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The Cold Blooded Killer with no Remorse

Angela Simpson- Is she just putting on a show?

By Sara WilsonPublished 3 years ago 13 min read
Angela Simpson smiles in her mugshot

"You're very upfront."

"Pretty much."

"...about talking about this killing."


"You... you murdered this man?"


"You tortured him?"

"Of course."

"There is no ambiguity and there is nothing you wanna- in court today you said you're not here to pretend to be remorseful?"

"Of course not, why would I do that?"

"Are you remorseful?"

"Not at all."


"Why would I be?"

That was the beginning of a conversation between Mike Watkiss and Angela Simpson right after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie handed down the sentence of life in prison. Angela was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and abandonment or concealment of a dead body.

On August 5, 2009 at around 5 A.M., Phoenix Fire Department responded to a call involving a fire in a parking lot behind Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship Church. What they initially thought was just the aftermath of kids playing a prank would be discovered as being "one of the most heinous homicide cases the department had ever seen".

Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship Church

Angela Simpson-

Researching this woman has been incredibly hard. The hardest research I have ever done yielding very little results of her childhood. It's almost as if she never existed before she committed her crimes... and she isn't talking today. Angela will leave you with no answers. Don't believe me? You can write to her here: don't personally recommend it as she is just a manipulative narcissist who wants the attention.

Angela Simpson is openly boastful and proud about what she did in this case, but that's about it. She doesn't want to speak about her childhood, family, or anything that could be deemed normal. She seems to only be interested in saying anything she can to achieve shock value. There is little to no information about her to be found online. There is a lot of speculation but not very many solid facts.

What we do know about Angela is that she was born on November 29, 1975. She has four children that she refuses to talk about for the most part, and has led a very strange life. Angela has been diagnosed with several mental disorders and had been in and out of mental health facilities since the age of 10. She didn't have a very good childhood. She never had a normal job. As soon as she got out of the hospital, she started taking drugs.

She began committing crimes to get money.. to buy more drugs. She then began sex work to pay for her drugs and cover her bills. Angela never lived a normal life. She never got a chance to form any real relationships but still had four children. None of them lived with her and Angela will not talk about the circumstances of how she became a mother or who the father or fathers are. We also know that in the family she grew up in- going to prison, mental illness, and abuse were all things that were considered 'normal'. Angela spoke in an interview in regards to her mental illness. The only information she is willing to divulge is that she has battled with it since she was ten years old. She also went on to say that it was no excuse for what she did and that she "wants no sympathy".

Terry Neely comes up missing-

Terry Neely was a 46 year old paraplegic. He was confined to a motorized wheel chair. He could use his legs, but not for an extended amount of time. He lived in an assisted living care facility and the last time he was seen alive was on video footage that the police would eventually take from that assisted care facility. The footage showed Terry leaving the facility alone at around 8 p.m. on August 2, 2009.

Terry Neely had a mental disability and it was said that he was a little "slow". People who knew him would describe him as very friendly and easy going. When asked if he had any enemies or had recently fought with anyone, no one could offer any leads because Terry was said to be well liked within the community. No one at the facility had a single clue about where he had went or with who so the police had little to nothing to go on in finding him. A lot of people knew who Terry was, but that didn't mean he knew a lot of people. He had no family or genuine friends in the area.

August 5, 2009- Terry Neely is found.

The pastor of the church released statements encouraging residents to come by for counsel and comfort from the community. He urged that while the most horrific of crimes had taken place, this was still a place of God and peace and family where people could come for comfort and friendship.

Firefighters show up to the church where they have been called to put out a garbage fire. They quickly realize it isn't the prank they had originally assumed it to be when they see the charred remains of what appears to be a male body inside of that trash can. Firefighters call police onto the scene to begin their investigation.

The next few days would serve to be a big challenge for everyone involved. No one knows at this point who this body belongs to... because that care facility never reported Terry as missing. Now, this body has literally been burned beyond recognition. The legs were cut off. One of the arms had attempted to be chopped off as well. The body could not even be identified through dental records... because the teeth had been torn out of his mouth. This body had very nearly been completely destroyed. During the autopsy, the medical examiner would note that the fingerprints were almost completely burned off, but were still partially there. By piecing together the fragments of the remaining prints to make one entire print, the medical examiner is finally able to identify the body as that of Terry Neely.

