Reason First: What Should Happen to the North Face Looters?

by SKYLERIZED 2 months ago in investigation

Is the institution of a rational morality the answer?

The savages who stole over $30,000 worth of North Face merchandise are in bad company. Whether it’s in relative normalcy, or a natural disaster, or computer secrets, thieves have been more than willing to act as brutes. From the Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood of 1889 where white people used pliers to pry gold from the mouths of the dead and snapped off ring fingers to obtain jewels, to China swiping data, to this present incident with negroes, the same idea remains the same in all incidents: second-handedness.

Those persons, whether it’s the 19th century or the 21st have no clue as to the damage that they do, not only to the victim(s), but also to their own minds. Their inability to produce money to purchase items that the want shows that they never rose from the primordial ooze intellectually. To steal anything is a crime against thought. It is saying to the culprit(s) that they don’t possess the mental capability to achieve enough money to buy what they desire. So, this behavior is present in all cultures and races. The Chinese bootleg and steal billions in property. Also, all property is intellectual. In the North Face case, those pants and shirts and jackets had to be devised and designed. A complex system of manufacturing, pricing, and displaying went into the availability of the items in question. For the stealing youths at the North Face store or the roving hordes at Johnstown, the fact remains that such brutes lack the intestinal fortitude to seek employment, earn their wages, and then purchase whatever they want(ed). As of this writing, no one in the North Face theft mob has been brought to justice. Not only should, once they are captured, these persons be forced to pay back the stolen items, they should be instructed to show how producing wealth is of prime importance. Additionally, they should espouse that stealing means you have to rely on the brain of someone else.

The second-handedness involved points to, in this most recent case, the idea that stealing makes not men, but little boys. There’s a fine line between seeing something and actually choosing to buy it or steal. What snaps that line is the dollar. Or in this sense, the mind. Only thought can separate a robber from a producer. The dollar is the symbol of thinking. Without the dollar, it’s like bartering with a barbarian. These low-lifes have no proper understanding of the trader principle.

There exist at least some scraps of righteousness but they’re more often than not based on teachings related to the unknown and unknowable and sadly, that’s what most people say. That these persons should seek the altar and become saved remains to be on the conscious of large swaths of the populace. Commandments show that “Thou shalt not steal” and this is the line that they rejected. What’s said is that that they never inherited a proper philosophy that doesn’t command, but institutes principles to follow and live as human beings. As these males may even get away with their loot, they can never be truly happy with themselves. The satisfaction that comes with self-esteem means that you can be a fully intellectual man who can earn his way through life on his own brain.

An individualist, a rational egoist will find every avenue to express the contents of his or her mind to acquire funds not just legally but morally. The Johnstown looters, Chinese cheating hackers, and the North Face hoodlums all share the same mentality. All of them have a dearth in knowing what it means to be a man. Men don’t steal. Only cowards and the vicious take property that is not rightfully theirs. Even though it is possible for a man to be rehabilitated for stealing in the past, the main focus should be on never stealing in the first place.

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