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Talking Star: 'Are Black People Really on Code?'

by Skyler Saunders 3 years ago in guilty
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Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years

Mr. Torain is an informant. He tells. He’s a snitch. And this is meant in the best way. Star testifies that he got caught lacking and that a young lady may be on Instagram with a photo of her and Star in the bed. Mr. Torain then switches lanes and talks about the judge hugging Guyger and giving her a Bible. Next, Star breaks down how there’s a difference between bleach blonde and natural. White women who have naturally blonde hair want the “goddess look.” Bleach blondes are just reaching. Then, Star delineates the question of the show concerning blacks being on code or within a collective, advancing in society. He ponders whether as a group, blacks can better themselves in the context of the “greater good.”

King Leopold II, a baby, and marijuana

He of course is playing devil’s advocate and just teasing the question. As an Objectivist, he knows that the individual is the only unit that is primary in a group. He then goes onto discuss the horrors of King Leopold II’s regime in the Congo (without setting foot there, no less) and how he was the “true face of evil.” Like a gear shifting in a classic car, Mr. Torain then talks about how a mother blew apparent marijuana smoke in her baby’s face. Star holds that the “baby looked clean” to him. Packed within his humor is a statement on how the child was in better shape than children centuries ago who faced sacrifices to the gods.

Stilettos, murder trials, and a fight

In another about face, Mr. Torain outlines briefly his excellent sexcapade with a young (of age) vixen in stilettos. Again the classic car that is his show shifted into the Guyger case. A caller named the whole trial as an “embarrassment.” To keep the show on the road, Mr. Torain talks about a fight at a Waffle House which he had caught wind of just a few hours prior to the show.

Lawyers, scents, and lions... oh, my!

Additionally, news of a black woman in a lion’s den prompts Star to discuss how animals possess instincts unlike conceptual man. Mr. Torain notes that the lion just picked up her scent and “passed” on mauling her to death. A fresh caller describes that mysticism has lead to the downfall of a people. Mr. Torain reminds his audience of how sick he is of lawyer Benjamin Crump. The caller finds that Crump is one of the only blacks in America to fail at his job and still advance. Star continues his discourse on working with females in the office or as assistants. He advises men to be “very careful with females, save emails, screenshots” and other documents.

Black folks, secularism, and feminism

As he shifts back to the Guyger affair, he allows on his show the words that “ten years is fair," and “wishes black folks would get their fair shake.” A caller wanted Guyger to get fifteen years. Mr. Torain concedes that he wanted Guyger to get twenty or thirty years, but that it is actually a moot point. A caller says that there is too much secular activity afoot in the black community to ever come to being on code. One thing that trumps such racism is feminism, a caller mentions.

Gandhi, Dr. King, and Kanye

He says that the women involved in the case led to the light sentence. Star thinks that the judge was extremely lenient and that Guyger will probably relax with a Playstation console behind the wall. A caller discusses his thoughts on Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott breaking up. He holds that it’s the “Kardashian way” to hook up with a black man and then leave him. But what about Kim and Kanye (for now)? Star navigates through Cash Apps and Super Chats smoothly. He fires one of his last shots with mentions of Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the past, he has said that the two differed in their approach to nonviolent resistance but he doesn’t go into too much detail about these two men with alternative ideologies. He caps the show, leaving his audience yearning for more logic, expertise, and knowhow.


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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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