The Devil's Bride

Just when you think you've married the man of your dreams; more like a nightmare then anything else.

The Devil's Bride
Dreams can be nightmares too.

It was one of those days that dragged on at school, and I couldn't wait for the class to end. I usually go to the coffee shop on the corner where they make the best darn coffee along with the sexiest business men that you could lay your eyes on.

When the class finally ended that's where I headed and it was a warm day, a day that I won't forget. I had ordered my favorite coffee; french vanilla and a shot of espresso, with a whole lot of sugar and just enough cream to make it look really creamy, so it had a lot of cream too. I didn't see any hot businessmen in the coffee shop so I thought I would just take a stroll and have my coffee and a cigarette.

I had my headphones on and my creamy coffee in one hand and the other held my cigarette while I listened to my beats and walked enjoying the day on Jasper Avenue. It's the main street where there are tons of shops and everything your hearts desired; from pizza shops, coffee shops, up beat night clubs and the sexiest businessmen walking around. It was a ladies candy store, if you know what I mean. So I was on cloud nine that day, felt great, felt like something very amazing was going to happen that day. And that's the day that I would regret for the rest of my life, but I just didn't know it.

I walked for a bit and then it happened, I was waiting at a light to change so that I could walk across and suddenly my hair was being flicked. I turned around and had noticed the sexy man standing behind me and he was smiling at me. I took out my ear buds and and smiled back, I giggled a bit and asked him if he was the one that flicked my hair and why?

He giggled back and had said that, that was the only way to get my attention since I had earphones in and would have never heard him talk to me anyways, so it was the only way he could grab my attention and have the chance to talk me. I was really flattered by this strange, sexy man and I have never had someone try to get my attention that way, but it was most clever of him. I would have not heard him if he did try to talk to me with my earbuds in, so I see his point. He had then asked me if he could join me for my stroll and if i wouldn't mind the company. I was so taken by him, that I giggled and replied that it would be nice to have his company, but I was just on my break and I had to head back to school; that's where I was headed when we met.

So we talked and walked a bit and then he asked me if I wanted to see him after school and he could meet me if I was interested in possibly having a drink or a coffee? I felt like a giddy little girl that just got a pony or something, and I smiled and told him that I would love to, but I couldn't meet up for long I had a little girl in daycare and had to grab her before going home. He completely understood and said he'd grab us coffees and meet me after school with them, not to waste time in getting to know me.

My mind was completely spun with so many questions and curiosities, and I couldn't stop smiling and getting butterflies in my stomach. It was hard to concentrate when I left him and our little meet when I had to head back to school. I couldn't think straight, all I thought about was him. How he swept me off my feet with doing nothing at all to win me over. It was like a dream and I never wanted to wake up from it. I was floating on clouds for the remaining part of the day while in classes at school.

When my last class ended I couldn't wait to head out of school; I would have the opportunity to see him again, I didn't even ask his name, he didn't even ask for mine. It was crazy how fast this friendship or whatever it was, how fast it was going and I have never felt so intune with my feelings until him. I have never felt so wanted and falling in love wouldn't be far behind. I knew I was going to fall hard for this stranger, I didn't care, I wanted him; in more ways than one. I ached for him, I couldn't get the thought of him out of my head and I couldn't explain what he did to make this way? It was the most awesome feeling in the world, he made me feel so many amazing emotions that if I could do flips I probably would have everytime we met.

well, after school I took the elevator down and headed for the outside door, I couldn't walk fast enough to those doors, I needed to see him. Once I stepped outside the door; there he was with this amazing smile and this beautiful bunch of flowers, along with a creamy coffee, just the way I liked it. How he knew that, I didn't know, but he knew and that's what I got. He even smelt amazing, he was gorgeous and dreamy. Everything I wanted in my mate and there he was, bringing me flowers and coffee after a long day at school. What else could I ask for? Nothing, he was the full package and then some.

