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Takeoff’s Suspected Murderer Captured

DJ Pat seems to be the man behind the slaying.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Takeoff’s Suspected Murderer Captured
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

For someone to appear as guilty as ever, Takeoff murder suspect Patrick “DJ Pat” Clark would certainly fit the bill. The male was carrying wads of cash and intending to fly to Mexico on an emergency basis.

If that doesn’t suggest culpability then what does? While he is still just a suspect, it is rather damning to see that he was trying to get out of the country quickly with loads of money.

Known throughout those H-Town streets, Clark may have had connections to everyone from Bun-B to Lil’ Flip. Reports have not confirmed such associations, but Houston is one of those rare places where you can do a show and make $75,000-$100,000 without having a single on national radio or album on streaming services.

For Clark to be so brazen after DJing for multiple local and outside acts, makes this an all too familiar and extremely tragic twist in the case.

So beloved, Takeoff is said to have not been a part of the dice game or the intended target. He just happened to be caught in the line of fire.

What was the level of Clark’s thinking? He must have emoted after fatally shooting Takeoff and felt he could literally get away with murder.

If he had any sort of decency, he would have turned himself in like a man. Instead, he was about to get some Spanish lessons and lay as low as possible south of the border.

This all points to good police work. The men and women behind the shield did their due diligence to deliver Clark into the cold steel of justice around his wrists.

With such a bizarre incident and little to no one talking to the authorities, it is encouraging to know that the boys and girls in blue can still do positive acts.

In a climate where people allow even their own momma to not have her alleged murderer nabbed, snitching should be treated as an institution. It makes the process much faster and more detailed for law enforcement to catch those responsible for heinous acts.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke out about people stepping up, stepping forward, and speaking out about this case. He sensed that people should be able to say something about Takeoff’s murder as well as other cases in his city.

The sentiment is felt across the country and the world. With the possibility for cash rewards, people should remember that snitches get riches.

If people want to live in a safe and productive society, they should be able to open their mouths and talk about information that could help catch alleged murderers like Clark.

When it comes down to innocent bystanders like Takeoff, it’s important to educate the babies on how to not be a tattletale but a responsible citizen. What it will take is for each one to teach one about the dangers of being at the church, synagogue, movie theater, school, grocery store, or bowling alley. Whether it’s a mass shooting or just a single victim who falls, it’s important for police and other officials to know as much information that may be available.

Takeoff’s death may be just another example of black on black crime, and it shows no signs of stopping. However, that doesn’t mean that the populace should grow complacent.

It will also increase the currency of ideas in the hip hop genre if its members decide to use their voice in situations like this. For Clark to be captured suggests that other crimes will be handled with just as much conviction. Takeoff deserves the justice Clark apparently tried to deny him.


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