Reason First: Why did the Police Run Down on Boosie?

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What does the rapper know that cops don’t?

Reason First: Why did the Police Run Down on Boosie?

What did Boosie do that warranted having his hands in the silver bracelets of the law? No guns or weed or other substances made their way onto his person. So, why did police officers need to momentarily restrict some of his movements?

Boosie has spent time in prison, received an indictment, or was sentenced for trafficking codeine, cocaine, firearm possession and even murder. Boosie spent time behind bars for a brief stint but the most serious charge, the homicide, was dropped and the law found that an informant set him up on the drug charges.

It’s been six years since Boosie has been free. In that time he has released albums and rocked crowds numbering in the thousands. So, what was it that made the cops jittery? Could it have been the rapper’s rap sheet? Is it true that everywhere that he performs he must be shaken down to see if he is complying with the law?

Boosie’s been off of parole for nearly two years. What would draw the long arm of the law to search the hip hop artist? In a message on Instagram, Boosie recounted how police officers found no guns or drugs. He seemed cool and confident as he had just finished rocking a crowd. But the whole incident that took place before the show points to too many unanswered questions. Are the cops out to get Boosie because he beat that murder charge? Is he too “shady” to go two feet without the boys and girls in blue approaching him? In reality, Boosie has done a great amount of work in the hip hop arena. In between time served behind the wall, he’s been able to carve a niche for him to record albums, shoot films, and perform at shows. For the cops to just randomly check his person and to slap the cuffs on him better be standard procedure. Police have enough to contend with on their beat. Why pressure a rapper who has kept his nose clean for over six years?

The one reason why the cops would have searched Boosie is because he could have presented a menace to others. Nervous newbies and hardened veterans alike would’ve been eager to nab a convicted felon and send him to the penitentiary like a canary being locked in a cage. Yet, Boosie is innocent as anyone else who has not violated parole or refused to carry paraphernalia or weapons. His focus is on doing more shows and making more money. Is that a crime?

When it comes to the genre of hip hop, it is harder for rappers with criminal histories to go about the country and the world due to their past. Boosie is no different. Because of such a past that is more checkered than a chess board, police felt the need to show Boosie what it’s like to live a life as a reformed criminal. They’ll search your person, vehicle, even your own wife. If they find anything, Boosie knows that it’s back to the big house. The police are in the right for putting cuffs on wrists to ensure that a convict is up to only good.

The producer in Boosie, the way that he builds, creates, and makes ought to propel him to continue to make good music. And at the same time, the cops should always be on the lookout for Boosie just in case he slips up again. For a man as smart as Boosie and fortunate enough to have beat a murder charge, he should be glad that he has the chance to spread his message to kids from one to ninety-one. As long as he stays within the letter of the law, Boosie should have no problems.

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