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The Disappearance Files - Hub Williamson

Missing From Crow Agency Montana Since April 2019

By Jessica RifflePublished 4 years ago 3 min read
A Missing Posted For Hub Williamson


On the night of April 5th 2019, Hub Williamson went to visit family members near Hardin Montana, less than 20 miles from his home on the Crow Agency reservation. Family members would later state that nothing seemed wrong, this was a trip that he made each and every day, and that they had no cause to be worried. Hub would later be captured fueling up at a gas station along his normal route home. This would be the last time anyone saw Hub Williamson.

The next day, Percapita checks for tribal members arrived at the band office. In the small and somewhat poor reservation, everyone picks up their check the first day. When family members didn't see Hub there to pick up his check and weren't able to contact him by telephone, they called tribal police and have been searching for him ever since.


The only confirmed sightings of Hub happened within minutes of him leaving his relatives house. The few people who did see him felt that he was behaving normally and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. His truck seemed to be in perfect working condition, he had not strayed from his normal routine, there was simply nothing to explain why he went missing

Since the day he disappeared police have not had any credible tips or sightings that even seemed to warrant investigation. It seems that no one has seen Hub since he took off down a straight road with little cover to speak of and was simply not seen again . No sign of his vehicle has been found as well.

The distance between this sighting and his destination have been searched a number of times without yielding any results. The lack of information about his vehicle has been particularly puzzling as the stretch of land is relatively flat and most disappearances in the area don't involve a car going missing as well.

No-one talked to by police has seen Hub or any of the other missing men from the reservation since their disappearance. A few vague sightings of his vehicle on the reservation that could not be confirmed as happening before or after his disappearance have not led to any closure in the case, leading police to treat them as unreliable or to assume they happened the day before Hub went missing as they fit with his normal routine.


Proponents of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Women groups firmly believe that there is a serial killer going around Indigenous communities throughout the USA and Canada and that the marginalized status of Indigenous individuals makes these populations easy prey. A few vague associations have been made with this theory by those familiar with the case. The most compelling piece of evidence supporting this theory is the disappearance of Hub's own cousin just a few years prior.

Opponents of this theory point out the suicide rates are high on the reservation, lack of basic supplies makes it possible to succumb to the elements like Serena Not Afraid did, and that people go missing all the time.

Another theory holds that Hub's personal life holds the answer. A small number of crimes dotted his past, connecting him to some of the crime on the reservation. However, nothing in his past suggests a connection with any large scale crime or anything that would have led to his death. His family have been quick to assure everyone that he was well lover. No-one has come out after the disappearance to speak against him.


Hub's family continues to hope that he merely walked out the door one day and has forgotten who he is. The alternative, his death, is too painful to even think about. Anyone with information is urged to come forward and speak with the authorities. After years of silence, the police are desperate for new information in the case.

The reservation has dozens of missing person cases open, with Hub's taking a back seat to many others. For his family, the knowledge that two members of their family haven't been home in years is too much to bear. The memory of one last glass of water haunts them all.


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33, First Nation's in diaspora from home. Mother of cats. Prone to random relocation and mood changes.Business inquiries; [email protected]

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