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Sweet Poison

by Sierra J. Ball 4 months ago in fiction

A Cake Date

I've been on 3 consecutive dates with Kevin in the past 2 months. Each better than the last one. I've decided that I want to make him all mine; I want Kevin to be my one and only: The final piece of the puzzle that completes me.

What Kevin doesn't know about me is this: I, Corrinne Elizabeth Walsh (who introduced myself to Kevin as Kristie Manning), have killed......and I will kill again. 6 men have fallen prey to my charms. Never was I known for bloody rampages or high profile murders. Nope. Just silent and out of mind. Sweets are my specialty, and arsenic is my best friend. And this chocolate cake will be to die for, ha!!

"He will be here within the next half hour." I muse as I produce a bottle from the cabinet under my sink. I remove the top and shake the fine white powder into the cake batter. Hardly confectioner's sugar, if you ask me. After agreeing that I added enough, I add the batter into the pan and pop it into my pre-heated oven to bake. "Kevin, you will be all mine. Soon enough, you will join the rest of them who believed they were the final pieces to my puzzle; a puzzle that will never be completed."

I sit in my recliner as I watch the clock and play Mozart. My anxiousness makes me rock back and forth; anytime now. I feel my fingers tighten around the arm rests of my seat. I feel my jaw clenching, my teeth grinding. He has to come over; he just has to. He promised me he would; he promised.........

And then, I hear the doorbell.

I quickly gather myself together, hop out of my recliner, and rush over to the door. Aside from this, the chocolate cake is practically done!!!

"Who is it?" I asked, pretending I didn't know who was behind the door.

"Hey, Kristie, it's Kevin." the voice says. "I'm here for our evening together."

My heart begins to pound quickly in my chest; so much that I'm afraid that I'll faint!! This is it!! This is the time that I've been waiting for. Without hesitation, I open the door and see Kevin standing there and smiling. He has a bouquet of roses in one hand and a box of gourmet chocolate candy in the other. Wow!! He really likes me!! I like him, too. Not enough to let him live through the night, but enough to make him a special piece of the garden in my backyard.

"Come in," I say and step aside. Kevin enters and plants a kiss on my cheek. He takes a sniff of air. "Chocolate cake?" as if he's taking some kind of smelling test.

"Yes!!" I say. "I baked it for us to share. It's just about done; please, make yourself at home."

I quickly head to the kitchen, grab some oven mitts and open the oven. I take out the cake and set it on the stove. By the time we're finished with dinner, it'll be cooled down enough to add the icing. I can't wait!!

As I prepared the other dishes to be served, I didn't hear Kevin approach me from behind.

"I don't suppose you would want to........." He began talking, which caused me to spin around quickly. A little shaken by his presence, he quickly apologized and assured me he didn't do it on purpose.

"It's okay, Kevin." I said, smiling. "My mind was elsewhere. You were saying?"

"I was about to ask you if you'd like to try one of these chocolates I brought you. I made them just for you, because you are such an amazing person." He steps a foot or two away and extends them to me.

"How sweet of you." The pun was intended. "I feel the same about you, Kevin. Would you like to eat one as well?"

"Sure. One won't hurt before dinner. Then I can help you devour that delicious chocolate cake." He laughs. He removes the lid. "Shall we?"

We shall. My sweet tooth will be satisfied, and I'll be even more satisfied when he's six feet under the ground in my garden.

Kevin selects a piece of chocolate with blue fondant and pops it into his mouth. Smiling, I pick one with pink fondant and eat it. The candy explodes with a tremendous flavor of caramel, milk chocolate, and all-around sweetness.

"Wow, Kevin!" I say as I grabbed another. "These are amazing!" I eat the candy. I then grab another one and do the same.

"I knew you'd love them, Kristie." He said. "But be careful not to spoil your appetite; I know you worked hard on making dinner for us."

No, not really, I thought. I didn't cook a damn thing except for the chocolate cake. Dinner was catered. I'm not about to waste my energy on something that I had to make myself and eat alone after he's dead. Besides, it looks and smells too good for me to have poisoned it as well. The cake will do the trick.

"It's fine, Kevin." I say. "Just one more piece, and we'll start with dinner."

After eating this final piece, only 3 candies remain. I'll save those for myself after I dig a hole in the ground and throw his carcass in it.

Kevin sits the bouquet of roses in the middle of the table. I place all of the food I had brought here on the table top. I then pour Kevin and I each a glass of sweet tea. I sit down across from him, so that he can look directly at me.

As we eat, I smile at Kevin, admiring his kindness, his handsome face, and his beautiful dark-brown eyes. It's such a shame that you'll be completing the piece of this murder puzzle I've been working on. Oh, Kevin.....lucky number 7.

A full half hour passed, and Kevin cleaned his plate. I love a man with a big appetite; it'll all be coming back up soon, in due time. I am still working on my spaghetti and garlic toast, but I am just about done; it's almost time for the big finale, I feel.

"So, Kristie," Kevin says as he wipes his mouth with a napkin. "The cake should be cooled down enough for you to ice it and slice it."

