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The Art Of War

by $LeavieScott7414 6 months ago in how to

History Repeats Itself...

This cop should be in prison not working the police force.

Before you go to war, you first need to know how your oppressors are going to come! First off, they are one of the biggest white supremacist groups in the United States. Which is coming to light more and more, almost everyday. They wear patrol badges on their sleeves. In fact, they started wearing these back when slavery was at it's highest. "National Police Week" was founded in remembrance of the Patrollers. Not only did the Patrollers enforce slavery, but they also helped capture slaves to control the new labor force.

This was, in fact, the first systematic form of policing. We see today the very same policing that stems back to the 1600's. The United States would use legal sanctions, brutal force, or other excessive forms to control the African descents. In the past, slave patrols usually consisted of three to six white men riding horseback. They were equipped with guns, ropes, and whips.

What you think?

In 2021, these same policing officers are equipped with a taser and a gun. There is no other country that has law enforcement killing citizens at such fast a rate, as in the United States.

The land of the free, something a black man has yet to see. According to Google's analytics, there's roughly around 800,000 law enforcement in the United States. There is roughly around 1 million gang members in the United States. These gang members are present in all 50 states, including the District Of Columbia. As far as African Americans, according to Pew Research Center the United States population is growing. In 2019, 46.8% identified their race as African American, this doesn't include Puerto Ricans or Cubans. According to the Wikipedia, there are over five-million Native Americans in the United States. 78% of Native Americans live in outside reservations.

At Work

I am an African, currently obtained my DNA.
So I'm very aware of my true-self and the history of my genetic make-up. I am definitely of African descent, one of the lost 12 Tribes Of Israel. I'm not sure what Tribe I am from. However I'm fully aware I'm a warrior for the 12 Tribes. Likewise, the more digging of my history and of myself, it becomes more clear of who I am and what I'm trying to do.



However, I know that I'm not alone in this journey. Therefore, there's more of us that I can't wait to unify and connect with. I am ready and prepared to put my life on the line so my kids can grow up happy.
I have 7 kids and I don't feel comfortable walking this Earth, knowing there are "White Supremacist" using organized government-funded programming to eliminate the lost 12 Tribes Of Israel, and other melaninated people.

This is how America truly feels about melaninated human beings. Although, I'm not a racist person, it is ungodly. Sometimes, you have to beat the enemy at their own game. I am a 44 year old, re-tired gang member of the Gangster Disciples. I have done time in Federal Prison, but took advantage what it had to offer inmates. I obtained my paralegal degree and read over 5,000 books, mainly history. My great-uncle, Ben Ammi, was a great man who lived in Israel. He has passed away, but I look just like him.

Sister Wedding

Some may not understand the undying need for this calling. But anyone who shares the same views are accepted to help the cause. However, we are in dire need for Big Bruh. Big Bruh is an organization that would help step up and handle white supremacist attacks. Yes, we pull up to clan rallies, the "KKK" is a terrorist group. Being a re-tired Gangster Disciple from Chicago, I have lived that life and I'm now very educated. I was once sentenced under the racist crack law under federal guidelines. I've been home for 10 years now, just working and going to school. Once I saw on the news a black queen was being intimidated by a white supremacist, I couldn't contain my rage anymore.

This black queen had no man at home, just her and her one child. Her neighbor started intimidating this queen by putting gas cans full of gas on the side of her house.

In Janesville, Wisconson

As well as, leaving dead animals about her property. I've slept in my cars waiting for rival gang members in my younger years. I would love to wait outside her house and catch this white supremacist in action. Some of the klan rallies help support police officers, judges, and other government officials. This is also vice versa. There is a domestic terrorist group that lynch's African Americans and other melaninated people.

Big Brother will help unify gangs of all races. To all the people who are reading this, I am not looking for money. I'm doing this for the battle of our humanity. I'm willing to be transparent to our community, those who put in their time and finances. Please note distant traveling to different parts of the United States. This organization is going to be an anti-white supremacist organization. Big Bruh, is not into criminal activity, only self-defense in a brutal way that stands within the guidelines of the law. In the state of Wisconsin, I was attacked 3 different times in a small town of Janesville Wisconsin. Without a paid lawyer, I represented myself and each case the charges were dismissed. If you would like to help, even sharing my word helps.

During Covid-19, I have completed a real estate course and am currently working on fitness training. However, neither of these is my true calling. The 12 Tribes Of Israel need me to be a warrior and bring all the warriors together.

Positional asphyxia, also known as postural asphyxia, is a form of asphyxia which occurs when someone's position prevents the person from breathing adequately. Positional asphyxia also may be a result of the policing technique known as "prone restraint", used by police, corrections, military, or health care staff. People may die from positional asphyxia accidentally, when the mouth and nose are blocked, or where the chest may be unable to fully expand.

The NYPD recommended that, "[a]s soon as the subject is handcuffed, get him off his stomach. Turn him on his side or place him in a seated position." A 1996 FBI bulletin said that many law enforcement and health personnel were being taught to avoid restraining people face-down or to do so only for a very short period .

The NYPD recommended that, "as soon as the subject is handcuffed, get him off his stomach. Turn him on his side or place him in a seated position."

This my first child

Mackenzie said officers are instructed in how to recognise and respond to a person who is unresponsive including taking a pulse and measures to get them breathing.


To illustrate how tricky the resistance issue can be, suppose that an officer pulls Jesse over for reckless driving. The officer gets out of his patrol car and orders Jesse to exit the vehicle and put his hands in the air. Jesse complies. The officer then tackles Jesse to the ground and repeatedly slams his head into the pavement. Under these circumstances, it would probably be reasonable for Jesse to resist the arrest-in some states, he may even be justified in using deadly force because of the threat to his life.

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Big Bruh was founded by me and a couple other homeboys that I grow up with to which we all are retired gangmebers. Most never been in trouble before and tired of seeing the kids dying by the hands of law enforcement and black on black crime, especially gang activity. I grow up using my hands not no damn gun.

Please review my poerty and a short Bio of my life on this platform and if you would pitch in a dollar if you want to see Big Bruh take off. However if you don't have a dollar to give, read my matterial and sharing this would help my cause a great deal. If you have a large platform please share.

Please contact me on my Youtube channel if you have any questions and donations can be give below. Thank you for your help and time in advance.

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