it up and moved it carefully to Alex's deep, vertical grave. He placed the shrub over Alex's feet and covered the roots with more soil, adding water like an experienced gardener. Tom was pleased that the shrub looked as if it had always been there. Tom then refilled the shrubs vacant hole.

Tom returned to his car, glanced up towards the now cloudy sky praying the forecast for heavy rain was correct so as to remove any sign of disturbance. As Tom drove back into town he recalled a part of the conversation, where he asked Alex if he drove to the pub and remembering the reply "Oh no, left the car at the car park next to AA Cabs, I will collect in the morning, I never drink and drive"

Tom drove to the car park and swapped cars.

The next day it rained steadily for two days, as predicted.

Sarah telephoned Alex's mobile at lunch time. To her surprise Tom answered it and arranged to meet her at the office. He explained to his sister what he had done and of his plan to retrieve all the money they had both been forced to steal from their parents' business.

Although Sarah was shocked by Tom's deeds, she was relieved her ordeal was over. Between them they had squandered around one hundred thousand pounds.

Sarah listened intently and discovered that she was about to be kidnapped. Tom told Sarah part of the plan, which was to hide Sarah at a secluded, disused cottage where she would play two roles, one of the kidnapper and the other as the kidnapped. Tom explained she would carry a rucksack containing weights and wear Alex's shoes, walking in and around the cottage each day leaving muddy footprints, intended to fool the police into believing they belonged to a person of Alex's height and weight. He also would need to collect Alex's hair samples from her home, enabling Tom to place these at the scene of the crime ready for DNA testing. Tom then told Sarah she should leave the cottage at a prearranged time and walk to the police station, disposing of the rucksack and shoes in separate dustbins en route. Her brother told her that on entering the police station she would claim that Alex kidnapped her just after she telephoned him on his mobile phone ending their affair. She should tell the police Alex pleaded with her to meet him and she agreed, whereupon Alex drove her to the cottage and tied her up. Then on Wednesday night Alex returned and freed her telling her that he was leaving the country as his plan had been successful. Sarah understood the plan fully. Both of them rehearsed and where ready.

As they both left the office and got into Alex's car. Tom said he would purchase some tinned food and water to take with her using Alex's credit card. After purchasing the necessary supplies and driving towards the cottage Tom noticed that the speed camera was drawing near. "Put your head down now" Tom quickly shouted, as he flipped the sun visor down. There was a flash and bingo, this places Alex's car at the scene bang on time. Tom put on Alex's shoes and escorted Sarah to the old cottage.

On Monday morning Tom visited his doctor complaining of excruciating pains, requiring his doctor to send him to hospital for tests. Once in hospital Tom continued with the false symptoms and was admitted for forty eight hours. Tom was eventually in bed on a ward but could move freely around the hospital whilst awaiting the blood tests. He then got dressed in the toilets and left the hospital, the staff assuming he was either in the TV lounge or having a cigarette.

Tom drove to the disused cottage, using Alex's car and got another speeding ticket. Then he telephoned his parents using a voice disguiser, claiming he had kidnapped their daughter and requesting two hundred thousand pounds in unmarked bills to be placed at a particular location, in a few days time. This allowed his parents time to collect the cash. Tom refused their request to talk to Sarah. Tom then returned to the hospital after placing the voice disguiser and Alex's mobile phone in the glove compartment of Alex's car. His parents contacted the police.

Tom rushed back to the hospital, changed back into his pyjamas and telephoned his parents informing them that he was in hospital for tests. At this juncture they told Tom that his sister had been kidnapped. Tom played his part perfectly, acting angrily yet upset and concerned. Tom told them to do exactly as the kidnapper said.

Tom returned to the TV room of the hospital. Approximately two hours later the police came in to question him about his sister's disappearance. Tom told them she was seeing a married man and gave them the name of her lover. The police left in order to interview Alex.

Sarah woke up after her second uncomfortable night, put on Alex's shoes and rucksack, walking around the interior and the outside of the disused cottage. Sarah was following the plan perfectly, but was very bored.

Tom woke up Tuesday morning in hospital and thought about his sister, hoping she was following his instructions. He was concerned about the tests he would have to endure that day, but he knew it would be worth it.

The police continued their investigation and discovered through telephone records that Alex's phone had been used to tell Sarah's parents about her kidnapping. His credit cards had been used. But still there was no sign of him. A warrant for his arrest was issued.

Wednesday afternoon arrived and Tom was ready for the next stage. The doctor had returned with his test results which were negative. However they explained that it would be best for him to stay a further night for observation. Tom reluctantly agreed.

Just as before Tom got dressed and left the hospital, returning to the same place, telephoning once again using the voice changer purchased with Alex's credit card. Tom put on the same phoney accent and told Sarah's parents to place the money in a sports bag and take it to the disused railway line on the outskirts of town, placing the bag under the bridge by the stream. Sarah's parents knew this spot as they often walked their dog in that vicinity. They were also warned about the consequences if the police where involved.

The time had arrived, the police were informed of the location and all was set up. Both parents and police went to the location to drop off the money.

Tom was now ready for action. The police and Sarah's parents arrived at the drop off point. Tom then travelled to his parents' house which he broke into stealing a valuable painting worth around a quarter of a million pounds. Tom then drove Alex's car and parked it in the train station car park. As he walked into the station he placed the painting into one of the luggage lockers and disposed of the keys in a rubbish bin.

All other items belonging to Alex where left in the car, with all finger prints removed.

He arrived back at the hospital after taking a taxi. Tom quickly changed back into hospital clothes and sat in the TV room. At 9:45pm. A nurse came in and told him that there was a telephone call for him. He took the call which was from his parents, insisting he should not worry and explaining what was happening, promising to phone him again after they got his sister back.

The police and Parents waited for over two hours and it was well after midnight when a call came in from the police station that Sarah had walked into their station claiming she'd been kidnapped. The police and parents were confused as the money had not been removed.

Sarah kept to her story and as planned had disposed of the props on the way to the police station. Tom was notified and was happy to hear his sister was safe and well.

The police sent detectives and forensic experts to the cottage and were pleased that Sarah was willing to accompany them despite her ordeal.

All the evidence pointed to Alex beyond reasonable doubt. Airports and Ports were notified to look for Alex.

Tom and Sarah's parents and the police went back to the family home to discover a valuable painting had been stolen.

Thursday had arrived and Sarah had enjoyed a night's sleep at her parents' home. Tom was discharged from hospital and went to see her. He gave her a big hug. The parents returned to the police station to give further evidence.

Tom and Sarah confirmed there were no errors. Everything had been accomplished to perfection. Tom informed Sarah he had secured a buyer for the painting and that the money they had both lost would be returned to the business.


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