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"Talking Star: 'The Star Report: Do Snitches Really Get Stitches?'"

by Skyler Saunders 3 years ago in guilty
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Witness In Amber Guyger Trial Fatally Shot

Star begins the show with his two fears: “sharks and fire coochie.” He then brings to light the fact that Amber Guyger has been sentenced and convicted. He discusses Joshua Brown, the witness in Guyger’s murder trial who received fatal rounds. He contemplates criminal organizations who have taken out so-called snitches and conspiracists. Mr. Torain says that the cops in Mexico are corrupt. He speaks of the Yakuza in Japan and the Chinese Triads. Stevie Wonder, according to Mr. Torain, could have provided intelligence on how someone gunned down Brown. A caller says that people from the sheriff to the judge acted “unprofessionally.”

Mr. Torain remains thoroughly objective while keeping the callers on point. He even goes so far as saying that a caller “enlightened” him. With a switch, Star says that he enjoys going to the food court to sample the little meat bits available at the restaurants and spit some game at the women who offer them. Turning back to the Guyger case, he tells a caller that he “doesn’t need to be reading.” Star goads the caller to speak about the Illuminati. Star asks the caller how long he’s been on the down-low and snaps his fingers. He does this from time to time to inject lightness into dark topics. He continues by saying that he had a fun weekend.

The talk returns to Joshua Brown. Star wonders who it was “who convinced him to tell” on the stand. “From the perspective of the police, the most dangerous gang in America” according to Mr. Torain, they may have been responsible for Brown’s death. Star has tried to join the “Boys in Blue” four times. If you “give a n–– a 7Up and a cigarette he’ll tell," Star says. This is in reference to the documentary crime series The First 48. Star says that “the police are here to let you know that fear and propaganda will keep... n–– in line.” As he says this, he is offering a critique of law enforcement that has been present within police agencies across America and the world. Star prompts Boss Chick Ronnie (who joins the show within minutes) to consider who may have murdered Brown.

Star wants to go there saying that “police snitches get stitches.” Star is throwing it out there with conspiracists. With this line of thinking, Mr. Torain is challenging his audience to think objectively and with a focus on reality. The conspiracies allow the individual to mull over the facts of the case and connect them to what actually happened. Africans run around with machetes as opposed to African Americans who don’t get down like that. Star reiterates how the architects of this country built it for the white woman as they slaughtered Native Americans and enslaved African Americans to ensure that she felt protected. They didn’t need to have voting rights or own property to sit pretty up in the Big House.

Caller says that the family of Botham Jean acted “wacky” in the courtroom. Star still lays down the law saying that “the white man is the original gangster.” Star provokes a caller to “dig down deep into her whiteness.” He says that the white man said, “let’s go give that n–– that smoke.” In remembrance, Star says that Tekashi 69 is with the cops. Here, Star is explaining how the police run with the talkers.

Star agrees with the caller saying that it’s all about race. He encourages her to “whiten up” as it will propel her through life.

Blacks have been rebelling for multiple years. Slave rebellions have gone unrecognized throughout the centuries. Star ponders texting Bob the Cop for his input concerning the Brown murder. A caller asks, “what did black people do so bad that the police had to beat down and kill” various blacks. Star, the atheist, asks the believer if this is not “God’s will.” The caller responds that no it isn’t and that this is for God to judge.

Star entertains various backgrounds, ideologies, and philosophies that happen to not be in line with his own ideas. He permits callers to express their points of view with respect to their own line of thinking. Star then shifts focus by saying that he’s about to be certified to scuba dive with sharks. But he returns to the main topic. Mr. Torain asks a caller his conspiracy. Star asks the caller where he is from and the answer is Uganda in Eastern Africa. Star asks him whether his ancestors were enslaved and the caller states that that wasn’t the case, only Western African countries predominantly engaged in the slave trade. Star says that the caller is in denial and that if he brought an African American woman home to Uganda, his family would “spit on her.” Star calls the man a compulsive liar and dismisses the call.

Star says that we’re in an age of censorship. Everything on the Internet is skewed. How this ties into the case of Joshua Brown is how the case is shrouded in mystery.

A caller wants to make it a drug related issue. The police, to Star, say that they can send the message that “you can be touched.” It is confirmed that Joshua Brown fell at ten thirty in the evening. A caller says that snitches get stitches and a permanent rest in some cases. Again, Star has to correct another caller who’s phone sounds muffled and distorted. But the caller continues with the idea that snitches get stitches. The caller says “if you talk, you’re going to get dealt with” more often than not. You can snitch on Crips, Treyway, whomever except those standing behind the shield, Star contends. Star says that he will “dump the steel” at fifty-five-years-of-age because he doesn’t have time to “tussle.”

Star illuminates how President Trump finds that “blacks built this country.” A caller gives information on a 17th-century book America: Being the Latest, and Most Accurate Description of the New World. Mr. Torain suspects that it is white propaganda. Star tells this same caller that he “needs to grow up” in order to be more adult-like. Mr. Torain sways back to the topic at hand. He enjoys that people of differing opinions have the opportunity to speak their minds. NickIG117 says that the “police couldn’t stand to see one of their own go down so they took one of ours.” The caller lives in West Texas and refuses to give a specific location to protect his escort business.

Jason appears on the line. He holds that a “random white dude, a black dude or a cop” could have canceled Joshua Brown permanently. Star says that it’s “always race.” Mr. Torain boots Jason from the line for searching for the answers. He says that his mother said it will always be about race. A new caller says that the law had a hand in Brown’s death. Star questions whether the judge sent the shooters saying, “now, you go on and get that n––, and you get him good.” When Star was a believer, all truth pointed to the Israelites. He still holds that the “Israelites are the truth.” International X provides a Cash App and offers the fact that the wife of Brown has tweeted information under the handle @Stelliloo on Twitter. Star says to the caller that he should join the police. Forget about Crips and Bloods, become a cop, Star asserts. Full of Hate says that God made the harsh life on the Serengeti Plains. Star says that the African woman is the original mother of creation as far as humanity is concerned. Mr. Torain once again calls the police the “most dangerous gang in America.”

When Brown made the decision to testify, he should have figured that he would have to skip town. Sadly, he did not. Star asks whether Judge Kemp sent in the force to eliminate Brown. The caller says that snitches get stitches but Star excludes places like Mexico, China, and Japan who sometimes don’t even get witness protection for informing. Meanwhile, Ronnie sent data on the wife of Brown being in France and wanting to say goodbye to her husband. It appears that the pair remained estranged up until his death. Jennifer checks into the show to discuss that black people trust “the enemy” too much. Star queries who “the enemy” is. Back in the 1990s, Star participated in conversations amongst the Israelites that talked about the functions of what “the enemy” could be.

Star puts down his foot on a caller by saying that he is an Objectivist and that he has never produced a “black” show. Mr. Torain is “color neutral.” The caller takes it back to Star’s Pulse 87 days. The two men then get into the conversation of whether Jesus was a black or white man. In reality, the man was most likely brown and the question of whether he walked the earth or not is inconsequential. The caller says that Jamaica represents blacks losing their faith. After the caller hangs up, Star says that the whole debacle with Guyger is done.

Star says that he must face his fear of sharks. Let’s see if he can survive the fish and fire coochie.


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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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