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The Bank Robbery

By Chris Wu

By K K PradheepPublished about a year ago 8 min read
The Bank Robbery
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The crime was somebody had stolen money in the bank. The three robbers had

broken into the city bank vault. They break into the bank by breaking the glass window

with a stick. The police detective is me, Chris Wu. My job is to figure out who had stolen

all of the money!

I was watching the security cameras and I saw David one of the robbers putting

money in the back of the truck. I saw Joe putting bags of money in the bank van. And

finally, I saw Steve on the security cameras locking up bags of money in the bank van.

The story had taken place in the city bank. The clues were who had left a trail of gold,

who left the vault door open and who left a large pile of money.

I can tell who done it by figuring out which one left a trail of gold, who left the

vault door open, and check who had left a large pile of money. The one who left a trail

of gold was David, the robber who left the vault door open was Joe and Steve was the

one who left a large pile of money. So I had to call the cops to place the 3 robbers

under arrest. This had been a very dangerous crime and it wasn’t safe at all for the

robbers to rob the bank.

Who in The World Caused the Whole Town to Become Sick?

By Cole Gilmer

Friday night, Mr. Isaac Inspectaur goes out to dinner. He has a lovely evening

with his friends and allies in the Good ol’ Porky Pie Diner. He eats his favorite dish,

which is called “Hay, Watch the Grass.” It consists of hay, grass, silage, and his favorite

grains. After the lovely evening, Mr. Inspectaur goes back to his house, which is also a

secret office for him. He then takes a fine rest after showering and all that jibber jabber.

The sun has risen in the sky. It is Saturday morning. Mr. Inspectaur heads outside for a

nice walk, or charge. He suddenly comes across some mysterious green water on the

street. He remembers that it had rained for a while last night, but then out of nowhere a

big green gooey blob falls out of a tree, causing a rather big splash on the road. After

arriving in the city, Isaac notices that everyone is coughing and/or sneezing about 5

times every 10 seconds, he knows that something is not right about the citizens. They

had been infected with a mysterious illness that causes excessive coughing and/or

sneezing. He finds out about four people that had were not infected at all, so labels

them as suspects and decides to interrogate them for questioning.

The first suspect is Mr. Gloopygloopity MacGloopypoop. He tells Mr. Inspectaur

that he was having a bad stomachache during the booger storm, so he really had to

poop A LOT. “It was like 10 gallons” he said. Mr. Inspectaur quickly lets Mr.

Gloopygloopity MacGloopypoop go after hearing about this. The second suspect is Prof.

Seymour Bigthiccfish. He tells Mr. Inspectaur that he went to the aquarium to look at

sea creatures, when he then slipped on a puddle that resulted from a broken glass tank

leaking. The authorities told Seymour that he had slipped into a coma from landing on

the solid ground so hard from slipping on the puddle. Mr. Inspectaur lets Seymour go

after knowing that he could not have caused the rain to become infectious if he was in a


The third suspect is Dr. Warren Wieneroarinziskaseloser. He tells Mr. Inspectaur

that while he was making his signature wieners, he got word that the hospital he worked

at caught on fire because of illegal fireworks. “The whole hospital was unrecognizable

because of those dastardly explosives!” Warren said. He also says that the hospital

probably won’t be available for at least a year or so. Isaac feels bad for this, so he offers

Warren a job at the office while the hospital gets fixed up. Warren feels better about this

and joins Mr. Inspectaur on his journey to seize the crafty culprit responsible for the

disastrous snot storm.

The fourth and final suspect is ‘Chancellor’ Crumbly McCrumblesworth. He likes

to be called Chancellor, even though he isn’t the leader of the nation. He is also elderly

at around 90 years old. He explains to Mr. Inspectaur that he saw a mysterious person

breaking into stores to steal items like slime, toilet water, and leftover food. This person

was witnessed spotted brewing up a suspicious surprise inside a rundown shed. It

turned out that this mysterious person was infecting the water with nasty ingredients to

make the rainwater infectious to the whole town. “I saw him drive a green truck with

booger stain decals all over it,” Crumbly said.

Isaac and Warren got in the “unexplainable flying object” to chase the ‘booger

burglar’ down. They spotted the same green truck mysteriously flying on a strange

green cloud. This truck was also emitting a green gas, which was probably flatulence.

You could say that he was trying to stink up the whole town. Isaac pulled out his

shotgun and blasted around the engine area of the truck. The engine was acting up,

and the green gas stopped emitting, but now some sort of rainbow powder was emitting.

The truck malfunctioned, lost its flight abilities, and drove straight into Seymour’s house.

Seymour was enraged by this, and forced the truck door open, as well as slamming his

fist into the mysterious person.

The mysterious person surrendered to all in the area. He was revealed to be Gus

Disgusto. He had been experimenting with cloud seeding ever since childhood.