We walked and talked and sat in this little park on Jasper Ave that people would go to just to relax and enjoy the day. So, we sat there for about a hour and I had to go, I had to grab my little girl from daycare.He didn't want me to leave, but he knew I had to and I didn't want to leave either. I felt sad for some strange reason. I didn't like the feeling that came over me when I had to say good bye. It was like I had just lost my best friend or my pet died. It was a terrible feeling, and I didn't know how to place it in my mind. But we finished up our coffees and he walked me to the bus stop. While standing there and smiling our faces off, he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a kiss. OMG! I couldn't breathe, my heart was racing do fast, I thought it would bounce right out of my chest. I was shaking and kissed him back. His lips were so soft and it was like a spark of electricity, he tasted so sweet on my lips, he felt so nice against me. He smelt so amazing, he was the bomb. He had my heart and I was falling hard for this man. I did get his name when we met up after school, and it was a cool German name. I won't include it in here but I will call him Mike for this story.

While leaving him after the kiss of a lifetime, I got on the bus and so did he. I giggled and asked him what he was doing? He said that he didn't want to leave me and wanted to come for the ride. I couldn't stop blushing. I sat down and he sat next to me, holding my hand and rubbing it in his. He just kept smiling at me and we talked all the way to the bus stop that led to my daughter's daycare. We got off together and told me that he'll wait outside while I ran in for my daughter. I did just that, and when I went in I was thinking that he'd take off and I wouldn't see him again. But that wasn't the case, he was outside and waiting for us; he had gone into the store and bought all of us an ice cream and these ice creams had candy sprinkles on them and my daughter couldn't believe her eyes.

I was taken by the moment and I thought this man was going to be in our lives forever. My daughter really liked him and she didn't like anyone, I was her mom and her being so young and impressionable it was important that she was comfortable with someone since she didn't have her dad around. He had made a choice and we couldn't be together anymore. I married her dad and he let us down terribly and it was really hard to see my little girl grow up without her dad, but it was for the best. I was really hoping to find someone that wouldn't mind having a little person involved in our lives and Mike was this man.

We had spent a lot of time together and my daughter was accepting him around a lot and it felt so good to have someone like Mike around. I was falling head over heels for Mike really fast and Mike would surprise me a lot at school, bring me flowers and lunches, he even took me for a picnic while on lunch break at school. He was the man of my dreams and was so generous and kind, he was super hot and he always dressed nice and smelt so good. I loved that about him. He was well kept and that was an important feature that I needed to see in my mate. I liked the fact that he never wore anything that was ripped or dirty and he didn't have a lot of bling like some guys wear and to me that was so unclassy. I don't like when the guy would wear more bling than me. It was too much when their chains they would wear would almost blind me or that their hands were full of rings and when you would hold their hand that they would scratch me and that was so unattractive.

We went out a couple times, and had romantic, candle lit dinners, but he liked to make me and my daughter dinner, so he came over to cook a lot. I loved that he knew how to make us dinners. He would always bring flowers and my home would smell so good with the aroma of whatever he would be cooking. He even ran me a candle lit bubble bath and told me to enjoy it alone and he'd watch a movie with my daughter while I relaxed. It was truly amazing. I loved him being around, I loved him with all my heart and soul. He was my mine, and my daughter loved him too. It was great, and I hoped it would never end, but then one day it did.

One day I was working on some homework and he had told me that he had a friend coming by and he didn't want me to be around, because I had a lot of homework to do and he didn't want to disturb me. So I went along with it and when his friend came by I left the room and went to my room to finish up my homework. While working on my homework, I thought I'd quickly go downstairs and grab a can of pop and go back upstairs. So I ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen where Mike and his friend were and when I ran in, Mike looked at me with this scowled look and started screaming at me. He was really laying into me; saying awful things to me, calling me names, putting me down really bad. He even made me cry; I wasn't going to put up with that crap and I screamed at him and his friend to leave my home now and not come back.