The autopsy report would show that Terry Neely had sustained multiple blunt force wounds to the head. He had at least 50 different stab wounds all over his body. His teeth had been removed from his mouth in a very unprofessional way. His throat was slit and he had a three inch screw through his forehead embedded into his skull and brain. None of those things however were the cause of death. Those wounds were in the very early stages of healing, which means that Terry was alive for all of it. The actual cause of death was strangulation from a TV wire.

Getting caught-

The press released a story about what had happened to Terry and the locals were terrified because whoever was responsible had yet to be caught... or so everyone thought. After asking around the neighborhood and the church, someone told the police to look at a woman named Angela Simpson. The informant told police that they had seen Angela and Terry together on more than one occasion doing drugs outside of an apartment complex. Angela Simpson and a man named Edward Mcfarland had been put in jail for committing an armed robbery earlier that same day.

Edward "Cracker" McFarland

It was said that the informant was the complex manager. He would also tell police that Edward Mcfarland, who went by the name Cracker had told him everything. He had bragged about how he helped Angela get rid of the body after she killed him and told him that if he said anything, he would end up the same way. Police began to question the locals about Edward 'Cracker' Mcfarland and Angela Simpson, and they all said similar things. They said that she had been a friend of Terrys. It was said they had been friendly for awhile and they seemed to have a lot in common. They were both criminals and drug addicts who had done time in prison. The locals said that Angela was a sex worker and they believed that Terry was her pimp.

Police then headed over to Angela's apartment where they saw an abandoned motorized wheel chair on the grass. The police obtained a warrant and searched the apartment. Inside they found that the carpet had been torn up. There was minimal furniture that included a chair and a floor length mirror. They found need nose pliers, a gallon of Great Value brand bleach, and a lot of blood.

The confession-

When they confronted her, Angela confessed openly. She laughed about it while eating a candy bar. Angela said that she killed Terry by "deceptively luring him into apartment 201. "She said that she sat him down and beat him with various objects until he was unconscious then slit his throat. She then said that she cut his appendages off. Why did she do this? She claims it was because Terry said that he was a snitch. He claimed to have "told on a righteous person". She beat him for three days. She pulled out his teeth and hammered a screw into his brain. She made him sit in front of a mirror while she tortured him for three days. She said this was to "show him what he deserved." He was alive for most of it. Angela said this wasn't the only time she killed but said that she wouldn't say how many. She later would retract that she killed anyone else, saying it was "just talk".

The police had told her that Cracker has said that both Angela and him had killed Terry. Angela insisted that he had nothing to do with it. She says the only way Cracker was involved at all was when she borrowed his car to dispose of the body. Police never found any evidence that he had actually helped in killing Terry.

Angela said that on the night of August 2, she lured Terry out of his care home at about 8 p.m. on the empty promise of sex and drugs at the apartment. She knew those were the things he would come for. He was her regular client and if she was offering sex for free, he would take it. She said she told Terry that they would do some drugs and that's how she got him alone. He left and went to meet up with her. She took him to the apartment she had access to in North Phoenix. She told police that when she got him inside, her whole persona dropped.

They weren't friends and she made it clear that she hated him. She grabbed a tire iron she'd hidden in the apartment and began beating him over the head with it. She did this until he was bleeding but still conscious. She wanted him awake and struggling. This was only the beginning. The things she did to this man are literally the things that nightmares are made of. Terry was subjected to three days- at least 72 consecutive hours- of pure torture. She kept him locked there and continued to brutally torture him to near death. She beat him every day with her hands and various weapons including a tire iron and hammer. She stabbed him. Burned him. Pulled his teeth out with pliers. Hammered a three inch screw into his skull and brain right in the middle of his forehead and sliced his throat. Not deep enough to kill- just enough to hurt. She set him in front of a full length mirror and made him watch it all happen as she did it.

