Reason First: Why Hip Hop Needs to be a Culture

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The genre requires serious self-reflection.

Reason First: Why Hip Hop Needs to be a Culture

With its lack of guidelines, rules, parameters and a council, hip hop is a genre of music not a culture. Not only is it lacking a moral compass, but it was smashed a long time ago. Tankhead666 has been charged with attempted murder and second-degree murder for his involvement in the almost death of a restaurant employee and the death of his accomplice. In Florida, the stories of weird occurrences continue to surface. The rapper’s prominent facial tattoos led to the police eventually capturing the suspect. As out of control and wild as hip hop can get, it is with the individual like Tankhead that the blame should be placed on, primarily.

Tankhead is the exact example of emotions spurting forth in a mind that has been polluted with altruism and collectivism. His outrageous songs and outlandish style should be enough to label him a degenerate in private minds. While the government can’t (and shouldn’t) police his music or choice of tattoo art, it can lock him down for the alleged crimes he committed. With the abundance of values available to him, Tankhead chose to throw all of that away. When given the opportunity to shine on the microphone in the wake of the late rapper and his friend XXXTentacion’s demise, he could’ve corrected his behavior. He could’ve organized a tour to help tout the rest of the Members Only group. No, instead Tankhead decided to go the wrong route. With the knowledge that he in fact caused evil, it should be apparent that the emote first think last matra of so many hip hop figures is not only not working, it is immoral.

Tankhead’s arrest and charges should be able to close this case. If you’re going to do crime, at least prepare to have your distinctive ink on your face readily captured by camera systems. Tankhead may be the type to talk tough and bear a smile like a hyena on the hunt, but this arrest and charges ought to slow him down a bit. With all of the ways that he could be focusing on his career and romantic relationships, Tankhead chose to possibly go to the penitentiary for a considerable amount of time.

All of the work that he put into building his brand, all of those hours of recording and creating music and videos and doing shows are now circling the drain. To disavow the mind and let it drift into some soupy stupor is the ultimate crime here. Tankhead never thought. He just felt. Anyone in rap who enjoys the products of the mind, lavish houses, luxurious vehicles, and sparkling jewelry, to name a few, would say that they’re not scared to go to prison but that they would not like to go to prison. So they focus on their craft. They hone their skills and search for ever-expanding ways to generate wealth. Tankhead did not. He endeavored to commit self-destruction.

One might say that he was selfish. Really? If the definition of selfishness is care or betterment for one’s own self, how is allegedly being involved in murdering someone “selfish”? How is it selfish to lower yourself to the level of a brute? The truly selfish thing to do would’ve been to create more wealth. This means to use one’s mind to shape the world in an individual’s vision. Why Tankhead666 did this is because of the emotional nature of our age. Thinking has taken a backseat to whatever one feels is right. Where’s the selfishness in that?

Notice that rational self-interest is what separates the savage from the entrepreneur. The savage will lie, cheat, steal, or kill. The entrepreneur will create, build, make, and produce to enjoy his life for himself and his values. What Tankhead666 failed to do was direct his energy toward upholding the mind and to be truly selfish.

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