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by Daniel Ringo 10 months ago in fiction

How deep is your love?

“It’s all up here” I responded slyly as I stared into her glittery brown eyes. That smile could set any heart a glow and I knew just what to say to ignite that radiance. Every word a gentle stroke, every gesture sent a breeze to calm any foul thought. I was a dream to this goddess sent to earth. I would deliver her from any hardship. She could rest in my arms knowing no harm, no ill will shall befall her in my presence. I am her knight and she is my moon.

“So tell me, how does a girl get so lucky? Good looking, intelligent, with a great sense of humor.. I feel like I’m being punk’d right now!”

“You are gods goodwill to me, doll. There’s no luck, just faith.” Again! That smile, I could watch those fireworks for an eternity. I motion to the waiter to bring the check. “Pressured and few are the moments we can share, you ready to go?” She stared into my eyes with a desire I’ve seen so many times before. I knew before she opened her mouth where her heart had allowed her to wander off to. “Yes, your place or mine?” “Your place, I have a dog and he takes to protecting me like nobody’s business.”

“I love dogs!”

“Me too, doll, me too”

I hold the door as we walk out. She turns on me, with a curious look in her eyes. “What’s my name? You’ve called me doll, amazing, beautiful, everything under the sun except my name.” The last minute jitters, how very high school of her. “Ella, Ella Moreau!” “Born March the 5th 1990, gave your mom hell comin into this world and I bet you’ll give anybody hell who tries to take you out of it.” I finish by pulling her in for a kiss, I could cut her longing for my presence closer to hers with my knife. As our lips part she whispers “Damn straight”

Her apartment was a short distance from the restaurant, she doesn’t like to drive in the summer and I don’t mind because I love the city. We can barely get in the door before our clothes are flying off. “I like to start in the bedroom.” she says, fighting words past a mouthful of my tongue. Barely giving me time to set down my personal items on a near bookcase. I don’t usually get too many this eager, so I like to allow them time to bask in this energy. The exchanging of spirit is deep and intense, the giving and taking, the hunger, and the feeling of satiation at the end of it all.

We moved throughout the apartment like a game of tag on the playground, finishing where it all began. There was something symbolic in the act, finishing in the bedroom. “All things are cyclical.” I spoke out loud, the revelation was too good to keep silent. She looked at me through tired eyes “What’s that mean?” “Meh nothin, just a bit of knowledge I soon hope to piece together.” She interlocked our hands and began to fall asleep. “It’s too hot to cuddle, you get a hand hug.”

“Your embers will bleed to end loves dream, we’ll be cuddling soon. Or however Little Richard said it” I reply with a bit of a smile. No response, she is asleep. I take in a couple deep breaths, I want to remember this for what it truly was. I want to be attentive and in tune with every moment. Her smile, I get up as quiet as possible and put my clothes on. Her sweet smell, I grab my belongings from the bookcase, how she knew to ask questions giving the impression I was in control. I take out my knife, the blade gleams in the moonlight sneaking peaks through the curtain.

With a swift motion I run the blade deep across her throat. I don’t find much enjoyment in the final act. Nobody likes when the show is over, as I exit her apartment that empty feeling sweeps over me again. Knowing I have given her freedom brings a bit of consolation. Oh!, I pull my phone having almost forgotten it was silenced. 12 text messages, entertainment for the drive home.


Daniel Ringo

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Daniel Ringo
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