Remember, this man was disabled. He couldn't just walk away. She didn't give him food, water, or toilet breaks. Over the next few days he would grow weak and Angela would grow bored. It was no more fun so she finished him. She tied an electrical wire around his neck and tightened it until he stopped breathing and died. Then she chopped his legs off and started to chop his arms off but gave up and decided she was done. She borrowed a car from a friend, Cracker. She loaded Terrys body up and drove to the church. She found the trash can and put his remains inside then set it on fire.

When asked if she thought something was wrong with her, Angela laughed and replied with, "I think there's something wrong with the world that I live in.. but according to other people, yes. Something is wrong with me."

Angela said she did it because Terry had told her multiple times that he was an informant for the CIA and that everyone he snitched on was serving time in prison because of him. Angela hated snitches. In her opinion, they- along with pedophiles- were the worst things and deserved to die. At one point Angela says he told on a lot of high up people.. later she says she didn't know anyone he snitched on.

Angela continued to work for Terry but she hated him for snitching and she decided to punish him. Police weren't sure if she was telling the truth or not so they decided to check out her criminal and mental health history. They found that she had been in and out of prison for her whole adult life. She been in for fights, trespassing, aggravated assault, car jacking, robbery, and fighting.

Angela claimed that Terry Neely had bragged to her that he was an informant for the CIA. That he would out them and the police would arrest them. According to the police, after investigating Terry, it was found that he wasn't actually a snitch. He had been lying to Angela the whole time, if he did in fact ever tell her that he did do those things. This means that Terry was killed for literally no reason.

"He thought it was funny that the people he snitched on were never gonna get out of prison so I wanted him to know how funny it was that they didn't need to." -Angela Simpson

Angela pleaded guilty on March 29, 2012 when she was charged with 1st degree murder, kidnapping, and abandonment and concealment of a human body. On April 2, 2012, she was sentenced to her natural life in prison plus 14 years.

Intimidating or fraudulent?

I feel that Angela is a very self righteous attention hound. She is a psychopath for sure, no one is questioning that. She has four children that she refuses to speak about and there is some speculation that she only acted the way she did in her interviews for attention. Angela wants to be the next Aileen Wuornos. Some people, myself included, think that she did it in the hopes of looking disturbing enough to get a movie deal and make a ton of money that she could put back for her kids. People think her goal was to become infamous. That she is creating a character for herself... that she is not being genuine.

Watch the interviews and see how when she knows the camera is on her, it's all hard looks and intimidation. But when she thinks those cameras are done, she's laughing and talking herself up.

We know she's struggled her whole life with mental illness.. but we don't know what she actually has. We just know that when she thinks she isn't being recorded, she is aware what she has put into her interviews. People think she was just looking for someone to murder. Despite her mental illness, she said she doesn't see herself as the crazy one.. but the rest of the world is and she is the only one that's sane.

She believes there are two groups of people who should be killed by any means necessary- pedophiles and snitches. She is playing it up for the camera. She is putting on a show. Angela is a compulsive liar. This is all a giant show. Psychopaths and narcissists do that. They put on a show. They try to get you to like them. They play with you. They manipulate you. They want attention.

"Ripping his teeth out, that was my favorite." -Angela Simpson

When asked if she would kill again, Angela's response was, "If the opportunity arises, I hope so."

Angela stands by what she said as far as working alone. She speaks a lot to the press devoid of any remorse whatsoever. She even feels that justice was not served- that she deserved and expected to die for what she did. I can't help but agree with that statement. According to Angela, living life in prison with her "sisters" is a far better outcome on her behalf. It's a shame that the justice system fails the victims so often.


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  • M.Korbuszewskiabout a year ago

    Sara- Thanks for your reply- I agree with you to not write to someone like her because she would have addresses of the writer. These days it's easy for savvy strangers to find out everything about a person. M. Korbuszewski

  • M.Korbuszewskiabout a year ago

    I wonder if Angela Simpson is possessed because of her behavior and statements. I watched part of her interviews on Investigation TV (I could only stomach the first few minutes). If someone interviewed the detectives or others who interacted with her what would they say and sensed about her? If I were a fellow inmate, I would stay far away from her.

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