Reason First: Weinstein Headed to Prison, Needs Professional to Guide him through Jail

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What kind of treatment should Weinstein experience behind the wall?

Reason First: Weinstein Headed to Prison, Needs Professional to Guide him through Jail

The convicted felon Harvey Weinstein has enlisted personal care to give him tips on how to navigate his way through life behind bars. Did his survivors have someone to guide them through their way to fend off his advances and vicious actions? Why does he get the opportunity to get assistance?

Weinstein like the other slime that commit ugly crimes should be thrown into prison without the aid of anyone. While his right to his life and personal gear ought to be protected, he should not have the access to a “consultant.” After all of his time disregarding the lives of innocent women, Weinstein has earned no right morally to be guided during this phase of his miserable existence. Because of his money, he might be able to afford such services, but that doesn’t make it right. He is a mockery of money. It is a tool for saving and exchanging. Weinstein is using it as a literal crutch to help his ailing back. He also has diabetes and high blood pressure among other maladies. He should only be afforded enough care to keep him breathing. That’s it. He should be treated with just enough regard to allow him to walk in a cell. If anyone deserved myriad punishments for his wrongdoings, it's him. Like that other convict Bill Cosby who also was a reason for the #MeToo movement, Weinstein should be locked up without any consideration barring to feed and house and clothe him. He should be monitored closely and not allowed to do anything except that which is permitted. Such a consultant should be employed to shield the survivors of his attacks from future abuses. A consultant ought to be present to ensure that not one other individual is preyed upon by these real culture vultures.

For Weinstein to be granted the possibility to gain the chance to see what prison is like before going into one is giving him too many reins. Those that he hurt ought to be the focal point, not him. When it comes down to an evil imp like the man in question, it should be said that he should not even be allowed the smallest of amenities. Instead of “Club Fed” he should be forced to do hard labor, not find simple enjoyments like a fat cat licking up the benefits of being put in a soft cell. He should have to experience the harshness of having almost every freedom stripped from him. It is up to the corrections officers to make sure that he barely survives his sentence. This means that he should be protected against all attacks or attempts on his life. His misery should extend for however long it takes for him to gasp his last breath in confinement.

No one should be able to visit him. While this may be a right extended to some if not all convicts, he shouldn’t even have this right. All of his survivors didn’t have “visitors” to stop him in his office or at his home. The culprit in question ought to understand that his capture and conviction show that the system of justice can be carried out well. This consultant should have his aim set right in helping people like Alyssa Milano through her grief and pain. He should be willing to offer a hand in taking care of these survivors to be able to carry on with the physical and psychic scars left by the real unmentionable one.

Someone who hit it big, made a name for himself, and burned down that entire legacy with his misdeeds deserves to live through the hell that he put those women through in their lives.

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