I laughed. He always knew how to crack little jokes; he did each time we went out together. Besides, he couldn't stop telling me how delicious it smells while eating dinner.

"I believe you're right, Kevin," I say. "I'm just about done here. Let me get up and get you a slice."

As I go to stand up, I feel my legs get weaker. The sensation travels up to my core and makes my head swim. What is going on, I wonder. I was feeling okay, now I feel like I'm going to faint. I glance at Kevin, who hasn't moved once to help me. I am shocked to see a smile growing on his face.

"How were those chocolates........Corrine?" He asks.

Corrine? How does he know my real name? What is happening?! And why can't I move?

"I've been following you for quite some time, Corrine," He continues as he gets up from the table. "When your first two victims came up missing, an investigation was launched. My precinct decided to get to the bottom of why these men were missing, and who last saw them before they disappeared."

He's a cop, I think in horror.

"Witnesses say that a blonde woman was the last to see them alive; all six of them. They all gave different names, but the same description of the suspect's physical features. When we got a general idea of what this person looks like, we got a composite sketch drawn out and asked around town if anyone knew the identity. After learning from an anonymous tip that it fit the description of one Corrine Walsh, we placed several investigators around town. Finally, I happen to see you enter the hardware store. You purchased arsenic; you said you had a rat problem. That's when I decided to sweet talk you, and ask you out on a date, which you greatly accepted."

"How..........." I manage to say as I feel myself getting weaker; my eyesight becoming more blurry. "How did you know it was me? I told you, my name is Kristie Manning."

"You gave your own self away, Corrine. Never leave your personal belongings behind when excusing yourself to step out. You excused yourself to the restroom and left your purse, and I found what I needed. Your ID. You're Corrine Elizabeth Walsh, and you killed six men. You were planning to kill me, but I figured you out and turned your own game around to bite you instead."

"A police officer wouldn't..........wouldn't just..........kill someone this way." I fall to the floor. "You''ve done this................before..........haven't you?"

"Well, of course." he laughs. "No one in the precinct is going to suspect one of their own to be a serial killer. We've all killed somebody before, at some point in time, whether we shot them like a dog, or ran them over with our vehicles. It's not like they didn't deserve it."

My arms and legs go numb; I can no longer left them. I turn my head to look into the direction of the oven.

"Ahh, yes." Kevin says, walking around me to the oven. "The cake." He picks it up and takes a sniff. "Poisons are less detectable when you mask them with sweets." He walks over to the garbage can. "I won't be having any of this." He drops it into the garbage. "And neither will you." He walks back over to me. "I gave you enough poison to drop an elephant in less than fifteen minutes."

"But........Kevin," I stammer. "You.......You ate a....."

"I ate a piece." he laughs. "I ate the one piece that I didn't tamper with. I knew which one to pick, so that I could gain your trust. As for the food........well, if you were paying any attention, I waited until you took the first bite. I had to know whether or not you were crazy enough to destroy the entire meal.........whether or not it was takeout."

He must've been watching me from afar, I think. He knows I had the food ordered. He knew I wouldn't poison something I didn't make myself; it would've been too obvious. Mixing poison into food that's already made would require having to mess it up with more mixing.

"Come, Corrine," Kevin says, grabbing my hands are dragging me out of my house, through the back door. He drags me to my garden. "Is this where they are? Your six people who wanted nothing more than to get to know you?"

Not knowing what else to do, I answer him: "Yes.......they.......they're all......all there."

As I feel my breathing start to slow down, I watch through blurred vision as he pulls out something from his pocket. He handles it with such precision that I quickly know what it is: It's a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun; Springfield, no doubt. Maybe Smith & Wesson. Whatever it is, he's going to use it.............on me.

"Are you..........." I manage to squeeze out. "Are you..........going to shoot me?"

"I mean, I could do that." Kevin says. "But that would be too much of a kindness. You deserve to suffer, as your victims did."

I feel as if my whole entire body is on fire, despite the numbness in my limbs. What the hell did he poison me with? Ugh!! Why did I even agree to eat anything he offered me?!

"Your time is almost up, Corrine." Kevin says. "I could bury you with the rest of your victims............but that would be too insulting to them. I think I'll just leave you here to rot. But I'll bring you your roses and plant one between your lips after you expire" He begins to walk back to the house, leaving me in my own backyard to wait for death.

"Kevin, wait!" I whisper loudly enough. He turns back around.

"Yes?" he asks.

I cough. I taste blood.

"Thank you." I say. "Thank you.......for......for stopping me."

Kevin nods and watches me for a moment. My eyesight goes black. There is nothing else. My puzzle is forever incomplete.

Epilogue: Police Station (1 week later)

"So," The police chief says. "She poisoned herself because she knew we were on to her."

"Indeed, she did." I, Sergeant Julian Kevin Hollis, says.

"And all six of her victims were buried, right there in her backyard. At least the families can now get some closure."

I think to myself: She probably should've just declined the chocolates.

I take a bite out of a piece of chocolate cake I brought with me to work for a snack.

- The End-


Sierra J. Ball

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Sierra J. Ball
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