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Sign in Ink or Blood

By: Nathan Leon Rodriguez

By Nathan Leon RodriguezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

911: 9-1-1 what is your emergency?

Caller: Someone…shit…someone’s breaking in.

911: Someone’s breaking into your house?

Caller: Yes. Please hurry. I think he has a gun.

911: What is your location?

Caller: 210 Birch Street. Julie, grab the book and get back from the window.

911: Alright, we’re dispatching a car now. How many are there?

Caller: I saw two before, but now I only see one. [inaudible] Yeah, he could have gone around maybe. Is the back door locked?

911: Can you provide a description?

Caller: Uhm, male. Tall, maybe six feet? I can’t see much, he’s all in black. And…where’d the other guy go? Dammit… [glass breaking] The back door! I think they’re kicking it down. Please send someone. Please.

911: Is there a secure location in the house?

[loud bang] [heavy breathing]

Caller: Upstairs. Julie, get upstairs, come on. [heavy breathing] No, no, shit!

911: What’s happening? Talk to me.

Caller: I think one got inside. Julie… [inaudible] Please hurry.

911: Lock yourself in a secure room if you can. Officers are on the way.

Caller: Oh God, he knows we have the book. He knows we have the cash.

911: Pardon?

Caller: The book…a little black book with a bunch of names. There was 20 grand in cash. There was nobody around – we weren’t going to spend it unless no one came forward. I told you, Julie! We should have never taken it!

911: And these people outside know you have their money?

Caller: What? I don’t know if it’s theirs or not. It’s been a rough year, alright? I thought it was like…God or something. I don’t know, just send someone! [loud bang] [heavy breathing]

911: Are you alright?

Caller: [whispering] They’re inside. Please hurry.

911: We have officers on the way. Just hold on.

Caller: Well, where are they?! These guys are going to kill us! [loud banging] He’s at the bedroom door. He’s… [loud bangs] [the phone falls] [screams]

911: Sir? Sir can you hear me?

Caller: Get out! Just take the money and go! Please!

Voice 1: Where’s the book? Where’s the book?!

Caller: I never had the book. Please, you can take all the money back. Please don’t kill us. [gunshot] Julie! Oh god, oh god!

Voice 1: Last chance. Where’s the book?

Caller: [crying] Please don’t kill me.

Voice 2: We know you have it, and we know you know who it belongs to. Stealing that book was the stupidest thing you could have done.

Caller: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just take the money; it’s all there! Please!

Voice 1: We don’t give a damn about the money. Where’s the book?!

Voice 2: I found it. She had it in her pocket.

[gun cocks] [crying]

Caller: I didn’t know she had it! I swear!

[muffled sounds]

Voice 1: Take the pen. Take it! [muffled crying] [pages turning] You’re going to write your name right there at the bottom.

Caller: What? N-no!

Voice 2: You’re either going to sign in ink or blood. Choose.

Caller: [crying] The cops are already on their way. I won’t tell them anything if you just let me go.

[silence] [book closes]

[gunshots] [footsteps]


911: Did you get it?

Voice 1: Yeah, we have the book.

911: Good. Torch the place.

Voice 1: Already on it.



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