Mike's friend took the hint to leave and it took Mike a little bit to leave; he tried apologizing and trying to convince me that he was really stressed out about something and that he had right or reason to act that way towards me. I didn't care and told him to get out. He did leave and he looked like he was sorry, but I wasn't going to screamed at in my own home and in front of a stranger that I didn't even know or even seen before.

After Mike had left my daughter woke up and asked me why I was crying and so upset, but I really didn't say much to her. I just wanted to die inside, my heart broke in a million pieces and I never wanted to see him again. So when I went to school, Mike had shown up a few times with flowers and jewelry and coffees. He had a limo come for me and he had called my home a million times, but I just didn't want to talk to him, and I never wanted someone to treat me like that ever again after my divorce. I never wanted to be hurt again, and I didn't expect to fall in love so hard for someone either and it happened. I didn't know what to do.

Then one day a had a knock on my door and there in front of me was a life size teddy bear holding a bunch of flowers and balloons. On it was a note and it said to lift the bear up and look inside the box that was hidden beneath the big bear. I moved the bug bear and saw this beautiful big box with a huge silk bow wrapped around it and I brought it all inside and my daughter of course was just at an awe.

She couldn't believe that this bear was so huge and she thought the balloons and flowers and the big box wrapped was the coolest thing ever and she wanted to open the box. I let her and inside this box was 2 beautiful dresses; well, a little dress and an elegant black, silk gown. Inside too was a note saying that if I choose to forgive him that a car will be outside to pick us up at a certain time and to get in and not ask questions where it was paid to take us. Just to get in and enjoy the ride.

So, we did just that, we both got ready and by 8 pm we had a limo outside and we got in and didn't say a word. It drove for a bit until we stopped in front of this huge home. It was all lit up, like the ones you only see in the movies. Those huge mansions with millions of lights and every inch had a spot light on it. But, my daughter thought it was like a castle and we were dressed for the ball like Cinderella. It did feel like that and it was so dreamy, so perfect, how could I not forgive this man who just surprised us with this amazing scene and whatever was waiting for us inside. I was so nervous, I was so sweaty and it was like as if I had to be sick almost. I was never expecting something like this ever, but it really got my butterflies going and I was very forgiving.

When we walked into this dream I was welcomed by his mother and his brother, his wife and their 2 kids. It was their home and they were having a party like they usually do every month when MIke's brother would close a huge deal at work and there was so many business women and men there with beautiful gowns and amazing bling on that I kind of felt out of place, I didn't know how to place myself with this kind of crowd. I had nothing in common with these people and I kind of didn't want to be there after arriving. My daughter on the other hand was having a great time, she had made new friends and was laughing and running around, so I didn't want to upset her and I didn't say anything to MIke about wanting to leave and I stayed for a bit.

We had an amazing dinner and drinks afterward, and Mike had a speech to do and wanted everyone around when he spoke. So, I thought I would srep outside and take a breather and have a cigarette, but he didn't want me going outside right at that minute and told me to stick around, and I did. My daughter came into the room too and stood by me while Mike spoke. He started talking about me and my daughter and I started to blush, I was put on the spot and I didn't know what to do. I kind of wanted to run and hide somewhere, but my daughter thought it was pretty cool that Mike was talking about us and wouldn't let my hand go while she listened to him speaking to everyone there. Then it happened. as I was talking to his mother, Mike had asked me to come forward and stand by him, he had to ask me something. I thought he was just going to show me off or something and didn't expect what he was about to say. Mike had looked at me and in front of the whole room, had asked me to marry him and gave me the biggest diamond ring I have ever gotten to see or have to wear on my finger. It even felt heavy. I started to cry and told him yes.

