The Bitter Truth

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Ch 2

The Bitter Truth

Cars zipped by endlessly as he observed the movement of Agents that were assigned to secure the perimeter around the Parliament. Richard stared at the front doors as they swung open. He raised the silenced barrel of the rifle from the windowsill and aimed the crosshairs on the person exiting the building. He used the thumb of his right hand to press a button on his watch to start the chronometer. Then he hit it again to pause the time as soon as the person disappeared behind a tree.

​It takes seven seconds for the person to cross the sidewalk in front of the Parliament and enter the Government vehicle idling at the curb.

​He followed the Agent that had left the building to the curb. The Agent then stopped and looked up and down the street. A taxi passed by while blowing its horn. The Agent turned towards the underground garage of the Parliament. Orange floodlights spilled out onto the sidewalk. The Agent brought his wrist microphone to his mouth and said something as he quickened his pace towards the underground.

​I only have three second to press the trigger after the door swings open and before the target hides behind a tree planted on the sidewalk…

*** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ***

​Three Agents ran across the underground garage, heading towards an unmarked black Range Rover with dark tinted windows idling near the elevator. Flashing devices, mounted on the front grill on the vehicle blinked red and blue, while the headlights flashed white. Special Agent Fox, assigned to protect the Prime Minister, was the first to arrive at the Range Rover. He sat on the passenger seat. The other Agents arrived shortly after and the vehicle took off with a squeal of its tires before anyone had time to fasten their seat belts.

*** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ***

​Richard was about to look away from the underground garage when the sound of skidding tires caught his attention. Then, a shiny black Range Rover with heavy tinted windows left the ramp with a squeal of its tires and merged into traffic.

*** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ***

​The Range Rover broke away from the rest of the traffic and came towards him. The driver was pressing the horn steadily in short beeps. The passenger was another unsmiling man who watched the road from the front seat. They were both wearing sunglasses and a black suit coat open, revealing a white button down shirt and a black necktie.

​Special Agents, Richard thought, his eyebrows showing that he was impressed. They must have received the letter.

*** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ***

​Keeping low, Special Agent Fox jogged towards the back of the house. Heavy green hedges hemmed in to his left. The hedges weren’t ornamental, twenty feet high and too thick for anyone to see past, they were serving as protection to the Prime Minister’s mansion. The smell of fresh cut grass filled the air.

​Two other Agents stepped through the dark wooden gate and moved swiftly to behind the house. Agent Fox darted around the corner of the mansion and took the granite steps to the patio. To the left of the patio a slate—tiled pool appeared into view. He approached the sliding door while keeping his back to the wall and waited for the other Agents before proceeding.

​The door was open a crack, and he felt a chill running through his body.

​Once the other two Agents arrived, Agent Fox looked back and signaled for one of then to open the door. The Agent nodded and crept cautiously to the door. Agent Fox drew his 9mm semi-automatic, pulled the slide back and allowed it to slam forward with a resounding metal on metal clank. The other Agents opened the door and stepped back; out of his way. Agent Fox moved towards the opened door while raising his service weapon and aiming it forward. He immediately caught movement to his left and changed the direction he was aiming at, at an astonishing speed.

​He found himself aiming his gun at Lucia Dvorska’s head. Lucia was the Prime Minister’s wife and she was standing behind the kitchen island while cutting carrots with an aide. She exchanged glances with the aide, and as if on cue, they both dropped their knives on top of the kitchen island and stood still.

​Lucia was wearing faded blue jeans with a tight brown shirt, which was opened two buttons, enough to reveal a black laced bra. She had piercing brown eyes and straight shoulder length hair. Agent Fox lowered his gun to his side.

​The Prime Minister has chosen well...

​Bringing his wrist microphone to his mouth, he reported in.

​“We have the wife. She is safe. Over.”

Ed Silva
Ed Silva
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Ed Silva

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