Reason First: Who Will Stop the Thieves in the State of Delaware?

Some may say that the police shouldn’t handle cases of theft. What do you think?

Reason First: Who Will Stop the Thieves in the State of Delaware?

Libertarians love to boast about “anarchs-capitalism” (negating the fact that it’s an anti-concept or worse) and of course the non-aggression principle. They often view the government as a body to be held in low esteem. This includes law enforcement. But who will protect the citizens against criminals if not for the police officers and detectives that make up the force?

In Brandywine Hundred in Delaware, a man stole a tip jar from the counter at the Diablo Burritos restaurant. It would’ve been valiant the other way around. Had the robber instead been a patron and offered some dollars to the jar, he’d be a reigning hero in times like these. Workers stretch themselves to try to bring home as much cash as possible.

With this recent theft, the scales of justice tip in the favor of the restaurateur and all of the employees that sustained that loss. But it’s deeper than that.

Whoever stole the jar is in moral damnation. He is tormented while smiling. His second-handedness allowed him to nab a few dollars. He may “enjoy” the rush of (so far) getting away with money that he didn’t earn suits him. He may experience a twisted glee at the thought that (so far) he’s gotten away as a bandit. But what about the objective, true psyche of this man? He decided that morning or few days prior that he would knock off a restaurant for tips. This is the money that workers produce because of their morality. The ethic toilet that this miscreant is in prevents him from seeing this. He abandoned reason and kept going from there. Like a malfunctioning mechanism that spits out only negativity, his mind did just that. Consumed by some “reason” to steal from Diablo, the suspect held in his consciousness the idea of taking something that did not belong to him.

What would Libertarians scream now? That all property rights are subjective? That the only solution is to rid ourselves of the police force?

This robber stole from his own mind long before he lifted that tip jar. He robbed himself of the possibility of being a man. A man has the money making-mentality to build, create, and produce. This man chose to relieve himself of the possibility of thinking. He placed unselfishness above egoism. This sacrifice of the good for evil shows a male who is worse than an overgrown adolescent. He might experience a high from the few dollars that he pilfered. The whim that he showed in face of determining his life goals included, sadly, robbing a restaurant.

During these times of economic downturn, lockdown, and employees being let go, the workers at Diablo have braved the world to get a paycheck for themselves. The tips may be only supplemental in some cases but in the restaurant business, tips are essential. The male who palmed the jar may never get caught by the law. If he isn’t, his mind will still attack him. He could go around and steal every tip jar around and rack up thousands of dollars. Still, he will be thrashed about psychologically for not being a man and earning his keep. He will have to go through his days knowing that he refused to handle his business. The tip jar is just a symbol for work done well.

The employees of Diablo deserve their wages and tips. This scoundrel should pay morally and criminally.

For all of the Libertarians out there who have no understanding of the proper role of government ought to take notice. It is important that with stories like this, the law enforcement agents represent truth and righteousness. For the male who decided to take the tips. let him cease his wicked ways and learn to be selfish.

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