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by Harry Doggett 13 days ago in fiction


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The next morning, he wakes up at 6:00am and is all stiff and sore from the accident and engagement with Slade’s bodyguards. He gets up, gets dressed for work, and walks out to Felix, eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. As Henry enters the kitchen, Felix looks up and meets Henry’s gaze.

“Henry, you, okay? What happened?” asks Felix, with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah, just a little banged up from the accident, but I’m fine.” Henry tells Felix about the accident, and Felix’s face is full of worry and shock.

“Why did he try to kill you if Slade wants you alive, and why does Slade want you alive?” asks Felix.

“I’ve been asked that a few times, man. I want to figure that out myself.”

“Just be careful, man. Don’t want to lose my brother,” says Felix. Henry sees a sad, worried look on Felix’s face.

“I will, bro. I promise I will be careful and try my best to come back. We can’t be Felix and Henry and the Power Bros without both of us,” said Henry cracking a smile at Felix.

Felix pours Henry a cup of coffee as Henry pours himself a bowl of cereal. They both watch the news and read the newspaper as the news talked about Henry’s “accident.” The news describes it as a car accident that ended in a dispute and showed footage of Slade’s bodyguard being found and bagged up. Both Henry and Felix had worried, stern looks on their faces.

“Damn Henry. That must’ve been scary to be up against someone like that,” said Felix.

“A bit. That’s why I was trained at the academy. To be able to stand up against bigger and/or more experienced fighters,” Henry replies. The clock reached 7:00am, and Henry got up to leave for work.

“Later, Felix,” says Henry. Henry folded his newspaper and put his cereal bowl and coffee mug in the dishwasher.

“Later, bro,” replies Felix. Henry grabs his badge and keys as he heads out of the apartment. Since his car got wrecked, he takes a cab to work. As soon as Henry got to the station, he went to his desk to do more research on what the news said. He needed to find out why all this was happening, and why now? Flint arrived shortly thereafter and sat at his desk. He and Henry chatted more about the incident as he saw Henry looking at the news to figure something out.

“You okay, Henry?” asked Flint.

“Yeah,” replied Henry. “Just trying to figure out all this. It doesn’t make sense.”

“What doesn’t make sense?” asked Flint, confused.

“Why Slade has watched me, then one of his bodyguards follows me and tries to kill me if he wants me alive. It doesn’t make sense to me,” says Henry. After doing some more research on Slade and his past as well. Chief Delgado calls Henry into his office.

“Stone! Come into my office, please.” Henry and Flint look at each other as Henry gets up and heads to Chief Delgado’s office.

“Yes, sir. Be right there,” replies Henry.

“Good luck, Henry,” said Flint. Henry turns back to Flint.

“Thanks, man. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad,” says Henry. Henry walks into Chief Delgado’s office and takes a seat in front of his desk. Chief Delgado looks at Henry.

“How are you feeling, detective? Yesterday was intense.”

“I’m fine, sir. Just banged up and sore, but not bad. Thanks for asking,” Henry replies.

“I’m sorry for what happened. Your car is in the shop, and I got a replacement car till then for you to use. Just to home and back,” says Chief Delgado.

“How is Zeus?” asked Henry.

“He is fine. He will be kept in the kennels while you remain here to do intelligence work till this whole Slade issue is resolved and blows over,” replied Chief Delgado.

“What?” said Henry in shock and with a disappointed look on his face. Chief Delgado returned a look of sorriness on his face.

“I am demoting you and placing you on probation,” says Chief Delgado. Henry starts to look mad. “You will only be at this station each day till you leave to go home. I will make sure you go home and stay there.” Henry was on the verge of exploding, with his face becoming redder by the second.

“That is unfair! I have worked my ass off at this job. Was at the top of my class at the academy. I work overtime and have stocked up hours that equal the amount of three civilian jobs of 40 hours in two weeks. You know how many that is?” asked Henry to Chief Delgado. “That’s at least 120 hours in two weeks, if not more. I am the best detective in this precinct and sector. I didn’t ask for what happened last night. I was minding my own business, trying to get home. Slade’s bodyguard followed and hit me on purpose.” Henry started to breathe heavily from all his anger.

“I am sorry, detective. Slade runs a lot of this city. He’s rich, powerful, and has eyes everywhere,” Chief Delgado answers, sounding even sadder. “He can take my job and make the precinct suffer, and crime take over. I want to help you, but I need to put the city first. Slade just called. He’s angry and threatened to end my job. The mayor is on his payroll, so he controls the city. Slade is on the way now and will be here soon.”

“Slade said that he paid for my college, the academy, and made it possible for me to move up the ladder so quickly to become a detective,” says Henry. Chief Delgado looked back at Henry. “Is that true?” Chief Delgado looked down with guilt. After gathering his composure, he told Henry the truth.

“Yes, Slade did. But that’s not why you moved up. You worked hard, were exceptional at the academy, and helped those that needed it the most so they would pass and succeed in their dreams too. You deserve your promotions and perks. But being threatened as I am, I have to do what is best and necessary for the others in this precinct,” says Chief Delgado.

“So, you are complying with his orders instead of standing up for yourself? That is no different than negotiating with a terrorist,” said Henry. “Fine, I will work at a desk. But if I am right and Slade or his men have anything to do with the murder of Katie Fallon, an innocent girl, it will be on you, and I will have to do what I must. I promised her parents I would help them. All the evidence and clues point to Slade’s club. Someone there is responsible. I will one day figure out who and why.” Henry gets up and places his detective badge on Chief Delgado’s desk, and leaves angrily. Henry walks back to his desk and sits down, and lays back in his chair.

“You okay, Henry?” asks Flint.

“No, Flint. I am not okay,” replies Henry.

“What happened in there?” asked Flint.

“I got demoted. I have to remain at my desk, and am no longer a detective in the field, and they are keeping Zeus in the kennels,” says Henry. Flint looks at Henry in disgust.

“Really, man? That’s not fair,” says Flint.

“Yeah, and it’s because of yesterday’s incident. Slade is mad and threatened Chief Delgado, so now I am paying the price,” said Henry sitting back in his chair taking a deep breath. “One day, I will figure out who killed Katie even if I lose my job.”

“Let me know if I can help. I believe you,” said Flint.

“Thanks, Flint.”

Henry and Flint fist bump and go back to work. Soon after, Slade and four of his bodyguards arrive at the precinct. They walk into Chief Delgado’s office. Slade looks at Henry smiling evilly, and Henry meets his gaze with an angry look on his face. Slade goes into the office as his bodyguards follow. After about an hour, they come out of the office. Slade looks at Henry as he walks towards Henry’s desk.

“Henry,” says Slade smiling evilly once again.

“Slade,” replies Henry looking back angrily. Slade leaves with his bodyguards, and they all look back at Henry with dirty looks. Chief Delgado looks at Henry. When they meet eyes, Chief Delgado goes back into his office with a sad look on his face.

The next two days were hell for Henry. From the moment he got in his new car from his apartment till he got back in after work, he is watched and followed by another officer. The anger of the Fallon case not being solved bothered Henry. He can’t sleep at night, knowing the Fallon’s will never know what happened to their daughter.



Harry Doggett

Hi! I'm Harry and 24 years old. I am trying out being a writer. I like to write murder mystery and fantasy stories. If you like what you read, please spread the word around for others to view my work. Tips are appreciated for future works.

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Harry Doggett
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