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Varun and Tharun

By Muthukumar IrulappanPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Varun and Tharun were two childhood friends who grew up in a small town in India. They were inseparable and did everything together, from playing cricket to studying for exams. As they grew older, their paths diverged. Varun went to study engineering in a big city, while Tharun stayed in their hometown and worked in his father's grocery store.

Years passed, and Varun graduated with honors and landed a job at a prestigious firm. Tharun, on the other hand, struggled to make ends meet and often envied Varun's success. One day, he reached out to Varun and asked him for a favor. He needed money to pay off some debts and wanted Varun to help him out.

Varun was hesitant at first, but he couldn't say no to his childhood friend. He wired Tharun a substantial sum of money and thought nothing of it. But as days went by, Tharun became increasingly erratic. He would call Varun at odd hours and talk about strange things, like the voices in his head and his desire for revenge.

Varun grew concerned and tried to reach out to Tharun, but he wouldn't answer his calls. It wasn't until the police knocked on Varun's door that he realized what had happened. Tharun had been arrested for a string of murders that had shocked the town.

Varun was in shock. How could his childhood friend have turned into a serial killer? As he dug deeper, he found out that Tharun had been consumed by jealousy and envy. He resented Varun's success and had plotted to kill him too.

Varun was grateful to have escaped Tharun's wrath, but he couldn't help feeling guilty. He wondered if he could have done something to help Tharun before it was too late. The incident haunted him for years, and he could never quite shake off the feeling of unease that came with the knowledge that someone he had known all his life had turned into a monster.

After Tharun was arrested, Varun struggled to come to terms with what had happened. He couldn't believe that his childhood friend had become a serial killer. Varun tried to reach out to Tharun's family to offer his condolences and support, but they were understandably devastated and didn't want to speak to him.

Varun became withdrawn and started to question everything about his life. He wondered if he had missed the signs that Tharun was struggling, if he could have done more to help him. He felt guilty that he had succeeded while Tharun had fallen so far behind.

As the years passed, Varun slowly began to move on. He focused on his career and tried to put the past behind him. But the memory of Tharun and his crimes lingered, and Varun never forgot what had happened.

One day, years later, Varun received a letter from Tharun. It was a strange, rambling message that didn't make much sense. Tharun wrote about his regret for what he had done and how he wished he could turn back time. He apologized to Varun for everything and said that he hoped Varun could forgive him.

Varun was stunned by the letter. He didn't know how to react. After some thought, he decided to visit Tharun in prison. He wanted to hear his friend's story and try to make sense of what had happened.

When Varun arrived at the prison, he was surprised to find that Tharun was a changed man. He looked tired and worn down, but his eyes had a glimmer of hope. Tharun apologized again for what he had done and explained that he had been consumed by envy and anger. He said that he had lost control and that he didn't know how to stop.

Varun listened to Tharun's story with a heavy heart. He realized that his friend had been struggling for a long time and that he had missed the signs. Varun forgave Tharun and promised to visit him again.

As Varun left the prison, he felt a sense of closure. He realized that he couldn't change what had happened, but he could move on and try to make amends. The memory of Tharun and his crimes would always be a part of his life, but he knew that he could learn from the experience and try to be a better friend and a better person.

Varun continued to visit Tharun in prison regularly over the next few years. They talked about everything, from their childhood memories to Tharun's struggles and regrets. Varun realized that he had missed his friend and that he still cared for him deeply, despite everything that had happened.

Over time, Tharun became more open and introspective. He started to take responsibility for his actions and tried to make amends in any way he could. He participated in counseling sessions and wrote letters of apology to the families of his victims. He even started a support group for people struggling with envy and jealousy, hoping to prevent others from making the same mistakes he had.

Varun was amazed by Tharun's transformation. He saw a glimmer of the friend he had known and loved in Tharun's words and actions. Varun realized that people could change, even in the darkest of circumstances, and that forgiveness and empathy could go a long way in healing wounds.

Years later, Tharun was released from prison. He had served his sentence and had been granted parole for good behavior. Varun was there to greet him outside the prison gates, and the two friends hugged each other tightly.

Tharun had changed, but so had Varun. He had learned to appreciate his own success while also being mindful of the struggles of others. He had learned to forgive and empathize, and he had grown closer to his family and friends. Tharun and Varun's friendship had been tested in the most extreme way possible, but it had emerged stronger than ever.

As they walked away from the prison, Tharun turned to Varun and said, "I owe you everything, my friend. You never gave up on me, even when I had given up on myself."

Varun smiled and replied, "That's what friends are for."

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Muthukumar Irulappan

I like to write about true crime and do small investigations. I also write fiction crime and others sometimes....

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