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Stay Alive Don't Sleep

Is it all in a dream?

By C S.Published about a year ago 4 min read

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. How would you feel if every time you closed you eye's you could travel any where? Be anyone, enjoy any indulgent? As a child my parents would read to me before bed.

I always had the most wonderful dreams. I climbed mountains walk the deserts. Went fishing and found the golden ring an made friends every where. The minute my eyes were closed my world expanded.

There were many places and many people in my life. Awake or asleep all went well til I started school. There I found out who bully's are people who had to hurt others to make themself feel powerful.

That night when I dreamed it was a night tares. I a woke crying out into the night my father wrapped me into his arms an assured me it was only a dream.

Everyone dreams he comforted me. Then he read a story of bears, oatmeal and a gold haired girl child. Sleep came once more I had breakfast with the bears and walk the golden haired girl home. She was lost and hungry and missing her mom. We laughed and played on the way to her house.

Because we lived in an apartment I was never aloud a pet. It cost extra and dad and mom both worked and I went to school. At night though I had many animals that a waited me to stop in and play. Gorge the monkey was always so much fun to play and learn with.

I learned not to tell people about them when I was a wake. My mom was so worried once when I talked to much about them. She toke me to a Dr. who said that I was just a boy with a good imagination and should out grow it soon.

One night as a treat we went to the moves. To see Bud Light Year just for me. I was a sleep on my fathers shoulder wrapped up in he bulky coat on the walk back home. Then put right to bed.

I had the best dreams that night we were saving everyone. Bud Light Year an I were fly around in his space ship. My father was tucking me into bed but I was in a dream that I didn't want to awake from.

Bud Light year and I were drinking root beer soda and eating left over popcorn from the movies. When the dream sky turned black and I heard him yell take cover kid!

I sat up in bed then quickly belly snaked to my bedroom closet. Was I a wake or asleep not so sure loud noises were being made somewhere in the apartment. Backing into the closet something soft and fussy was nestled there with me.

A sheep dog that's it the kind that saved the skiers when there were snow caved ins. He was so happy to see me that he curled around me gave me kisses. He sort of fell on top of me and I went back to sleep too. The dog was noisy no wander mom and dad said we cant have one.

He cried in his sleep wined and gave out low grueling noises. Then he was crying bagging to be petted so I wrapped a arm around him and fell back to sleep holding him tight.

I was awaken once more to loud noises. Police! A house door bang in to a wall yelling and screaming. Grabbing the dog I hugged him tighter but neither of us made a sound. I could hear his breathing so I new he was here with me. It was to dark to see anything.

But I could smell him he was a bad dog he had not woken me to go outside. Momma is gone a be mad at me for having him in my room. More noise from the other rooms. Why did dad have the TV on so loudly?

Stumping feet more yelling some one said what the H happened here?

The light in my room turn on my eyes instantly closed because it was too brite. The dog gave a low growling noise as my closets door was forced open.


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