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The Disappearance Files - James Daniel Horn

Cross Country Mystery

By Jessica RifflePublished 4 years ago 2 min read

The Disappearance Files is a series appearing on Vocal.Media highlighting missing and possibly murdered indigenous men, women, and children. At times other vulnerable populations may be covered as well. Due to a combination of factors, many of these cases are lacking in terms of published information. In addition, the author seeks to cover every possible theory put forward, no matter how unlikely. Whenever possible information from police reports and multiple media sources has been incorporated into the write-up. Anyone with information about any of the cases featured is encouraged to contact local or tribal law enforcement.


In the early days of August 2014 James Daniel Horn set off for what he thought would be a better life. Reports vary on if he was planning a permanent move or just looking for work, but every agrees on one thing; Daniel was headed to North Carolina from California.

Daniel told family and friends that he had a way to get to North Carolina, setting out on foot initially. With reassurances that he would call when he arrived, family members didn't worry for almost a week. Daniel had a history of hitchhiking and was generally thought to be able to take care of himself. This assumption would later haunt those closest to him.

Almost a week after setting off no-one had heard from him, there were no sightings of him along any of the routes to North Carolina, and there has never been any more information in the case.

None of Daniels personal items have been found. At the time Daniel, like many Native Americans, did not have a cell phone. Instead he planned to call and check in using payphones along the way. No calls were ever made after the day he departed for North Carolina.


Rumor had it that Daniel had made some enemies in California, prompting his departure to North Carolina. However, these enemies have never been named and it is believed that they all have alibis for the time period in which he disappeared. Additionally the "enemies" he made appear to have been over minor disputes and many people have dismissed the idea that any of them would seek to hurt Daniel.

The lack of information he gave to family and friends have made many suspicious that he may have had a ride or have planned to join a group on their way, yet no-one has ever come forward with any information about his location or even seeing him. This has also complicated the search as there are a large number of routes he could have taken.

A few friends have suggested that Daniel, a person who felt he could make friends with anyone, may have accepted a ride from a trucker or someone else that ended in tragedy. Others hope that he has merely had some kind of mental break or chosen to walk away from it all, despite no evidence to support this conclusion.

The police have no official theories in this investigation and site the lack of evidence and sightings as their reasoning.


Today Daniel's family maintain a Facebook page and network with other groups for missing indigenous individuals within the USA and Canada. They remain hopeful that some day he will come home safely.

No new information has ever been revealed and his pages on the Charlie Project and other websites are woefully lacking in detail.

Law enforcement and family are begging anyone with any information to come forward so that they can achieve some kind of closure.


About the Creator

Jessica Riffle

33, First Nation's in diaspora from home. Mother of cats. Prone to random relocation and mood changes.Business inquiries; [email protected]

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