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The "Hyena of Queretaro", who was a former beauty queen.

by diego michel 2 months ago in investigation
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fell in love with a priest and massacred her three children.

Of all the horrors in the world, none compares to that of a ruthless person who annihilates the dreams of an infant, and worse, the one who murders three children in a single night, in an instant that will be able to last to show to what extent hell is on this earth and ruthless demons lurk in the corners of houses.

On Sunday, April 24, 1989, a tragic event shocked Querétaro. Its inhabitants would learn through the media of the bloody murder of 3 minors at the hands of their mother.

Hours earlier, on the night of the 23rd, Claudia Mijangos had called her friend Veronica Vazquez to tell her that she was hearing and seeing things: angels and demons who had warned her that Mazatlan had "fallen" and that "all of Queretaro was a spirit".

Vázquez told her to calm down, that everything was fine and that the next morning he would come to visit her.

When she arrived at approximately 8:00 a.m. at the house marked 408 Hacienda Vegil Street, in the Jardines de la Hacienda neighborhood, she saw a nightmarish scene.

The bloody walls warned him that something was very wrong, he walked through the house and found the body of 6-year-old Alfredito. Mijangos' youngest son lay halfway down the stairs with a pool of blood around him.

There were handprints on the walls and pools of blood on the floor. Upon seeing the horrible scene Vilchis called the police and the children's father, Alfredo Castaños.

The day before Castaños had taken his 3 children to a school kermesse, at the end of the event he had taken them back to the house where they lived with their mother and he left. For months Claudia and Alfredo had been going through a divorce, so they no longer shared a house.

The experts found two more bodies in the house, that of Claudia, the oldest daughter, 11 years old, and that of María Belén, 9 years old. María Belén was found in her room stabbed numerous times, next to her, her mother was asleep with blood on her clothes and a knife next to her.

When the police arrived, they woke her up and sent her to the hospital due to her state of shock. At the hospital, after hours when she woke up, ministerial agents began to ask her what had happened. All she said was that she had to pick up her children from school, that they should let her go. Meanwhile, the authorities held Alfredo Castaños, believing him to be responsible for the events at first. He stated what he knew. He had taken them the day before in the evening after the kermesse to the house of his mother, Claudia Mijangos.

Castaños knew more, but he didn't connect the dots. He knew that one of the reasons they were divorcing was because Claudia had fallen in love with another man.

Claudia, who studied administration and was a beauty queen in her native Sinaloa, had moved with Alfredo a few years earlier to Querétaro. She set up an exclusive women's clothing store in the center of the city with the onerous inheritance she had received due to the death of her parents, and put her children in a Catholic school, the Colegio Fray Luis de León, where to this day classes are taught by parents from the Augustinian Recollect order.

Everything was perfect. With a beautiful family, economic stability and her children growing up, it seemed that life was smiling at her, so she wanted to return to the community, some of the good things she had. Mijangos approached her children's school and offered to teach ethics and catechism classes to the students, where she met Father Ramon.

Father Ramón was a "tipazo", that's how they defined him, besides being young and kind he was very handsome. With his blue eyes and his 1.90 m height she fell in love.

Claudia became more and more distant from her husband and it was common to find her at school, in catechism classes. Father Ramón was not indifferent to her either and they began an affair. Or at least that is what versions suggest, because the school never said anything about it, but neither did it deny it, only the archdiocese of Querétaro processed the change of Father Ramón after the murders.

The director of the school, Father Rigoberto, knew about this forbidden relationship, so much so that he spoke about it with Father Ramón himself and with Claudia's husband. Father Rigoberto recommended to Alfredo that he be the one to keep custody of the children, not their mother.

Because of all this complication, Father Ramon decided to end the relationship. Claudia did not take it well. She looked for him, she followed him, Father Rigoberto would say years later.

Claudia then began to talk about hearing voices, that they were angels telling her that they had to be together. She never gave up hope of being with Father Ramón.

On April 23, when Alfredo returned his children to the house, he and Claudia had a very strong argument. She told him that she knew about the affair she was having with the father and reproached him for it, yet he wanted to return to her.

She did not deny the affair, instead, she defended the love she had for Father Ramon. The neighbors heard the screams but did not intervene. Alfredo withdrew.

The next morning, inside the house there was a scene that looked like something out of a horror movie. The living room floor and the stairs leading upstairs were stained with blood, as was the hallway between the master bedroom, little Alfredo's bedroom, the girls' bedroom and the bathroom.

In the early morning of April 24, the voices inside the head of the former beauty queen did not stop talking to her, they told her that her children were demons that prevented her from being with Father Ramon. She killed them.

Mijangos was interrogated and did not remember what happened, she seemed not to know the final destiny of her children. According to the interrogation, she was delirious saying that her children were sleeping and she had to prepare breakfast, then she changed the anguish for having to go to school to pick them up.

After the investigations, the psychological problems she presented were noticed, so it was determined, after some studies, that at the time of the tragedy Claudia Mijangos was in the middle of a psychotic episode.

The house where the tragic murders occurred was for years the scene of satanic rituals until the house was completely boarded up. the judge imposed the highest sentence that can be handed down in this type of case, 30 years.


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