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The Disney Cruise, conspiracy

by Dr. Dillion Veck about a year ago in investigation

Does this disappearance prove Disney cruise is really the darkest boat on earth

So as you know you know my profile is about conspiracies, I love them, really very interesting all of them, and I love bringing them to you dear reader... today’s article is gonna focus around the happiest place on earth, or rather the happiest boats on earth, the Disney cruise line...... (Disclaimer this one does get pretty heavy on the what the possibilities are).

In 2011 24 year old and worker on the cruise line, Rebecca coriam vanished while working on a Disney cruise ship which was off the coast of Mexico. Rebecca by all accounts was a living her dream working as a member of the cruise staff Disney wonder, Now we all know Disney has been involved in a lot of iffy things and are not exactly to go ahead with getting there image anything other than this perfect child friendly place. They checked the security footage and Rebecca was last seen at 5:45am talking to someone on the phone clearly distressed, a young man walks up to her and asks if she was ok which she replied that she was then proceeded to hang up the phone (which obviously by the footage she was anything but) and so then she pushed her hair backwards and puts her hands into her back pocket and walked away, towards the ships medical center, and According to her parents the actions she did WAS something she would do when she was feeling distressed. The crew searched the entire boat but came up emtpy handed and even the coast guard and Mexican navy exploded the vast open waters only to (like the crew) come up empty. They did this because it was a popular theory that she went overboard from a rouge wave despite the 6ft high barriers preventing this and the fact that a wave would have had to be at least 110ft tall to do this as she was on the 1st floor (oh ya totally nobody would have noticed this tall of a wave or the boat would have not been impacted in anyway, ya how was this even a theory!!!!!!!).

So it wasn’t until three days past and a private investigator flew to the ship, and so now according to Disney the investigator he had interviewed all of the people Rebecca has worked with, and got there day collections of her items, and analyzed footage and talked to a few passengers this all was said to have taken a few days (all good work right.....well not exactly) as after meeting with the detective he then told rebeccas parents that it was in actuality he only took ONE DAY and only interviewed a few of her co-workers and NO passengers, so already we have Disney covering up what happened with the investigation-simply to make it look better... not a good start Disney. Now this leads me and many others to believe that Disney is trying to cover something bigger up I mean why would they lie about the actions took on investigation?, now there are a few theories as to what could have happened to her and this is were we will be dealing with some complex stuff, theory one is that she killed herself, now by all accounts from her family, friends, and even her co-workers Rebecca was a very upbeat and happy gal but based on the footage that wasn’t the case, but what could have caused her such distress???.

Well when reviewing the footage there was one thing that many people (even the P.I.) missed and that was the fact Rebecca had on men’s clothing but why I hear a lot of you asking “but why is this weird could have just belonged to her boyfriend”, well ya that is a good question except, Rebecca was a lesbian who actually had herself a girlfriend on the ship, but if the clothing didn’t go to either of them then who did they???????. Well rebecca’s Girlfriend had a boyfriend, now her girlfriend wanted Rebecca to engage in a threesome with her and her boyfriend and despite a lot of hesitation Rebecca agreed of course it is widely speculated that she never truly wanted to and so after this was done she was left feeling so bad and so down about herself she took the mans clothes and well she went to the edge of the ship and then jumped....

Ok so now here is the part were I take flaw with this theory, why did Disney cover it up if this happened then they certainly would have had the video so why not show it to the video and avoid all this mess?? Because I think and MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY others think theory two is more correct of to happened and that is that she was.....rape/murder. So who would do it and why?, well it is widely thought that it had to relate to the love triangle, remember when I said that it’s believed she didn’t wanna participate in the threeway, well it’s believed among the believers of this theory that the boyfriend caught her and they forced her into it, now there is actual evidence of a struggle as her favorite pare of shorts that she always worn were given back to her family but they had a very large hole ripped right in the crotch area suggesting some kind of struggle. So theory goes that she was forced into doing this and when it was over she felt so violated that she left the room and her gf called her and begged her not to tell anyone what her boyfriend and her had just done and maybe Rebecca decides that she is gonna tell somebody so tells her girlfriend she is gonna tell somebody, now this would clearly mean a huge blow to her girlfriend and her boyfriends careers and legal issues and a huge negative blow to there image for Disney so maybe the two panicked and they caught her before she could and they thru her overboard and Disney actually did catch this on footage but wanting to keep there image how it is.....deleted the footage and cover up the footage.

Now what is the likelihood of the washed over theory 1/10, and for the suicide theory a 5/10, and as for the rape/murder conspiracy I give a 7/10 cause the hole in the shorts do show some kind of violent struggle and the distress look she had on the cellphone do lend extremely high support for this theory....


Dr. Dillion Veck

I am a very avid blogger, paranormal hunter, and a metaphysical scientist (PhD)

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Dr. Dillion Veck
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