Reason First: Will The Real Wigged Man Put His Hands in Cuffs?

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An Atlanta "man" is robbing local establishments. But is he really a man?

Reason First: Will The Real Wigged Man Put His Hands in Cuffs?

Hide your children, hide your wives because there’s an assailant in Dekalb County with an assortment of wigs robbing everybody out there. Well, not everyone but multiple Waffle Houses, a bank, and at least two drugstores. What is this world coming to when a man must get down for his crown by dressing up like a woman and stealing money from various establishments? There’s not a recession on (yet) and the economy is booming. Why isn’t this individual part of the workforce or studying at an institution of higher learning? Whoever it is with the wig is someone who feels like he must earn a living by force. The irrationalism involved in this case abounds.

The Atlanta, Georgia area is aware of this person who seems to refuse to seek gainful employment. To dress up in female attire and demand money from waitresses and other people trying to earn a living is inexcusable. The identity of this perpetrator ought to be released to law enforcement officials so that another store or restaurant or financial institution is left unscathed. Unreason lies at the crux of this entire situation. Without thinking, without being completely engaged in the process of logic, this man took the coward’s way out of his situation and now holds up respectable places for money. That cash is a symbol of thought. The dollar sign is an example of a functioning brain. This man has a brain but rejects the idea of actually going after his meals by employing that intellectual capacity.

It is the mind of a looter that is polluted. The trash mill that spins in his head shows that he lacks the gumption to face reality on his own. The man with the collection of wigs knocking off these Atlanta businesses is a second-hander. Instead of standing on his own square and taking in his own dollars by effort, he chose to go the vicious route. A first-hander would be able to search for and land a position. This particular person must rely on the brains of others to satisfy his wants and needs.

Even if this wigged out second-hander “gets away” with the money, he would have never gotten away with anything, really. In his mind, he will have to live with the fact that he never was a real man. Only a true man would be able to create and earn his own life. He is worse than a leech and a looter. He is the despicable child who cried that other children shouldn’t have their own toys so he stole from them. Once he reached the age of adulthood he was just an overgrown adolescent. There is no way that he can get away with the facts of reality. Specifically, he must confront the fact that he is dressing up like a woman to commit these crimes. Every dollar that he pilfers is like an alarm ringing in his mind telling him that he is impotent. He lacks the power of mind to extend his life. Because that is what money really is. It buys the individual time to perfect skills, learn new ones, and to grow. The money that he has stolen only represents his incapability of beautifying his life. Even the lowest paid waitress has more power than this wicked wig wearer. She might earn less than minimum wage and sometimes must seek slim tips, she is like a billionaire in comparison to this robber’s spirit.

This man is scared of his own shadow. He can’t go anywhere with his head raised high. He must scrounge around and shield his visage so that he is not discovered. He must crawl around and never lift his eyes above a certain level. He is a wraith. What a ghost he has made of himself for being a spineless amateur in the world of manliness. His voice cannot even raise above a whisper in places when he is not in his robbery getup. Never will he have the opportunity to say that he is a full man. There is no way that he can possess full self-esteem. It is utterly selfless of him to rob all of these locations. Egoism asks that an individual earn his own keep and shun any lying, stealing, or cheating. This man, if caught, will go to a correctional facility. There, he may have the opportunity to be rehabilitated. Without the crutch of the unknown and unknowable he might have the chance to regain some sense of self and leave the wig life alone.

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