However, he probably went too far with trying to infect the rain with disgusting

substances. Gus was thrown in jail immediately after his extremely short trial. All four of

the suspects became friends and allies with Isaac and lived happily ever after.

The Murder Pie Mystery

By: Haley L. McPeak

One day on bright and sunny autumn morning, all the monsters and humans

were doing normal and casual stuff. Ralsei woke up from her bed and saw that

somebody had eaten the pie last night. But whoever it was, had left sugar, a knife, and

pie crumbs on the floor. Those are the hints of a crime. She called her friend Susie, who

looked like Barney the dinosaur; to ask her for help to solve the mystery of who ate

Toriel’s pie last night?

First of all, they went to the closet world for the first suspect. His name is Lancer,

the prince of spades. Ralsei and Susie wondered where he was when the pie was

eaten. “I was eating sugar last night.” Lancer said. “It tasted really good but I was never

at your house last night. So I ask Toriel to add some sugar in the pie for the secret

recipe.” Ralsei said. “So you are telling us that Toriel ate the pie last night?” “I wanna

talk to a lawyer.” Lancer replied.

Next, they went to high school for the next suspect of the pie eater. Her name is

Toriel, a divorced goat mom to Kris, and a teacher. Ralsei and Susie also wondered

where she was when the pie got eaten. “Yesterday after I made some pie, I put it on the

stove to cool down. And then I got immediately distracted when my husband asked me

to help Sans with the spelling bee practice.” Toriel just said. “That made me feel upset

about not letting me have the moment to enjoy the pie!”

And then, Ralsei and Susie went to the neighborhood to look for the final

suspect. His name is Sans. He’s just a random neighbor of Toriel who has a brother,

Papyrus. They asked him where he was when the pie got eaten. “I...I wasn’t here with

the pie. I’m allergic to it.” Stammered Sans. “Could somebody get my bro, please? I

don’t think these girls are advertisement people.”

It was hopeless. They couldn’t find the right suspect who ate the pie. And just

when they were about to give up, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The evil jester devil,

Jevil was eating the same exact pie from last night. He was the one who ate it! After the

trial, the judge sentenced him fifteen hours per day in solitary confinement. And finally,

they celebrated PI day for the accomplishment with Toriel’s new pizza pie for everyone

to enjoy. And they all lived Happily Ever After!

...Except when last night another pie went missing and Kris turned himself into a

crazy, murder when he went down to the kitchen, sliced the pie, and ate Toriel’s pie. He

made the exact same mess as the previous crime! Kris was the actual pie Murderer!!

The Case of the Missing Spatula

By Jake Fox

One day in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob was getting ready for work and noticed that his

spatula was missing! I, Jake Fox, am the detective of Bikini Bottom even though I don’t live in

Bikini Bottom. I put on my scuba diving equipment to find out what went wrong. I’m here to find

out who stole the spatula.

My suspects are Squidward, Plankton, or Patrick. Squidward’s motive is that he doesn’t

want him to work today. Plankton’s motive is that he wants to steal Spongebob’s spatula so that

him and rest of the Krusty Krew will have to work at the Chum Bucket. Patrick’s motive is that he

wants to be the new fry cool and join the Krusty Krew. I found out from Mr. Krabs that

Squidward was working. He couldn’t be guilty! Patrick also couldn’t be guilty because he was

catching jellyfish with Spongebob. That left Sheldon J. Plankton.

I went into Spongebob’s house and saw the spatula wasn’t real. A piece of paper above

the spatula says, “Chum Bucket Rules!” Then I noticed some tiny footprints that led to the Chum

Bucket. These were the clues to the crime. So, I followed the trail that led to the Chum Bucket.

When I got there, I found the real spatula! But the thief wasn’t there. THen I noticed another trail

of footprints that led to the Krusty Krab. So, I went inside there and found more footprints that

led to the safe and the thief that I guessed was Plankton. I was right! He was trying to open the

safe and steal the secret formula to bring it to the Chum Bucket where Spongebob will work for


After learning who the thief is, I agreed that Plankton was the one who did it because he

was about to steal the formula and shut down the Krusty Krab and all of the employees by

losing their jobs. Then I learned that Plankton was also stealing Spongebob’s spatula to the

Chum Bucket and left a toy spatula. Plankton had also wrote “Chum Bucket Rules!” on the

paper. Plankton looked back and gasped.

The Krusty Kew, the customers, and I were so mad at him for stealing Spongebob’s

spatula. We seized Plankton by sending him flying back to the Chum Bucket and his plan had

failed. I also agreed that Plankton was stealing or trying to steal the formula so many times but

failed so many times. I handed the spatula back to Spongebob and then he got back to work. I

solved the case of the missing spatula!

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