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Reason First: What Should Young Chop’s Punishment be for Allegedly Starving a Dog?

by Skyler Saunders 3 years ago in celebrities
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The young producer and legend is in deep trouble over animal abuse.

Young Chop shouldn’t have been arrested for allegedly killing a dog. While this action that violated his probation is cruel, vicious, and reprehensible, the government should do nothing in relation to locking up individuals who abuse animals. Social ostracization ought to be at the forefront for these cases. Like Joe Exotica with tigers, who is serving time partially for animal abuse, Chop with dogs should be shunned by the populace for their neglect and egregious actions. Every charge concerning animal cruelty ought to be dropped. Why? It is because animals don’t have rights. They lack the capacity to ever reason.

What people should do is bar him from coming into their Zoom conferences and refuse to support his music. The maltreatment of animals is an ethical, psychological issue, not a criminal one. To stop Young Chop from ever being able to make a dollar should be the focus. To stop his money would mean that you do not support his vicious ways against animals.

A full boycott would send a serious message to the young man more than any time he might spend behind bars. The only role that the government should play in all of this is to protect individuals’ rights to not give any cash to Young Chop, promote his music, or permit him to (when we get the chance) enter their places of business.

It shows a deranged and deeply evil person who would seek to harm an animal that is vulnerable to attack, maltreatment, and disregard. Young Chop seems to be doing too much. He is doing the most and he has allegedly taken it out on a dog. This dog had no ability to think on the level of a human to properly fight back with weapons beside teeth and fangs. The dog seems to not have even had the chance to do these actions. By starving the pooch, Young Chop prevented it from even being able to muster up a bite against its owner.

So what can be done? Firstly, Young Chop needs to be released on the animal cruelty charges. The police should let him go like a dog that wants victuals and must hunt down its food. Young Chop should attend animal support groups and confront his demons. All of the ways that this situation seems dire shows that Young Chop has brought ignominy to his name.

Imagine someone chaining and restricting Young Chop from experiencing another meal. He would definitely lose weight to the point that he would be emaciated. While this scenario should never be played out, the producer should understand the severity of his actions.

Young Chop might want to attend courses in how to properly affect change in the realm of animal treatment. He could visit animal shelters and veterinarians to see the effects of various animals, namely dogs, who have lived under duress from an abusive owner.

Young Chop has the opportunity to resurrect his name by being forgiven but not forgotten in regard to his misdeeds. Again, no criminal charges should be leveled against him. It is up to private citizens to make the decision to trade with Young Chop or not. Law enforcement ought to focus on safeguarding human beings from other human beings, not animals. The people should employ their reason to see whether they wish to further do business with Young Chop or not.

He should gain wisdom from this entire experience. Instead of just smiling in a mugshot and slipping up on his probation he should learn from all of this. If he has any sense of reality, he ought to take into account the dog that he supposedly starved to death. Let the young man know that he can be redeemed but he should only be rehabilitated outside of prison walls. That’s the only way to see the truth.


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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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