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Reason First: Why Would Rapper Bussdown Write a Song Referencing a Murder He Committed?

How wise is it to discuss an open case of a homicide that you committed?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

How stupid for Bussdown and fortunate for the fallen’s family does a rapper have to be to rap about the very crime that now has him sentenced to life in prison? Rapper Bussdown recorded a 2017 song called “Cookies” that details the circumstances surrounding the case. The North Carolina hip hop recording artist’s irrationalism led to a break and solution to a murder. All of this pertained to a man who refused to return his firearm. But the real issue is how empty-headed that Bussdown had to be to go on and record about the his involvement in the crime.

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It’s fortunate for law enforcement, who can point to a recording and identify the guilty party. The case also dealt with ballistics. The grouping of the shots to the head could have only spelled a damning amount of shots fired together out of malice. Bussdown, who was sentenced to life in prison, has every chance now to regret gunning down another man like a dog in the street.

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From possibly becoming a moderate star in the hip hop realm, Bussdown will be on lockdown. The Lumberton, North Carolina resident will have plenty of time to write about his conviction and the ugly details which precipitated his incarceration. Since 2015, William Covington had been on the minds of his family and friends. Now, with the swift hand of justice, they don’t have to worry about the rapper getting away with this dire offense.

Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash

“I caught a murder charge, you know I got to beat it,” still plays on sites like YouTube, clearly displaying through sound Bussdown’s affiliation with the homicide. Bussdown didn’t stand a chance against the jury who found that the rapper had no room for self-defense. Judge Robert Floyd sentenced Bussdown the same day as the conviction. That life sentence will soften even the toughest of skin. With his days confined to a cell, Bussdown might be able to perform for his fellow inmates. He might be able to employ his commissary and take classes. That’s about it. A man has been dead for over four years at the hands of Bussdown. There is nothing that he can do to erase the tragic remnants of days gone by now. But the fact the he wrote, prompted a producer to make a beat, rapped, engineered, and shot a video about the crime is staggeringly dimwitted. Again, the fact that he did this only solidifies the case against him. From the grouping of the shots to the robbery, things didn't go so well for Bussdown, to say the least. The whim-worshipping that steered Bussdown to commit these atrocities remains in the bloodstream of the genre of hip hop. Feelings and emotions cloud rational thought and judgement. When it comes to employing rationality in any given moment, most rappers succumb to their own emotional levels and fail to think clearly.

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Bussdown is just one example of the many hip hop recording artists who shun thought and emote. When he woke up that March morning in 2015, his thoughts may not have been set on murdering a man. But his feelings, sadly, superseded reason and he did the vicious things. Now, he must experience, like millions of others, the reality of life behind the walls. The only difference is that he must do so until he expires.

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Just a simple quarrel led to another man’s death at the hands of Bussdown. With the shots from a firearm, life oozed out of Covington. And for what? Did he die over the possession of a gun? Did the two men not agree on who gets to own it? Bussdown faces hundreds of years behind bars. The mere fact that he chose to rap about the incident is at once bizarre and horrific. This action led him to the place where he is at this moment. While Covington cannot stand up and say what happened to him that day, the jury certainly ascertained that Bussdown is a menace and must meet his fate. Maybe he will write a song about writing a song about extinguishing human life.


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