The few next months while finishing school and almost ready to graduate medical school, MIke had come over one day and asked me if I loved him. I told him that I did more than anything, so then he asked me to drop out of medical school and leave the city with him. I didn't know how to say no to him, and I told him that I couldn't but when I was done with medical school that I would. He got angry with me and told me that if I loved him and didn't want to lose him that I had to pack up my things now and be ready to leave by the morning. And that my daughter would have to go to my parents place until the issue was solved because it was not safe for her to be with us and it wasn't going to be safe to leave me behind, he didn't want something bad to happen and that since I was involved now that I had to go with him for a bit.

I was scared out of my mind and called up my parents and I didn't tell them what Mike had said but I mentioned that we had to leave for a bit and my daughter couldn't come. So, within a few hours they were at my place and my daughter was leaving with them.

After that it was all down hill, and having to go through all the sadness and the crime, the abuse, the drugs, heartbreak, being on the run for five years. My life changed as soon as my child left with my parents. My life wasn't mine anymore, I belonged to him. I was his, I was trapped in his lies. And for so long, I couldn't run, I couldn't escape his wrath. He had planned all this crap out, and I was his shield. I was his way out. Without me, he had no future, but with him neither did I. I had nothing but yet with all the crime we did across Canada we had everything, and over and over again. It was sick what we had. Money, nice clothes, spa packages, my hair done all the time. Drove nice cars, ate at fancy restaurants, smoked the best dope, had the best sex together, and with other people. I had flowers delivered all the time. We traveled and did what we had to just to survive. That life was crazy, it's something I couldn't get away from, I was going to lose my family if I didn't already, and my kid. She will hate me forever and she does.

He said he loved me, everytime I did something that brought us money, and it was not any idea of mine, I did it all for him. I paid the price for the times I wouldn't. He would drug me and take advantage of me, over and over, and because I was afraid of him, he would use that against me. Drugging me and getting hooked, he knew what he had to do to keep me with him. For five years I was his slave and I was the one that did everything, he just sat in the shadows arranging everything and making me do things that I would never morally do on my own. He had so much influence on me, and the further we went across Canada, he knew I couldn't run, I had no money, he kept it all. I had only him, since I didn't even have myself.

For five years, he lied to me and told me what I wanted to know. Then one day, something goes wrong at one of our gigs, and I get arrested. I am in Winnipeg Manitoba and not even a cent in my pocket. He made sure I had nothing, but he loved me? Sick! I had been charged for a few things, but since it was the weekend, I had to stay locked up through the weekend, till Monday when I could see a judge. I was let out on my own recognizance and promise to appear in four weeks. So I had no money, I was let out in a strange city, I called him from a payphone and called him collect to his mom's. He answered and told me I had to get the car out of impound and bring it home. He was going to arrange a room for me for the night and in the morning I was to go get the car. I had to drive it back to Alberta.

So, he paid for the room, I had extra money for smokes and food, and all I had to do was get the car and drive it home. I went to sleep and I slept hard, like a rock. All weekend I didn't sleep, and when I knew I was safe, I crashed hard. When morning came, I took a cab to the impound and got the car. Now I had to check the trunk for anything that the police didn't take, and found all the stash in the trunk. It was all left behind, and nothing was even moved. So now Mike wanted that car back now. He had plans for the stuff and I was not allowed to touch anything. Not that I would anyway.

While picking up the car, the police met me at the gate of the impound and followed me out of their province, before leaving, I had to get gas and they talked to me before I left. They told me not to ever come back, and to not come to the court date, because I'll be going away for a long time. Scared out of mind, I jumped into the car and drove off, watching in my rear view mirror where the police were. They just sat in their car watching me watching them. I never went back, and sooner or later, I'll have to deal with what I ran from in Winnipeg. It's been 20 years now, and my spouse has passed away, he died in jail. I now have a criminal record, I have a child that hates me, and warrants that one day I'll have to deal with, all because I fell for some guys sweet words, and his dreams of bullshit. I gave up everything for this devil in disguise. I hate him for it, but I guess Karma got him before I could.

Paige Kostyniuk
Paige Kostyniuk
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Paige Kostyniuk

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