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She Was Talking To A Friend On The Phone When Disappeared Without A Trace - Jojo Dullard


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The fourth missing woman in the Triangle of Ireland was 21-year-old Josephine Dullard.

"JoJo" as they called her was described as a wonderful, kind, genuine and affectionate person, who had her whole life ahead of her.

Her mother died when she was very young, so she had to be raised by Kathleen, her older sister.

In '95 she lived in Harolds Cross, a town that is located in the south of Dublin.

At that time Jojo was taking a beauty course but she had to abandon it since with her salary as a waitress she could not afford it. As if this were not enough, she barely gave her to pay the rent so at one point she decided to return with her family to Callan, the town that saw her grow up and that is located in Kilkenny County.

On November 9, 95 Jojo was in the process of that move but she still decided to go out at night with some friends… Unfortunately after doing hitchhiking disappeared without a trace.

The missing:

As I said before, on November 9, Jojo went out to party in Dublin with some friends and an ex-boyfriend with whom she planned to spend the night. However, in the end things went wrong and this boy appeared with another woman.

Frustrated, Jojo decided to return to her house in Callan in the middle of the night. The problem was that she missed the bus and chose to take the one that was going to Moone to hitchhike from there to her destination.

Already in this town the young woman looked for a car, but without success. Suddenly she saw that very close there was a telephone booth so at about 11:30 at night he called Mary Cullinan, her roommate, to inform her of the situation.

Mary said some time later that while she was talking to Jojo, her friend told her not to hang up because a car was coming and she wanted to ask her if she could take her home.

The friend waited until Jojo told her that the person who had stopped was going to take her. Then she hung up and no one else heard from her again. Of course, the driver was never identified.

The first person who noticed the young woman's absence was her boss because the next morning she didn't show up for work. Worried, he decided to call the girl's sister, to see if she knew anything.

But she had not heard from that either after learning that her friend Mary spoke to her for the last time when she was in Moone, she decided to report her disappearance to the Bartinglass police, the only nearby town with a police station and whose name I recommend you not to forget.

As usually happens in this type of case, Gardai, which is the police there, did not investigate right away, claiming that Jojo was of legal age and that she could return at any time.

Her sister's insistence was such that in the end the agents got involved in the case.

After an exhaustive search in the area and several appeals to the public, the first important clue came to them was through an anonymous witness. According to this person, a few hours of the disappearance, he had seen a girl who responded to Jojo's description leaning against the back door of a dark-colored Toyota Carina type car.

There were also more sightings of a woman similar to Jojo half an hour after talking to her friend in a town that is 5Km from Moone. Unfortunately it did not lead them to anything and today their disappearance is still a mystery.

In November 2019, Kathleen sent a very emotional letter to an Irish newspaper:

"A young woman faces a cold November night and a long trip home from the city.

She has just missed the last bus to her hometown and decides to take another service that will take her part of the way home and plans to hitchhike the rest of the way.

When the bus arrives at her last town, the young woman is still more than 65 miles from her home. Can you see her? She has a medium complexion and has dark hair up to the shoulders.

A young woman who is looking to be taken home. She sees a phone booth and decides to call her best friend to tell her where she is, the conversation is interrupted when she sees a vehicle approaching. She manages to signal to the vehicle. Can you see her? Did you see her?

When someone disappears, it has a devastating effect on family, friends and the community. Our brother Tom and our sister Mary passed away without knowing what happened to Jo. It's time for her to return home with her family and rest with her mom and dad."

Larry Murphy's theory:

At first the police handled the theory of voluntary disappearance but it was finally discarded. Today, the one that has the most strength is that of the serial killer, something that we are going to analyze below.

Let's remember that the young woman vanished in the famous triangle and although with her there are a total of 8 women undoubtedly with whom she has the most connection is that of Anni MCcarrick and Deirdra Jacob.

When Annie Mccarrick disappeared near Wicklow Mountains in 93, her family hired a private detective in New York who had already worked for the FBI. As the young woman was American, the Irish agents who handled the case were invited by the federal to Quantico where they had a meeting and drew up a profile of their kidnapper.

According to the FBI, the person who had taken Annie was not only from the area but knew her like the back of his hand, he was also about 30 years old, was married with children and had a job that allowed him to go unnoticed.

For her part, Deirdra Jacob disappeared in broad daylight in Newbridge when she was arriving at the door of her house.

For years her disappearance was a mystery until the case took a radical turn with the appearance of Larry Murphy.

In February 2000, Larry Murphy's name came to light because he was denounced after attacking a woman who was going at night to her vehicle in Carlow.

After asking for money, he hit her, took off her shoes so she couldn't run away, put her in the trunk of the car and drove 12 km to abuse her. At one point the individual promised her that he would leave her free but instead he drove another 25 kilometers to a remote forest of Wicklow and abused her again.

It was noticeable that Larry was not new to this, not only because he took off his shoes but because in this forest of Wicklow there was a small cabin where he had previously left two bags to deprive the woman of air. She told some time later that she got them on her head in a very strange way.

As if it were a miracle when he was to kill her, two poachers appeared with their lights. Although Larry fled, they managed to identify him because he was also a hunter so thanks to this they denounced him and of course they saved the girl's life.

Larry Murphy was arrested the next morning at his house in Bartinclass, let's remember that this place is very close to where Jojo disappeared and where her sister had to file the complaint.

The subject clearly represented the profile that the FBI developed in the case of Annie Mccarrick. Larry was not only from the area but he knew the forest like the back of his hand, he was also 34 years old, he was married with children and his job as a freelance carpenter allowed him to move around the country without having to give explanations.

Because of his work it was learned that weeks before Deirdre's disappearance he had been making some arrangements in the candy store that the girl's grandmother had in Newbridge, the city where he disappeared.

Because of what happened to the young woman who survived, Larry Murphy was sentenced to 15 years but after serving 10 years he was released from prison in August 2010. During the time he was locked up he never wanted to undergo psychological treatment and they always thought he would act again.

Overwhelmed by the press, Larry moved to different countries, including Spain, until in 2015 he was located in London working as a carpenter. The curious thing is that since his arrest there have been no more disappearances in the famous triangle of Ireland.

It is important to mention that in 2018 Larry's cellmate declared to the agents that he had confessed to him the murder of Deirdre Jacob, but not only that he also told him that he knew where to hide a body.

"If you're ever in Glencullen, take a look at some forests, there are good hiding places there if you want to kidnap someone."

Statements by Larry Murphy's cellmate

Although it has never been possible to demonstrate his involvement, from here the cases of Annie, Jojo and Deirdre went from investigations of missing persons to investigations for murder.

In 2023, Jojo's sister asked the police to look in an old underground chamber that was very close to the place where Larry took the woman who finally survived. She believes that the remains of the missing women may be there.

It was a forensic expert who was investigating on his own who discovered this place and then passed his reports to the police with a request for them to excavate the area.

It seems that David Kenny, who is the man's name, took two tracking dogs to this place that separately identified that there could be human remains there. At the moment, the authorities have not done anything about it.

Finally, I want to mention Antoinette Smith who disappeared in 1987 in Dublin and whose remains were found a year later on Glendoo Mountain.

The 27-year-old woman was without shoes and had two bags on her head in a way very similar to the one described by the girl who escaped from Larry Murphy. Because of this, many believe that the man killed her, but I will talk to you about this case at length in a next post.

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