the start


I wake up, from the same sounds, the same sirens, the same shots, in the same neighbourhood. This time i woke up early, around 6. Like every morning, i get up and go to the kitchen. i get myself a bowl of cereal, without milk, i brush my teeth and go out.

By this time, the streets are not that loud, people are probably still high from their last blow. But i didn't care, i just wanted to arrive at the studio as quick as possible. I tried to get myself out of the streets. But on my way a hobo called me, he wanted a blow, i happend to carry one on me. So i sold it to him real quick. I need to eat from something. A normal job wouldn't even pay the groceries, let alone the rent.

Maybe ten minutes later, i made it at the studio. It isn't that fancy, but fancy doesn't make hits. I saw my homeboy Jay-Jay walking out, with some friends of his.

'Where you going C ROCK?' he asked hyped up. I was called C ROCK my whole life, thats because i'm known to struggle as hard as rock.

'Not much, just recording some ideas you know.' i replied back real fast, i didn't want to talk to him, i wanted to focus on my song.

'Come by later today, i need some help with some buisness.' he said, and walked past me.

I walked inside the studio and saw a dude passed out with some girl, she's known to be in here all the time, and not for the music, i installed my laptop and played a song. It was a soft melody, with a piano and a gentle bass, some kick, and a little trap. I tried to get the rythm of it, sometimes it's easy for me, but other times i don't have the feeling.

I wanted this song to hit feelings, lonely girls trying to do what they can to survive on the streets. Brothers shooting eachother up for some little pocketmoney. The effort we put in without any outcome, this aren't just some stories, this is an every day struggle, this is real life. And it needs to be seen, and that's why music helped me to not get sucked in the streets like every other soul in this town.

I hopped in the booth and recorded a hook, it was quite catchy, but it wasn't perfect. It needed more.

A few hours passed, and my song still isn't done. I better leave, i'll get some ideas later. This guy is still passed out on the couch, i don't know if he's dead or not, but i don't think i wanna know. When i got out of the studio the sun was shining, i didn't know i was in there that long. I decided to go to Jay-Jay's place, i didn't have any other plans for today anyway.

The walk to Jay-Jay's place is only ten minutes, but a lot can happen in these streets. I walked passed these officers trying to arrest a brother, i only left a glimpse.

'Keep on walking, otherwise you end up in the car!' he yelled at me, i didn't want to get any trouble today, it ain't worth it to be shot at for speaking your mind.

I arrived at Jay-Jay's, as i walked on the porch i saw that the door was kicked in. The police kicked the door in the last time i was there, they didn't find anything, but they didn't care. I walked in and saw Jay-Jay on the couch, as i kept walking i saw a big bag with white powder in it. I think it's cocaine, but didn't know for sure. Jay-Jay stood up, and pointed a gun at me.

He scared me, and i fell to the ground. I looked up at him, still pointing his gun. It got really hot in the house, or it's probably me. I yelled 'JAY WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING?'

He replied in a calm voice, 'You're in time.'

fact or fiction
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